Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So some of us were talking about this and I want to open the discussion. If there were an Organization was out there for all Bloggers and Blog readers to be part of, would anyone join? Would anyone appreciate the value of having an Organization that could offer some empowerment and some solidarity ? ( Especially before the next Election). A Non-profit Organization that would be FREE to all members, and offer some benifits of a Real Media Entity, would anyone be interested ?Some of the perks? How about Press passes for ALL events? How about Media Discounts and invites that little bloggers are not presently getting ? How about a Rainy Day Fund to assist Bloggers in Crisis? How about an organization that would have conventions once a year ?

So the Banner was designed by Robert of Left of Centrist, and it is beautiful and inspiring. So I am just asking for your input and your thoughts. Let's Discuss what could be the Start of a really good idea.

**** Update Late Sunday Night 9.30.07: Due to some Issues, this post has been moved to another date. The Coalition Idea is still being pursued but quietly with well intentioned souls. I will update you will more news later. Due to harrassment and threats , a quieter approach was needed, but the idea has in no way been abandoned. Thank you for your patience, and wonderful ideas.
Post was originally put up Wed. Sept.26th.


got democracy? said...

I love the concept. The one thing about the peace movement is so many folks are on the general same page (i.e. want our democracy back!), but scattered into smaller splinter groups. Especially for the upcoming election to replace the decider, if we could use this medium to get unified, be informed, develop strategies-- certainly doing something is better than not. Certainly one local activist captured it when she said people get fuck up fatigue... overwhelmed with so much bad stuff happening at a pace we have never experienced before. It's like some kind of indictment and atrocity/human rights nightmare. The more we can pull together, interconnect etc, the better. ther eis strength in numbers & this is the outlet not controlled by the media, and we can share & support our main theme goal, to take back our country, and reaffirm our humanity and compassion. Great use of this medium, ripe for developing something fantastic.

Newsguy said...

The Senate has voted 72 - 22 essentially to authorize war with Iran. See the details at any number of sites including thinkprogress.org and my own, where I just excerpted a few grafs.

Here are the Senators who voted against. Clinton voted for.

Biden (D-DE)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Boxer (D-CA)
Brown (D-OH)
Byrd (D-WV)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Dodd (D-CT)
Feingold (D-WI)
Hagel (R-NE)
Harkin (D-IA)
Inouye (D-HI)
Kennedy (D-MA)
Kerry (D-MA)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Leahy (D-VT)
Lincoln (D-AR)
Lugar (R-IN)
McCaskill (D-MO)
Sanders (I-VT)
Tester (D-MT)
Webb (D-VA)
Wyden (D-OR)

No said...

Clinton voted for? What the hell?

The united bloggers thing is a great idea....and a press pass? Wow!

No said...

Is Biden still running? Haven't heard much from him these days.

thepoetryman said...

Wonderful idea my friend!

And of course Clinton voted for the war...she's deep in the hip pocket of the money changers; from our hands to theirs.

Kucinich or bust...

Robert Rouse said...

You know I'm in!

fallenmonk said...

There are already quite a few coalitions or at least act like one. Daily Kos, Firedoglake to name just two.Moveon is also to a large degree what we are talking about here.
The most important thing is for all of us to whistle the same tune and project a consistent message.

Robert Rouse said...

I have to disagree with Fallenmonk. Daily Kos and Firedoglake are not blog coalitions, they are GROUP blogs. MoveOn has nothing to do with blogs. MoveOn is a PAC. All three listed are well read and combined, have millions of readers. Many of the blogs E4E and I read are small fish in a huge ocean. Some of us are lucky to get three or four hundred readers a day - most get even less - after my first year, I was averaging around 45 hits a day.

By banding together, we can focus our attention on certain issues and there is power in numbers.

As for Time, I happen to see Bush as a tyrannical, power hungry madman - and it is my right to voice my opinion. I suppose we could all "play nice" like Nancy Pelosi, but look where that tactic is getting us. Congress is ineffectual because they refuse to play hardball with the president.

Of course, that's just my two cents. And if Time or Fallenmonk decide to disagree with me, then the've spent their two cents as well. And any opinion is well worth those two cents!

enigma4ever said...

