Sunday, December 04, 2011

Portland Raided Downtown Occupy Site Last Night....

Portland Police Arrived Full On Riot Gear to Arrest Protesters and drive them out of the Park. They were dressed in Full Body Armour, Riot Gear, against Peaceful Protesters. ( Note even the Shin-Guards are A Weapon, and how many police does it take to tackle one 15 yr old and smoosh him like a bug ?) The Protesters did what they could, stood arm in arm, sang songs, Mic Checked, and quoted the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Police did chase some, beat up some and arrested 15. There were injuries. Yet those watching the Live Stream And on twitter put out the call for reinforcements. The Police Herded them from the Park, so as they went through Downtown the Protesters gathered support, people came out of Bars, and Restaurants and joined them singing, and doing Mic Check, even quoting Lemony Snicket and 1984 to them ( Portland is a town that Reads).They eventually even reclaimed the Park. So what started as a Police action at 10PM, Show of Force, really did not disperse 300, instead it turned into a march that gathered over a 1000. ( These Photos are from the Oregonian, I will post the Regathered photos when I find them.)All of us that monitored the 4LIVEUStreams watched it unfold over 3 hours.

Enigma Editorial ....Special Comment ::::
This Comment is being written after watching 4 Nighttime Raids in one week, and multiple raids this month. Thousands of us have been monitoring Live Streams as this helps keep Citizens safer, as it decreased Police Brutality if the know they are on Film. We also started Tweeting Obama last night, his Silence during all of this Police Brutality is worrisome. Sooner or later someone, a kid or a Vet or a Granma is going to end up Dead thanks to these Massive Adrenalin Stoked Police Actions,MidNight Raids, and people will be asking questions about the Coordination or HLS "Advice" or "Training". Who paid for the Riot Gear ? That is some pretty expensive gear. But if someone ends up dead, no one will forget that the President was silent on Police Brutality on Lawful Peacefully Assembled Citizens. And No One will forget that the Tea Party Gathers were Threatening, carried Weapons, and Threatened Violence "2nd Amendment Remedies" " Reload" and yet they never were threatened with Arrest, much less Police Brutality.Taking a Stand Against Police Brutality and Loss of Liberties is part of Leadership, the President has spoke out about Egypt and Libya and the Citizens Safety there, yet here in the Dark of Night Citizens are being Beat up and Arrested by their Own Police. Is this a Police State ? Does that Explain the Media Black Out as well ? Or have the Corporations Ordered the Silence ? We the 99% do Expect and Hope that the President will at Some Point Remember we Voted for him, and helped put him in the White House. And his own Silence may indeed Determine the 2012 Election.)


Taradharma said...

I am relying on blogs like yours to keep people informed.

Getting 'fed up ' with protestors is no reason to beat them and spray them and detain them. This a crisis point in our country, and Obama needs to speak to it - and soon.

enigma4ever said...

oh thank you, I try...I really do...and lovely to see you in your avi...nice to meet really is...I agree about Obama..