Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Night Gift:Best Damn CornBread 7.21.07

I am wandering around the Kitchen, and hungry to make something. Son is upstairs Not to Be Disturbed reading the New Harry Potter.I have Sophie Hawkins on, and I am humming, which means I will only offend my deaf dog. So here is my Gift to you tonight, a little Cornbread....passed down countless generations of Kentucky women served with Chili, or Soup, whatever your heart desires.And here is some Sophie for you, singing one of her best "Damn" songs....and fellas tell me is a girl in faded old jeans hot or not ? It doesn't matter....cuz with old jeans and cornbread on a Saturday Night you can't go wrong.

Cornbread Mix ( sue me it works great when doctored-better than some fluffyass Martha Stewart reciepe)
Can Creamed Corn-use .5 or more of can- not too runny.
Brown Sugar 2tables
Paprika- smidge
Cinnamon-smidge and sprinkled on top
Nutmeg -smidge
Maple Syrup- 1 tsps.
Evaporated Milk-1 tablespoon
one egg
water .5 to 3 quarters cup

Mix it all together, and it should be somewhat thick- like cement, slightly lumpy, but still smooth. Bake in a buttered pan and set oven to 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Eat hot- have butter ready.Great withPumpkin Butter or Apple butter. If Granny Ethel made it and you complained it was TOO Dry, she would serve you a shot of Bourbon and tell you to shut up. ( Yup, she was raised by moonshiners and rummrunners-all class).

ART: Imogene Cunningham self portrait made in 1915, kind of mystical, interesting.Looks almost like a Hippy photo from the Sixties.....There is a little Imogene in all of us...Victorian Hippy....

Have a Great Saturday Night.....


enigma4ever said...

I am still working to update the Blogroll- please be patient- trying to revamp and add Blogs and correct addresses- if yours needs correcting please let me know here...thanks..

aballoflight said...

i just got youtube to stop messing up when i tried to watch your gift of tonite... and DAMN! i gotta tell you enigma4ever... you have exquisite taste in women.

i thought the pictures you've posted (that i have seen anyway) have been delicious, but DAMN! i nearly went into cardiac arrest with this video. Sorry to sound like a barely postadolescent hayseed that's never ever seen a beautiful, talented, sexy, self-controlled, powerful woman before... but these old faded genes think that girl in her faded old jeans is most definately hot.

course i may be a bit biased as i have a long history of, shall i call it "Appreciation of Beauty"... sure why not... my ancestors were puritans and they brought LOTS of euphemistic ways of being with them on the mayflower... try as i might, tho, a (very) few may have stuck down to this day...

This "Appreciation of Beauty" may or may not explain this:

To all who - 1975

To all who make their hipbones sway,
To all who live from day to day,
To all who look for just a mate,
To all who try for just one date,
To all who wear their dresses short,
To all who use the sharp retort,
To all who labor giving birth,
To all who struggle to know their worth,
To all who give away their treats,
To all who live upon the streets,
To all who have such sexy noses,
To all who love to get their roses,
To all who walk so straight and tall,
To all who are both big and small,
To all who wear gold on their neck,
To all who work and look a wreck,
To all who laugh with bell like sound,
To all who do paint red the town,
To all who sit and cry alone,
To all who do but piss and moan,
To all who fit the lines above,
To all you women I give my love.

Thank you for this gift tonite Enigma, I'd never heard of Sophie B. Hawkins before.


Larry said...

It's been a long time since I had cornbread.

Must do something about that.

enigma4ever said...

Larry : need to have some cornbread....about time...

Ball of Flight: See there you are , writing poetry again- lovely to find on a Sunday morning, really wonderful way to start the day ( I hope you are saving your poetry somewhere )...Sophie Hawkins has a Wonderful sound, I actually have had her Cd's since son was small...Used to sing "Lose Your Way" to him when he was little. Her CD has a sticker (Adult warning label) on it about "Not fit for Children". So my son when loading the IPOD of course like any good teenager loaded her right on...She writes, plays about 6 instruments, and she has incredible range, and her videos are amazing.She has passion. And yes, I put her on for the fellas...( my Ex and my son both love every now and then I throw her on the there are rumors about her sexuality, but it is her passion and singing and creativitivity that have landed her here....becuase she knows how to sing from the Soul, like Joss Aretha.)

I try hard to find women to put on this Blog that are what real women are, beautiful and sexy, and Real. I meant what I said in earlier post, you just won't find any Bushco women here...ever.

Now for me, A fella singing with a strong Voice, can melt me till Peter Gabriel singing "Imagination" at the Olympics, bout had a heart-attack...BONO from U2 singing "One"...James Taylor singing ANYTHING....lord have mercy....or Rob Thomas singing 3AM get the messege...

This song has lit more than one Fire ......and that is just Fine.

enigma4ever said...

Oh, for you Sophie Hawkins fans...and for men that love to see Real Women sing....
whelp- scroll down to MJ Blige singing with Bono on My Take Me Away PartII - she has soul ....passion...enjoy...

Gryphen said...

Hey Enigma!

I was wondering if you could do me a favor and drop by my little section of the internet and read what I have been saying about the Hillary campaign, and tell me what you think.