I will respond to you first, as I wish to dispel any confusion that is going on, I think I need to first off state I am indeed blogging for Peace, everyday....I am trying help all of us stay true to what a True Democracy is, it is NOT calling people names, fear mongering, hate mongering, or discrediting people and their writing. This administration uses those tactics daily.I speak the TRUTH daily on my blog, and I don't think if this is your first time here perhaps you understand that calling someone a liar is basically trying to invoke an argument- not a discussion. WHAT and WHY we write is sacred, and I value also what readers comment here, but I will not engage in arguments.
And if you come here attempting to do such I will ask you to go to another blog- there are many that love that kind of strife. This blog is about creating a forum of openminded compassion. Thank you for understanding.

This post was about HOW we as Bloggers can Unite and Form a meaningful Union that will Strengthen and Empower ALLof us, especially the little bloggers....like me....and others.Voices united in the common purpose of striving for Better Democracy and also so we can work together and FIght this Broken Government in a way that works for the Common People and the Common Good....

Thank you to others for the comments, I think Robert cleared up the issues about Move On and also about the other two Big Blogs....this is about creating Strength....in many ways those other Groups, MoveOn and AARP are inspiration for what can be done when people ban together....

Keep thinking all...

Mary Ellen said...

I like the idea, but I wonder how much time would be involved? To be honest, I'm hanging on to my blog by my fingernails...I barely have time for anything at home anymore and my family is beginning to complain.

It is a good idea, though...

an average patriot said...

Sign me up! There was talk on the news actually about a month ago as to forming a Bloggers Union. I think it would be great. I am sure they already know who we are.

Gryphen said...

Yep. Count me in.

I share some of Time's concerns about adolescent name calling and infantile rants.(and yes I know that I sometimes use blue language on my site.)

We would have to agree to keep the verbiage at a certain courteous level, and I would even forgo the use of four letter words when I participated. (Even though I think that sometimes the situation calls for certain vulgarities.)

annie said...

what a shock~hillary is a sellout.

enigma4ever said...

ANNIE: so are you interested in a Union or an Alliance?

Gryphen: thanks- good to know you are in...about the foul language...gee....that is no problem...we don't have to be too polite, what matters more is that respect and empathy are a part of our discussions....and I think we all can handle that just fine....the important thing is to gather folks that can think together...and work together...and those that just want to occasionally check in that is fine too...

Patriot: thanks...glad to know that you are interested too...

Mary Ellen: mostly we just want to set up an Alliance, org that will allow us to be an entitiy that has some power, and numbers....You would not have to do a thing...just know if you ever needed a press pass, or wanted to go to a convention that the org was there for you....I hope that sounds better....no work for you..no money needed ....just the admission that you are a blogger...and want to be part of something bigger....this in the long run would be good for the little bloggers...

got democracy? said...

Time: I want to throw this comment out, not to have a fight, but for me, the pure joy of the blog--

In intellectual discussions, it IS acceptable to bring up historical figures and compare and contrast their actions & results of their leadership. Comparing Bush to Hitler is not absurd and immature name calling, it is factual, historical reference, and, sadly many of their actions and results (deaths of innocent people) are exactly the same. The methodology of the killing may be different, but the end result is the same.
Mainstream media is not going to make that comparison, but we are free to, and lets take off the blinders. I'm ok with playing nice, but that does not mean ignoring the truth. Speaking the truth is simply what it is. As for hate & division,
when it comes to human rights abuses and abuse of power that causes death & destruction to innocent people, I guess I do hate that, and I want a clear division of what is acceptable. I will find peaceful ways to help restore the balance, and the division, I think just happens naturally. Some people support human rights violations, while others support compassion and peace. I know the peace community has divisions within itself, but the point of the blog community is to find common ground. I like the idea of sharing info & things that have/are working, and to unite coming into the next election. Maybe this new generation of voters will take the bold step of breaking out of the (broken) 2 party system. My 2 cents.

Josie said...

Enigma, for some reason my alarm bells go up at organized bloggers. The good thing about blogging is that it is free and independent. Once you start organizing, you get rules. You very soon start slowly to lose your independence once you become organized in a large group.

Blogs like yours are wonderful because people do "hear" your message. I don't think blogs need to be organized to get their message out. We are already part of a community.

Also, once a coalition of bloggers is initiated, there will be folks out there who will naturally want to put a stop to it and may shut the group down. You've lost your blog.

I absolutely love the freedom and independence of blogging. It still amazes me that it's even possible. My advice would be not to restrict yourself.

