Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tacky Christmas ....More Dec. 14th

My Attic...My Tacky.....and Christmas Lights...( I think it needs more Lights....I have Blue and White up...So far...)The Christmas Tree was from the local Dollar store, under 10 dollars...( and we are waiting to see how long it takes for 20PoundWonder Kitty to bring it you all remember he took down my Tree two years under 24 far we are now on day 4 I have some hope). I made all the ornaments over the years , some with 6-6 and some before he was born, and they have traveled all over the Country with us....My fascination with Lights and Tacky Christmas started with my Grandmother Flo, or Mimi as we called her...she would drive us around in the evenings we would sit in the back seat eating Silber 's Cookies and look for the Best Lights, the more the better, the tackier, gaudy the Better...and she would play christmas carols on the Radio....And when my son was little I did the same with him for many years....So even now I find myself searching yearning for Lights and Music....That is all i really need to know it is Still Christmas.
One of my Favorites....Greg Lake singing " I Believe in Father Christmas"

And some Sax..The Christmas Song....( and yeah, it's Kenny G...)

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Taradharma said...

LOVE the attic room! I was out-voted this year: I wanted an aluminum silver tree with purple lights. Preferably one that spins....