I don't usually solicit feedback directly but I have an increasingly strong feeling about this and was wondering if I am once again standing out here by myself or if others have noticed the same things that I have been noticing.

And if any other of Enigma's gentle visitors would like to weigh in I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

enigma4ever said...

Ahhh, the ALaska man has requested that we read up on the Hillary campaign....we will be right over...he has a Wonderful blog- so go there anyways....MUCH More than Hillary....much.....and dear gryphen- I meant what I said- I get more news from you and the Daily Show,Stephen Colbert then MSM at this point....

aballoflight said...

again, all i can say is DAMN! the neural firings that happen in my head when i read your words ... it's like a marathon free-association party in my brain...

as far as my poetry, the previous "to all who" (written, fully formed, when i was a freshman in college, between classes one southern NM spring afternoon watching students come and go at the library) is in a book that has been in a box, unmolested for years in various basements, until DK made a comment to which i wanted to respond.

Passion is the word that nails it. You, like these images you post, aural - visual - mental, must be a veritable seething volcano of passion... responding to that internal pressure when you erupt with words of heart-rending beauty or righteous indignation or incredible compassion... Vesuvius or Krakatoa or Kilauea spring immediately to mind... snicker... blogland's own Mt. Saint Enigma of Passion... hehehe

Some say Passion is blind

Some say (

...Reason devoid of Passion is blind

and deaf and sits and waits for Passion to grind it to rubble,

as the sea grinds the oldest stones to sand.

I think that passion is that spark of focus, the ability to strip away the dross and illuminate that which, in any guise, is at the core of existence, at a shared, common level - the light within you is the light within me... or as another sage fairly recently put it... E=MC2

ahhh passion... You do very well illustrating the Real.


aballoflight said...

as for rumors of that amazing woman's sexuality... imo it don't matter who puts what where... it ain't nobody's business...

enigma4ever said...
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enigma4ever said...

Oh Ball of light.....I forgot to say thank you so much for the wonderful embedded goodies- holy cow-
Eric Clapton,Billie Holiday ( oh how I love, and the American Dream poem, and well, I am just loving the wonders- thank you so much.....


D.K. Raed said...

Your granny ethyl had the perfect bourbon cure for dry cornbread! Oh, and of course, real women wear blue jeans, absolutely. Now, I don't know what I said that made Balloflight go molest his basement boxes, but the result was amazing! I do remember those short dresses, sharp retorts & painting the town red. Seems like yesterday, or maybe last year. ~~ D.K.

Anonymous said...

E, thank you so much for posting this. It just happens to have a very special meaning for me. My semi-recently deceased mother LOVED corn-bread, especially with extra corn. Well, 7/21 is her birthday, the first without her. This just makes it special. I'm gonna bake a batch of yours in her honor. I'll let you know how they turn out.

enigma4ever said...

Anony: Oh, I am so glad that the Cornbread will help you honor your mother, I am so sorry that you lost such a soul in your life....My grandmother 's birthday is July 18th,and I still celebrate it each year, making something special for it and for her....And yes, the cornbread is about connecting to the women that raised me and helped give me what I needed for Life....I hope the Bread helps and soothes...namaste..

DK: Yes, indeed it was an amazing poem- I think Balloflight needs a blog- I am going to encourage him...I think we all should he has great comments and would not be the first blog that was birthed from the Enigma Cafe;->
And yeah, about the jeans and short retorts and being young...sigh...we all still got it...if you know what I mean...

aballoflight said...

Hi D.K. Raed, (is that pronounced raid or ray-ed or red or reed? or deke? just curious...)

iam sorry... i thought i'd already posted this comment explaing my box molestation proclivities... it was supposed to go on E4E's Dear Mr. President post and i had it already to go and musta gotten carried away thinking about Mt. Saint Enigma being a smoldering, redhot volcano ready to erupt... oh sorry... see how easy it is for me to get carried away... well anyway enough (not by a long shot) of that; here is the genesis of "to all who" (i really do have a thing for noses btw)

single payer insurance? socialized health care? Did he get that from somebody Michael Moore told him about? Did his bbuddy Tony Blair give him an inside tip?

I love the image you conjured in my head with your million prayer flags... a zIllion, if necessary comment ...What an unimagineably powerful and beautiful photo that would be... all that pretty peacecloth, Blowing in the Wind

(betcha didn't see that coming eh)

oh, oh and here on Saturday, July 14 you said...

"ok ok, if the guys are gonna be so viseral about it, I'd like to know, purely on a scientific basis you understand, just WHAT evokes that response?"

After many, many years of repeated and Purely Scientific Observations, varying length Case Studies, multiple sets of Experimentations, many of which, damaged by Poor Choice of hypotheses or unreliable Data Sets, failed - in one case Miserably and Expensively - (although to date one Very Promising study of Note is still awaiting Final Results,) personally, to me, what gets my viscera all stirred up, is a sexy nose.

in case the link doesn't work, or you are too tired to click it, or you just can't take the suspense... it's a poem i wrote way back in '75 when i was a freshman in college...

Sexy noses

Sexy noses oft give rise to impure thoughts,
And supposedly contrary to what we're taught
make me want to do what I shouldn't ought.

Some men savor back side views and others leg or breast.
What I say, whether un or dressed, a sexy nose gives me no rest.