Just my humble opinion.

thailandchani said...

I think I'm with Josie on this one. My blog is probably the one place I express my opinions with a great degree of freedom. Having to abide by someone else's standards, even if I agreed with them, is not something I'd want mandated. Chances are.. if someone has a good idea and I think it will work on my blog, I'd do it anyway.. without a group.




Robert Rouse said...

Josie and Thailandchani. I think you may not realize exactly what the coalition is about. No one wants to dictate what anyone writes. No wants to tell you what to write. And to be honest, I'm sure Enigma is simply looking for input. The way I understand it, the coalition will mostly be support for bloggers, not restrictions. This isn't a union. In fact no one knows for sure exactly what it is - or will be.

Cosmic Messenger said...

Terrific idea, Enigma. I'll support this concept provided you agree to let me escort you to their first convention.

Do we have a date ? :)


enigma4ever said...

Ahhh Cosmic...sure thing...I have to confess knowing this group that means a meeting at a nice Wendys....sigh...but ONE day....

Okay so here is thing...Anyone that really wants to hammer away on this this weekend....please email me at enigma4ever@earthlink.net....for more info...You all have given great ideas to this first thought session on this, thank you....

Spadoman said...

So that's it? Discussion over. Do it privately via e-mail from here on out? That's what I just read.
Got Democracy had a vision of this coalition of bloggers to be for the issue of peace. It was stated as such in the first comment.
Time, having a different agenda, took offense to methods used on some blogs that purport to wanting peace.
Another says it's great, another says it won't work.

I like the concept in general. But I must be a devil's advocate here and throw these things to consider into the ring:

Can anyone belong? Any Blogger? If so, then it isn't a blogger coalition for peace, is it? Not everyone writes about the same thing.

Since this short comment session about starting a coalition has already shown different ideas, strategies and perceptions, who decides who the governing force will be? Democratic Vote? Might be a popularity contest. Think about it. Put up a picture of a scantily clad whatever and a catchy moniker and your popularity goes through the roof. This is proven.

Press pass invites? If an organization of peace advocates is having a speaker, they'll invite who? The members of the blogger coalition that write about peace? The ones that write about upholding war on other nations won't get invited, will they? As it is now, when the press is "invited" to an event, each paper reports to their own audience. They are allowed to take the material and write what they want. My point is, we're already talking about peace and war, love and hate. Who wants to be involved in a coalition with a blogger who fights their mantra?

I believe it is a good idea to organize, but with absolutely no regulation to blogging. To have a blog would have to be the only thing any member has in common. Take AARP. Anyone 50 and older can belong. But the group lobbies for right wing leaning legislation. It is a nightmare in my own mind and a very complicated system that would be put into place.

The thought occurs, what about google? The owners of blogger? Are they going to continue to give us this forum for free? To have benefits of any kind, like the scholarships to join for those that can't afford it, will cost money. Where will the money come from. Bloggers will have to start paying to be part of the coalition. Fund raising will ensue. Money is an issue from both ends of any spectrum. These ends are the favt that there is greed, and the fact that there is poverty. Even some of the poverty stricken are greedy, some of the afluent are generous. Will money dictate anything in a coalition?

I would not want to have anything to do with organizing it. When it's up and running, and if I find out about it, then I'll think about becoming a member based on my own themes.

Thanks E4E. Stimulates thought and discussion for sure. Sorry I posted a comment about it after the discussion was said to be over. Maybe I should have e-mailed this.

Mary Ellen said...

I like the concept, but I'm feeling so burned out of blogging and politics that I'm ready to throw in the towel.

I think I would like to see the whole thing up and running before I get involved with it, as spadoman has said. I have to get over this feeling of burnout before I go any further.

Gryphen said...

Just the fact that there are so many different takes on this concept demonstrates our superiority over the concrete thinking of the right wing warmongers.

The problem in the past is that this has caused liberal minded people to focus on their differences instead of their similarities.

Look I am not a joiner usually either. In fact I did not become a Democrat until this last election cycle, and if they irritate me I will quit in a heartbeat.

But this is different, in that we may all be able to enrich the ideas of our fellow bloggers. We are not all in lock step, good. We are individuals, even better. But we all want a change in our country, and that is the most important.

So instead of sitting around waiting for our hero to come and rescue us from the evil Bush regime, we decide to do something.

