Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Courage Within....

"Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere." MLK
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There comes a time when it is easy to feel small , futile, overwhelmed by a situation. We are at such a place, where it would be easy to feel Small ; daily we are witnessing more Injustice and more erosion of Rights.Our Youth are Our Greatest Resource as a Country, we need to Value their Voices, their Questions and Their Expression.Heavy Handed Injustice is throwing Who we are as a Nation into turmoil.It is up to us to share the words of Martin Luther King and Ghandi and Mandella and for all us to set foot on this Path For Change.We are at a Critical Moment of Our History, but It is Not Too Late.

We can not move this Country forward, Our Country, if we teach our Youth that Oppression and Submission are the Rule of Law. It is in Our Hands to reclaim what is left of Our Tattered Country and Our Tattered Constitution.We can not End this War or This Criminal Regime if we do not find Our Way Together.It means Listening with Care and Wisdom. It means listening with Hearts and Minds Open, not waiting in Judgement to pass easy answers upon a bad situation. It means Remembering We The People, E Pluribus Unum , must teach Our Greatest Resource, Our Young, that Freedom of Speech is Part of the Laws, The Constitution, that once held us Together as a Country.

And yes we are at Time when we need to Embrace Our Constitution, and be able to Say it's Words Loud and Clear. And we are at a time where we need to carry Cameras to Document this time in History and send and post the photos to Speak the Truth and Show it as it is.Cameras can remind Enforcers that The Whole World Is Watching.

Be Brave. Be Strong. The Power to Bring The Change is With in You.
"Faith is taking the First Step even when you don't see the whole staircase." MLK


Coffee Messiah said...

Nice visual and find! ; )

Coffee Messiah said...

Gulp, sorry, although at the time, the photo said it all!

I find it quite sad there is so much silence out there, as this country continues to slide in a downward spiral. I deleted all of last yrs posts, 'cause what I shared, so did everyone else. And it's been depressing, wherever you go, consumption, SUVs, mass amounts of garbage, etc, etc.

There are so many of us in our everyday lives, especially as we get older, attempting to change our world with our every day actions within our communities. That's how it should be. And that's where our actions will show.

Although, at least in this part of the world, you'd never know it.

Anyway, always nice to read what you have to say! Cheers! ; )

Spadoman said...

We must keep on creating peace in our own lives and with everyone we encounter along the way. That is the only way. The circle starts out small and grows slowly. Namaste.

enigma4ever said...

CM and Spado..
Thank you for coming by....I just think the day after witnessing such a traumatic injustice, piled on plenty that happened these past few weeks/monthes....any of us could be losing Hope..and yes, you are right the Peace starts at Home...always....

proudprogressive said...

I love Martin, i love Malcolm, social and ecconomic justice and seeing the big picture is what its all about. Capitalism run amok. There is another way. Oil is not worth blood, we could have a new deal - job creation here, in manufacturing for sustainable living. We have the technologies. Our constitution was written on Industrial Hemp.

We need to build the Green Party - today i am feeling so Green and its not easy. But we can be that change we want to see. That last MLK quote fits aptly for me as a metaphor for asking people to look at the Green Party's values and platform and see if that does no embody what you would like to see and be ...yes the party is barely built. Needs a major infusion of great organizers and passionate people.BUT its here, we have one, and ignore it, why ? and lets stop.

Did i just say all that out loud ?

an average patriot said...

We will never give in. We owe it to our kids and Grandchildren. With that said, I will say that song and video was beautiful and your post well put. My reply is beter said in silence as you know how I feel!

Daniel said...

Hey, Enigma, why don't you tell folk about our World Utopia Movement, give them hope for the future, restore their belief in people power and that things can be changed?

Three hundred million Americans can't be controlled and manipulated by a few hundred thousand forever.


Larry said...

"I am only one, but I am still one; I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do".

Edward Everett Hale

JollyRoger said...

The Goppers in the Senate certainly showed us all today what THEY think of the Constitution.

Fscking traitors, the lot of them.

Anon-Paranoid said...

I try everyday to explain what is happening here to those I work with. They just don't believe that it can happen here.

They don't believe that the people will stand up to stop it.

