Monday, December 05, 2011

December 6th: BlogTalkRadio Lucinda Marshall Interviews Feminist Legend and Writer Robin Morgan Tuesday at 2PM EST

Earlier this year @Awopradio welcomed Lucinda Marshall on to discuss Health Care Issues and legislation. And now that she and her Feminism Network have moved to Washington DC she continues her amazing work. She also is entering BlogTalkRadio and has her first guest on tomorrow. Lucinda founded the The Feminist Peace Network in 2001 and BlogTalkRadio will help her ongoing work interviewing Voices or our Times. ( Yours truly is fortunate enough to be there co hosting this wonderful Interview). Her first guest is a Walking Talking breathing legend for women, and so inspiring with her lessons and writings over the Years, Robin Morgan. ( Do Click the Title to Listen to the Interview.)

Robin Morgan is known for her feminist activism and writing. She is a poet, a novelist, and has also written non-fiction. Several of her anthologies are classics of feminism, including Sisterhood is Powerful ( Stunning Anthology). Many of us that read Ms.Magazine remember her as an editor of Ms. Magazine 1990-1993 after serving as a contributing editor for many years. (Robin Morgan, as a child actress, had a radio show and appeared on the television series I Remember Mama.) You can read more about her on her own Website and her Writings and Works, including her latest book " Fighting Words" : A Tool Kit for fighting the Religious Right.

To Read More about her Lifetime of Work, in 2007 The Humanist Org. Awarded her an Award, and wrote this fine piece and Interview with her that is a wonderful read about her Work and her Legacy for all of us, that truly examines her work in a different light, as a Humanist, work carried out with compassion, and wisdom.

Some Favorite Well known Robin Morgan Quotes::

"I am an artist and a political being as well. My aim has been to forge these two concerns into an integrity which affirms language, art, craft, form, beauty, tragedy, and audacity with the needs and vision of women, as part of an emerging new culture which could enrich us all."

"If I had to characterize one quality as the genius of feminist thought, culture, and action, it would be the connectivity."

"Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible."

"Don't accept rides from strange men -- and remember that all men are strange as hell."

"Women are not inherently passive or peaceful. We're not inherently anything but human.


** Side Note :: I grew up in the Sixties and by the time the Seventies rolled around she was inspiring millions of women. I first read "Sisterhood of Women" in a hotter than Hades Sunbeam Trailer in New Mexico in 1976 where I was staying with organic farmers who were raising Ostriches and Peacocks. They also ran a very nice new age Bookstore. I was sixteen working my way cross Country, and that Sunbeam trailer and that Bookstore were my oasis that long hot summer. For a teenage girl who had been struggling growing up in a Donna Reed is Perfect Republican Household that book and those essays were a beacon, a path to a better future. And that book was one of the books that traveled the road with me the rest of the Summer . It has stayed in my library and my heart all these years.***

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