I mean really, why can't we be the heroes of this disaster movie?

If we remain civil with each other, and continue to move the debate forward until we have as much of a unified plan as possible, it may be finally be possible for us to stop being reactive, and to start being proactive.

Okay now I have to go and teach little kids not to eat the crayons. I will check back in later.


Larry said...

You already know my feelings on this Enigma.

Daniel said...

Hey, Enigma, it's not easy trying to get bloggers united, is it?

I found the same thing with my little project though those who have commented here have been a little more honest than folk were to me.

Problem is that individual bloggers have no real power yet, in the main, they resist uniting. Ironic, isn't it?

Take care.

Jamie said...

It sounds like a great idea. I would have to start a second blog to separate my newsy posts from my other subjects posts, but other than that it sounds great.

got democracy? said...

#1- Got Democracy? has a blog, referenced here as Ramblings.

#2 If you Google *comparison of Bush & Hitler* you will find 87 pages of discussion on the topic.
87 pages!

When the poster "time" asks Where are the concentration camps? Where are the murdered citizens? I have to pause and think perhaps the "lefties" reference, and asking those questions is nothing more than a bait for an arguement?

I will say 1 million Iraqis are dead.
3800 US soldiers are dead.
122 soldiers died of *self inflicted wounds* (suicide). For me the comparison is glaringly obvious, and the numbers speak for themselves.

But really the topic of this comment segment is about a coalition of bloggers.

I hear that the poster, time has expressed a desire to not have uncensored thoughts, and that is time's right to not participate in said concept of the floated idea of a blogger coalition.

Have I answered this post with honesty, truth and respect?

That is my intent.

enigma4ever said...

Okay first off My apologies to anyone that thought I was cutting off discussion, I was not- I just went to bed and then today I ended up working many hours and did not get back in time ....but I in no way meant I was cutting off discussion- I just meant for the first day of having a discussion this went well....

Esp. to Spado- it is going to take time to form a Coalition, an an Alliance, and yes, it will be run like a Non- profit, and it will have A few people that will take care of those details and fundraising aspects....and yes, the only qualification will be that people write blogs ( although I am thinking of opening it to people that also read blogs- but that will need to be sorted).This opening session was to gather ideas , or see if anyone else had thought about forming a coalition.

Press passes will be important later on, as the Repugs find ways to block Progressives from meetings and Speeches ( and they will). By setting ourselves up as a Media/Journalism Org. (Entity) we give ourselves power , but also First Amendment Protections as well....

But like any nonprofit- we try to set ourselves up and organize , and only some folks do all the tedious detail work- not everyone has to do it...

Finally TIME:
I don't know you, but you are once again here and off subject and trying to be argumentative, please go to other blogs, but you are creating confusion and problems and you have an attitude that is "trollish", and if you come again I will have to delete you , you are not welcome here. I don't appreciate your lack of facts and your negative hurtful comments, it is like coming home and finding FOX on my TV- I change the channel.Please find yourself some right wing blogs to enjoy youself. But move along- I don't have time to babysit you and your agenda.

Daniel: I did appreciate your Utopian Idea, the problem is that like gryphen said- we are trying desperately to save our country...and that is first on my to do list....( but yes, You know how I feel about your Utopia idea).....

Jamie: I will let you know more as we gather ideas...is that okay.

Larry: thanks...I know;-)

Mary E: no worries, I don't want to do anything to burn you out...it is only to make things easier- no work and no money , those are the 2 main things.

Gryphen : thank you for what you wrote..you totally grasp what this is about...

Please Everyone read what Gryphen wrote - he is totally explaining WHAT is behind this concept...it is about trying to give us, even the little bloggers some much needed power....and unity....thank you ...

If you want more info please do email me enigma4ever@earthlink.net....

enigma4ever said...

Got Democracy: please do not engage in arguing with TIME anymore- I am trying very hard to have a discussion about a Unity concept- and he is acting very trollish- so please do not engage with his desire for an arguement..thanks...

Newsguy said...

I wonder how a Blogger Union or Alliance would be organized.

