Monday, December 12, 2011

"One More Step "Video : Beautiful Inspiring...Please Share

This amazing video shows NYC on November 17th, and has the words of many profound. The title is based on Dorli Rainey the 84 Seattle Activist who after being PepperSprayed appeared on Countdown and said " Take One More Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone". The video shows the People Rising....Marching all over NYC and over the Brooklyn Bridge. And it highlights the beautiful inspiring Bat Signals that were shown onto the Verizon Building that night....I am Thankful for the Occupy Movement....I am Thankful We Are the 99% and We Are Everywhere...We Are Together.Another World Is Possible.

(hat tip to Sassy Songstress...Sharon for finding this...originally posted 11.24...)


Fran said...

Just stopping by wish you a Happy T day.
Great video!
It is heartening so many people are joining the Occupy movement, nation & worldwide. Interesting concept that the radicals are in charge (what Wall Street & the bought & paid for corrupt political system) & what Occupiers are asking for is reasonable.
How does the saying go?
You can begin to fix a problem without first acknowledging there IS a problem.
Our "system" is broken & needs to be fixed.
Ms. Rainey is right- we need to keep taking those steps.

Taradharma said...

Great video. I'm sharing it on my blog and on FB. It's the reality of OWS movement, its goals and messages. The media still don't want to 'get it.' I'm so tired of hearing ignorant people diss the movement as the unwashed masses who need to get a job.

Enigma4ever said...


the truth is so many people don't realize how bad it is ....
the numbers tell the story taradharma..
29 Million Underemployed and Unemployed
49 Million on Foodstamps
22 Million Children living in Poverty
46 Million Living in Poverty
1 in 4 Children going to bed hungry
50 Million with NO Healthcare still
8 Million have lost homes in the past 3 years
26,000 Vets Lost Homes in 2010 alone
236,000 Vets have come home from War Zones,and are now Jobless
600,000 Vets sleep on the streets at Night
18 Vets commit suicide every day

The Numbers tell Why Occupy is Happening, there is alot of pain in this country,
and ironically the Occupation Sites are finally offering many what is needed,
a place to look at problems, but also feed souls, and take care of Vets, Homeless and Jobless.
People losing jobs and homes also left many isolated and invisible...
now they no longer are...

I go to my Occupy site to connect, but also to offer soup...and compassion..
and I think in a way it has woken up Compassion like Nothing else in years in our country...
I see it as a Spiritual awakening on many levels...

happy Turkey day to you is amazing how it has spread globally and woken up so many's inspiring to see the corruption faced and called out...