Sunday, July 29, 2007

What is Coming Up This Week

Are you in Vacation Mode ? That is okay, we'll stay here and keep an eye on things....
So here we are the last week in July, and August is almost here....that means that the King thinks he can sneak down to his ranch and leave ALL of the Problems of the Whitehouse behind....Good Luck Georgie...
(1) Gonzogate : Leahy has made it pretty clear that he is not planning to let Gonzo get away with all of his lies. What happens next is anybody's guess. ( Booman and FDL are covering really well).
(2) Stock Market: Last week was very bumpy, and there was a 300 point drop the one day, followed by 200 at the end of the week, so this week will be interesting, as the "experts" claim it was just a "correction", but some of the online folks are fairly sophisticated on these issues, and they do not agree.
(3) Iraq : The Situation there is no better than it was 6 monthes ago, the only difference is that it seems to be getting LESS press, or press that the WH "likes". The Surge is a bust, the only one that won't admit to it is the King.Reading other papers, and watching the Numbers ( Mortality , Wounded and Bombs it looks much worse).
(4) Pat Tillman's Death ( MURDER), HOW can anyone just sit around and say that it is "tragic"..."just friendly fire", This man with three bullet holes in his FOREHEAD...and it was within or under 10 yards, so the people who shot clearly saw him....Please Please let some CSI people speak out and analyze this.

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Larry said...

It is always time for Bush to vacation when there is a mess.

Of course that pretty much sums up his horrible presidency.

an average patriot said...

It is exhausting being a total failure, at least in our eyes. To Bush, as he is pursuning his new world order and not what we want, everything is a total success.
1. I am starting to think they may succeed in getting Gonzo but I fear somehow Bush will keep him from being held accountable.
2. Last week was a correction but not the one they think. It may even take until Dems get in but there is one hell of a correction to the downside coming as soon as the truth as to what Bush has really done and created, comes out.
I don't know if you read my story on the Second Great Depression but watch the long run when this works itself out.
3. Iraq to Bush is a success, again he is after something different than the rest of the world. Bush stopped reporting on Baghdad's power data because it is getting worse.
He says the surge is a success but he does not tell people that the Iraqi's have not and will not take control of even one of the 2,000 construction projects because they could never secure them. They cannot still stand up one Battalion capable of fighting on its own.
The surge is a success if you realize why he did it. It is part of my story today but I can't get a link now without breaking this. But please read it if you will.
This is a real horror that is still just unfolding and will get much worse. He is now funding and supplying the militarization for his breakdown and it gets a lot worse.
4. Pat Tillmans murder! I read every theory possible on this.
There is no question he was murdered. I do not think it was Bush or because he was about to come out for peace or anything. They will never find out the truth like everything else today but I would think more alond the lines that it was nothing more than jealous fellow trooper.
Since Tillman marked himself with Orange smoke and whoever shot him was close enough to hear him, that was no accident. Again like everything today investigators cannot get a straight story.

Aaron A. said...

Kinda reminiscent of the Iraqi Puppet Parliament.

enigma4ever said...

ahhhh...the parliament...and our own elected...I resent them being on break- esp while there are still soldiers over there...wrong...

and Patriot have presented some interesting stuff. thank you for your perspective on the Tillman murder...and sadly I think about Bush and his "sucess" I fear you are right...