Some questions: Why would it be organized? What would be the purpose of organizing a Union or Alliance. I think enigma mentioned at one time that maybe we could qualify for a break on health insurance. Is that really possible? Who knows if that is possible? Or not. Who would do the organizing? How would the process of organizing work? How would the organization work? Would there be a constitution? Bylaws? Would there be a governing body of some sort? A CEO? A Board of Directors? Would we pay dues? How would members of this Alliance or Union benefit from belonging? What would be the criteria for belonging to the Group? What would the Alliance do that MoveOn doesn't do? Would this Alliance be a kind of Ring like I have seen sometimes for regional groups or same-interest groups?

I ask these questions because the organization of such a body is truly beyond my understanding. I have a vision of a kind of Founding Fathers thing in a Hall in Philadelphia. They are all wearing wigs and knee britches and ruffled shirts. Some of them are sitting at a table writing wtih feathers on parchment. How on earth did these guys ever think up an entire Country?

It is beyond me how a relatively simple thing such as a Blogger Union would get off the ground. And we don't even have to ride to Philadelphia in a stagecoach through the mud.

It is going to take a brain more adept at this sort of thing than mine to craft a Blogger's Union out of ones and zeroes and high speed phone lines.

enigma4ever said...

Thank you Newsguy for bringing up many pretinent issues related to this Concept- and I think that if a small group of us organize and work together we can set up a organization that would address all of these issues..and ideas.

Most people will be able to join and it will be free and there will be minimal work required....if any , other than sending their name and blog name in once a year....but I think if we set it up with ideas that are mostly centered on a basic non profit- then it should work out fine...but as more and more join, the numbers of small bloggers should be able to create a powerful entitiy...with 1st Amendment Protections.....

ADD: if any want to leave comments here about starting an organization for Unity - that is fine..I will check back...

BUT: I also need to say that I have run the Enigma Cafe here for over 2 years, I basicaly treat it like a coffee shop, as a place to sip coffee, talk to each other...it is about Respect and Compassion. If someone comes here and trys to dominate the conversation , pick fights, or hurt people, I will as the lady who runs this cafe , sweep such comments right out the door, and that is MY right, as it is indeed MY blog and I have worked VERY hard to not have trolls here...and it is something that I also have Promised MY regular Readers and Commenters....It is not about "censorship", it is MY goal of MY blog that people feel respected and cared for....thanks for understanding.

enigma4ever said...

I should add, that as part of treating this Blog as a Community- that I view folks that hang out here on a regular basis as part of that community and as friends......It is a Community that I value, and I think the folks that come here value as well, it is a Respite away from the Hate Mongering that we as liberals see everyday.....thank you for letting me explain that ...

Newsguy said...

The Burma situation is getting way out of control. I fear that we will see a repeat of 1988 when the army fired into the crowds and killed tens of thousands of protesters. I fear that they will not hesitate to do it again. After all, what was the downside for the military dictatorship then? What was the downside for China of Tienanmen Square?

enigma4ever said...

Newsguy: hmm someone else is up late too...I think that sadly it is already bad...100s of monks are missing, there were midnight raids...and the temples and monastaries were raided, it is feared that 100s are dead....

the downside of Tienanmen Square?
you don't want to be to answer that here....I could go on for days...

Gryphen said...

Okay let me take a stab at this coalition idea.

Let me preface this by saying this is just a seed that I expect others to either help fertilize and improve, or to plant their own seed next to it making a lovely garden of ideas.

We can leave the delightful Enigma in charge of weeding it for the time being.

When I started my blog I looked around for like minded people, and stumbled across the “Big Brass Blog”, which is where Enigma and my paths crossed. It was nice to find people who had ideas that were similar to, but not exactly like, mine. That was my first introduction to the community of bloggers.

So when I imagine what we are thinking of doing I am kind of using BBB as the template. Of course that could change.

Now I think the real strength of our effort may be in the ability to increase the number of people that we reach. I am not suggesting that we do this to increase the traffic to any of our sites. What I am suggesting is that we introduce a news article or opinion into the group, which others may feel deserves to be disseminated out all over the internet or corrected by somebody with more information or a different take.

See, I think that the honest exchange of ideas could be the way to tap into the vast array of experience and skills that many of you possess.

You could still blog about anything you wanted on your own blog, without feeling that it had to match the theme of our unified effort. If you want to blog about your cat one day, or the weather in your area, or just post some beautiful music, do it. But when you discover an injustice, or news story that you feel deserves to be promoted, you can submit it to the group, who can then choose to link to your site or post their own version of it.

