Tuesday, August 09, 2011

London and UK Riots.....Please Follow and Watch...we need to Learn from this....

Liverpool 3am from @brit_newsman

The Riots are not just in London, they are in other towns and cities where there is anger and Unrest. Sadly many small businesses have been torched as well as cars and some homes. (The Guardian links below have full details of cities and businesses). Sadly in England the Insurance does not cover losses and damage due to Civil Unrest. It's now Day 3 of the Unrest, and England like here has had Austerity Cuts laying off many police and fire fighters. This photo is of a business burning, with woman jumping from flat above. ( Many of the smaller shops have flats above). On Twitter @brit_newsman is following all the details, as are @acarvin and @fieldproducer @ukprogressive.

From The Guaridan (snippet) :
"David Cameron, forced to break off from holiday in Tuscany, was this morning due to chair a meeting of the government's emergency committee, Cobra. He was travelling on a UK military flight leaving Italy at 3am. Asked why the prime minister had now decided to return, a Downing Street source said: "The situation has become more serious."

Officers from Thames Valley, Essex, Kent, Surrey and City of London were drafted in to support the Met. But apparent "copycat" riots continued to spread in the wake of Tottenham's riots on Saturday precipitated by the fatal shooting by police of Mark Duggan, 29, a father of four, last Thursday. So far 225 people have been arrested and 36 charged."
Are there problems with massive Unemployment ? People unhappy with the College Tuitition Rises ? Austerity Measures only being shared by the Poor and Middle Class and not the Rich ? Hackgate ? Who is doing the Looting ? the Burning ? Is this the only way to protest ? Why are the Police Protecting the Banks and not the shops ? Is this much anger really making sense, that youth gangs are destroying their own neighborhoods ?

( For anyone who lived through the Sixties these photos are haunting and disturbing.For me it reminds me of the Riots in Baltimore the summer after RFK and MLK were killed...the anger and the Fires.)
The UnderClass Lashes Out is how the Telegraph is reporting it....
Our final story, summing up a seemingly-endless day of violence and destruction (NYT)
Guardian: "If the rioting was a surprise, people weren't looking"
Photos from Tottenham to Clapham three nights of #LondonRiots in pictures (Reuters)
More from The Guardian updated , London riots escalate as police battle for control
Stunning Photos... London riots - The Big Picture - Boston.com
Please read this blogpost From Penny Red....a UK perspective... from Inside London and do read the comments on her post too...
For people like me not in the UK at the mo, here is a google map image of the riot locations, and you will see it is mostly in the Working Class Sections...Here is the GOOGLE map LINK...it is quite a number of communities and parts of London effected...

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