Sunday, December 11, 2011

Awopradio Show For Sunday December 11th : Guests Faydra Deon and Walter Brasch

Sunday Night on Awopradio on BlogTalkRadio 7-9PM EST we have a great show planned with two really amazing writers. First we have the 99 Report 7-7:15PM and then we have Perry @Mommapolitico will give us the rundown on Kitchen Table Politics. ( This Week on the 99 Report the focus will be the Foreclosure Crisis and the Occupy Movement's Focus on reclaiming homes and empty buildings. ( The Post below will have details 99 Report of the Foreclosure Mess and Occupy Homes, and also more data on Vets losing their homes.)

Faydra Deon

And Our First Guest at 8PM is Faydra Deon, who is well known on @Faydra_Deon as a real Twitter Wonder, and Internet maven. She also as a Blogger is writing and publishing her first Books. Her First Book is Called" The Pride" , an amazing book about 4 Strong Women. ( She has two other books upcoming "The Village " and the "The Project". ) She has been on Twitter for over 2 years and has truly forged a presence there as well, helping people learn how to blog and also connect. Her main Website is here and has links to so many of her projects. She does not just help folks with Wordpress, she also is now helping folks get self published. And then there is the publishing site that has more info on how to get her books, on solamente publishing. She is offering really good help for folks trying to navigate blogging or selfpublishing.

The Pride

Our Second Guest at 8:30PM EST is Walter Brasch who is an activist and journalist. His newest book, "Before the First Snow", is extraordinary and spans from the 1960's to right before the Gulf War starts. Great Blog by Walter called the Wanderings has more about his book "Before the First Snow". And his website is really wonderful and worth a read as well, Walter's Website on his activism and journalism.

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