See we won’t be worried about stealing each others traffic because we will be focused on IDEAS. I really believe that an increase in traffic will be the natural side effect of our efforts. But that should not be the focus.

So the comments section of our group blog will be very important. On many of the larger blogs you see a lot of input that does nothing but distract from the point of the post. 700 people who post “first” or “Howard Stern was here” do not help to inform visitors or shape the story. Huffington Post has received some criticism for editing comments but I think it is a good idea. We would not edit out differences of opinion, because that would defeat the purpose of the group discussion. But if you want to pick a fight, I have a list of Right Wing Blogs that would welcome you with open arms.

Even Enigma and I disagreed about the “Don’t taze me Bro” story. We were totally on opposite sides of that story. But we e-mailed each other and explained our point of view to the other and worked it out. That is the kind of respectful exchange that I personally am looking for.

In other words, help make me a better writer, and I will try to do the same for you.

Okay I am going to shut up now. Your turn.

Mary said...

Late to the discussion. I'm interested.

enigma4ever said...

Up above I explained MY RULES ON MY BLOG: THIS BLOG WHERE I HAVE WRITTEN FOR OVER 2 YEARS .THAT IS ALL I WAS SAYING....down the road if the coalition has a blog it will have it's own rules and own moderators....but I can say since Watergate Summer is my blog. That if anyone comes DURING THE NIGHT AND LEAVES RUDE COMMENTS yes, I will delete them.

He called me the following in the DELETED COMMENTS .
(1) A LIAR
(3)called me "Eva Braun"
(4) said I lacked"character".
(5) That I am not "democratic".

THAT is why he was deleted, and I will keep deleting him if comes here to Personally Attack ME or another. I presonally don't believe in attacking people, what they write or or their ideals.

I don't have time to babysit some Right Wing Troll or be called names on my own blog. That is not right, and I have every right here on my blog to ask Someone to leave. So TIME what you did during the night was Unacceptable, and sadly I ask that you LEAVE or know that from now on I will delete you. You are welcome to go back to your own blog and do what you wish, but here on Watergate Summer, I take care of what I write and the regulars that have come for here for 2 years. I am sorry for the people that come here that you have to listen to all of this, it is not right.

enigma4ever said...

TIME: you came here during the night and called me names and personally attacked me. You can now leave. I don't want to discuss anything with you at this point, Today I wrote about what you did, I never met you before this post, and I have no idea what you problem is. But I do know I asked you to leave because you attacked me- and as watergate Summer is my blog, and you were very rude to me- I have that right. So I again am asking you to leave.

WHAT I am censoring is Personal Attacks, and abuse by someone that I do not even know.

You can not come here during the night and in the dark , like a True Coward and call me a "Eva Braun", "Liar", " Lack Character" etc etc. I think you have problems, and that insulting a Total Stranger somehow empowers you. I worry about people that like hurting other people.

You have been asked to leave, please know that you will be deleted for hurting the proprietress of the blog- and for being rude. As a woman I don't have to put up with such behavior, and neither do the people that come here.

You are being shown the door for what you did while people were sleeping. Name calling and attacking someone is Never allowed here on Watergate Summer, my blog.

Shame on you for coming here and hurting a perfect stranger, and acting as a Bully.

enigma4ever said...

TIME: I have censored NO ideas here, you came here during the night the past two nights, and attacked me personally- that is not "ideas" , that is someone that I don't know acting like a bully, and throwing mud in the middle of the night, at a perfect stranger's house....I have not disagreed with anyone I was leaving an issue on the table for people to talk....but that does not give a perfect stranger the right to sneak here at night and say that I "lack character", " don't speak the truth" or that I am "Eva Braun"......Maybe you like attacking women in the middle of the night, maybe it makes you feel strong, or maybe you just think attacking someone and calling it something politcally correct makes you "cool", I don't need the headgames, the strife, or the pain of being attacked.....so I wrote my Saturday Post...because I have not a clue WHO you are - or what your problem is..and yes, you will be deleted from now on, not becuase of "ideals", but because you attacked me on my own blog....( and yes, no one saw what you did, because I deleted it...but it was because you attacked me- a person....)

I am done dear readers, you will not see TIME here anymore.

Anok said...

Enigma - I like the idea of a unified blog-ger thingy. But how would it work? I blog as a hobby, not so much as anything in the way of a profession. But I would love a press pass to events! Man oh man! What I do think we, as bloggers need to do is constantly support each other and make sure that good to read blogs are getting into the public eye. I see this happening on blogs like yours, and group blogs like firedoglake and dailykos.

