Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lizz Winstead Has More Tour Dates on her Planned Parenthood Tour......

Lizz Winstead has been touring the Country this summer educating, advocating about Planned Parenthood in her own unique wonderful show...She has more shows added to her Tour, and her blog is wonderful with photos and video from the tour ( you can click the title for the the link to her Tour Blog. ) And if you can get to her show....get there... And this coming Sunday she will be our first guest on @awopradio on 7:30PM EST to talk The Tour, Politics and her upcoming book. ( Click the Radio on the sidebar to listen in ).

LIZZ's TOUR Information is here, so check it out, Shows are still being added..... Check it out there is still so much more to come !! This Week : Frederick Maryland....and coming up New Hamphire and out west there is Seattle and Bellingham, NYC, Burlington,VT, and Manchester,Hampshire and Orlando and other cities...

Sadly we all know the attack on Women's Healthcare and Planned Parenthood is continuing and surely will not ease now that the GOP has a fine crop of presidential contender clowns hitting the road.....

If you are on Twitter every Thursday and Friday I try to share #PlannedParenthoodFacts be sure to join in the hashtag and here is the main Planned Parenthood Factsheet to share.
Some Planned Parenthood Facts to Share (Some from their own website and some from other online sites.....:::
(1) 75% of Clients Served live at or below the Poverty Level. ( For many low income, working poor women Planned Parenthood is their only source of Healthcare.
(2) Less than 3% of ALL Planned Parenthood Budget is spent on Abortions ( regardless of what GOP says. And those services are provided via donated funds. NOT a dime of Federal Money is spent on Abortion Services.
(3) 17% of Budget is spent on Cancer Screenings.
(4) 10% of Budget is spent on Prenatal Care and WIC services.
(5) 12% of Budget is providing Medical / Reproductive Care to Older Women
(6) Planned Parenthood provides Infection, detection and care, as well as HIV/AIDS detection and services( as early as the 1980's they were one of the first Medical Providers to help facilitate testing and care for men and women.
(7) They provide Medical Care and Reproductive Care for 3-5 Million Women per year in America alone, and have provided this care for over 75 years. They help women Worldwide , not just in the United States.

Please do see the Post above about her Interview on @awopradio where she explains so much about her tour and the purpose and what she is seeing as she travels. It was a great discussion and a great Listen.

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