Since the mainstream media is in total denial about every major and important topic relevant to our daily lives, it is up to bloggers to bring truth, ideas, and open discussions to the public eye. Organized or not, we can still attain our goals if we stick together! Oh, and I'm sorry someone was leaving you nasty grams on your own blog. Not cool in my book.

Don't forget, Oct. 17th is shut it down day, and Oct 22nd is protest police brutality day! And Oct. is breast cancer and domestic violence awareness month. Stay busy!!

Anon-Paranoid said...

Well its obvious that we have a Reich Wing Republican Fascist Nazi named Time.

Go back too your RFN friends and tell them that True Americans Who Love Their Country and Constitution will not let you Fascists Destroy it.

Go back and lick your Fuhrer Adolph Bush's boots lackey.

Sorry enigma...
If the good German People had spoken up Nazi Germany would never have survived.

The Nazi's discriminated against Gypsies, Blacks and Jews. Today the new RFN's discriminate against Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims aided and abetted by those of Jewish Heritage who felt it better to side with the Christian Fascist Republican Nazi's than remember what the Nazi's did too them in Germany.

Let Time go back to his Reich Wing friends where they love to destroy countries and peoples rights.

God Bless you enigma and all who believe in our Constitution.

And to Time I pray our Lord calls him before Him sooner rather than later.

enigma4ever said...

AnonP and ANOK, thank you for your thougths and your support...I am doing my best to rid this blog of the Venomous creature, I am so sorry....because it is unfair to have this happen ...to the readers too....thank you for understanding..I delete him now as soon as I see him...apparently he is going elsewhere to do it as well ( people emailed me).

I know that as a single mom, a buddhist, a nurse...that makes me a Target under This Evil Regime...I have always know that to be true....

I think OUR Country is worth fighting for and OUR Constitution is worth fighting for....


Anok said...

Oh boy Enigma, could you imagine what Time would do on my blog? Yikes...it would be Anarchy LOL! Sorry, I'm feeling a bit punchy tonight. Perhaps I shouldn't be sitting at a coffee cafe as it seems I've already had enough caffeine.

Anon, I like the way you think.

enigma4ever said...

thanks anok..I would not wish this on anyone...I do appreciate your sense of humor and good spirits...and I am a firm believe that a good cup of coffee can help any situation....

enigma4ever said...

1:49 am
ALL Death threats are taken very seriously and reported to appropriate authorities.

Time said...
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Time said...
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enigma4ever said...

To all who come here, we all can see WHO has been leaving inappropriate messeges over and over ( 36 to be exact) and that includes death threats and wishes. We all can see and we all know. Including the Authorities.

I have deleted all but two.

Time said...
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Sewmouse said...

The concept interests me, however, I do have some concerns.

Firedoglake was brought up as an example of many people collaborating to a similar goal.

I've posted some comments there. I am not a typical lock-step liberal - I don't agree with several of the "Liberal" agenda points, although I agree with more than I disagree, I suppose.

At one point, I asked a question there - a legitimate question, wondering why the group was vehemently opposed to a specific issue that seemed (at face value) rather an inoccuous thing.

For my inquiry, I was greeted with accusations of being a "Troll" and being a "Concern Troll".

I have made the decision to NEVER comment there again - and will stay away from anywhere that has that same "GeorgeBushian Yes-Man Or Else" mentality.

This is what I fear from a coalition of this type. While "TIME" has obviously passed over the line from being a person who disagrees with your concept to being someone deliberately abusive - what if someone else were to want to join the group, but did not toe the "party" line? Would they get the same in return?

If someone seriously wants to see an end to the conflicts in the Middle East, but also does not support Abortion, or the Death Penalty - would this cause them to be ostracized by the main thrust of the group?

I'd hate to see something like this become another "Yes-Men Of The Left" as the comments at Firedoglake have become.

enigma4ever said...

At this point it is still in incubation phase, ideas and thoughts and people are being consulted to learn more...and plan ahead...it is not off the table, but due to obstruction and threats it is being examined in another light...and with great care...it has not been abandoned, but as I still cope with malicious emails and hate mail we will still try to find a way that the Unity idea gets carried forth. thank you for your thoughts.