How can one explain that after the private army, paid for with American Tax Payers Dollars, will shoot Americans that the people won't cower like sheep and give in.

Yes its true, that's what will happen. After the first one or two hundred Americans are slaughtered the rest will silently submit to the Dictatorship Regime without a whimper.

The American Resistance needs to be formed now and prepare for the day when they will be needed to fight back against the Republican Fascist Nazi's and some Democratic Enablers.

Remember for the longest time Rome was able to enslave hundreds of thousands of people before a revolt took place and freed them.

Anyway, I'm done ranting. Its been a long day and its time for me to get some rest as tomorrow is another day.

God Bless.

JollyRoger said...

anon, I doubt it. They're going to have to go into neighborhoods where people ALREADY blast each other daily. Those people aren't going to be cowed.

enigma4ever said...

Jolly: I agree with you I think people are plenty pissed off...and there are certainly well armed people here, no doubt about it... I also think that people are fed up....all over...

ANOnyP: I am sorry that this is just so frustating and exhausting- I hear you , I do.... But we have to not give up on each other..we are all we have, we have to believe in Something..I believe in people like you...

Jolly again: Yes, indeed it was a very very bad day in DC..and we were let down AGAIN...and yes indeed your description is right...

Larry: that is a really really good quote..

Daniel: yup I am blogging about the Utopian Movement on friday...I agree....

Proud P: I know that what you say is true- and yes, you did say it all out aloud...

Please Folks don 't lose hope or faith...we still have a long way to go...we need to get through this somehow...together...

shrimplate said...

"Slow and steady wins the race."

LET'S TALK said...

Hi Enigma, things seems strange for me right now and there is little time to catch up on what needs to be done in my little small life here in my little world.
I have a 15 year old son that I am trying to raise on my own and a Mother with the first stages of Dementia whom I am not taking care of, well I guess at this point, she is able to take care of her self, even though I see signs and really go through changes about certain matters. Well that's another story.

I cannot concern myself with Blackwater USA at this point because I'm still thinking that the major players in the game of security are concentrating in Iraq and overseas in general.

Even though we have seen their presents during Katrina, they are invested over seas at this point.

I'm concerned about my son, who in three more years might be involved in a war that means nothing to him at this point in his life, and a Mother that might depend more on medical care.

Let me stop ranting and making no sense at this point.

enigma4ever said...

Let's talk ( Please email me off line when you have time I too have a teenage son, and I worry about all of this every single day...I hear you...I am so sorry about your mom, I hope that you have help down the road to help care for her....and about Blackwater, I think it would be easy to say that they don't matter, AND the media does not want us to be concerned with all...and the Govt wants us NOT to ask Questions, but Here is the Rub:
Blackwater does NOT just have FORIEGN AND IRAQ contracts....they have CONTRACTS HERE - WITH HOMELAND SECURITY AND FEMA. this is sadly very very important...and we need to ask questions and expose them NOW....before it is too late. Blackwater conducted themselves in a very interesting manner in could happen ANYWHERE that they get called in...or even at some of the Places they work college campuses and as "security "for special events...but do not be fooled- THEY ARE USED BY THE GOVERNMENT HERE ON OUR SOIL PAID BY OUR MONEY , OUR TAXES...when you have a chance, at all read the Huff post articels on them...and also read the blog America Weeps about the Camps. We MUST get the Bush Regime OUT of office and we must Impeach and Indict for Crimes.please know that I am saying that the more each of us KNOWS the better....I like you, do not know what I am going to do .....I am trying to stay and fight for what is left of this tattered country- but I am worried more everyday....believe me...

enigma4ever said...

Shrimplate: I hear you....but sadly in many ways - we don't have time for Slow and Steady.... we are running out of Time- we need to get strong and brave NOW....

the walking man said...

Yes the majority population can be controlled by the minority population forever...unless someone is willing to stand against the tide of conformity. To speak out against the rule of law (not the rule of civil order) wielded by people whose only agenda is themselves.
Martin is dead
Malcolm is dead
Kennedy R. is dead
Ghandi is dead
Kennedy J. is dead

Who is left that stands against the tide of corruption of youth?
Madison avenue which reaches around the world as a propaganda tool for the hegemony that rules the world is alive and running wild amongst us.

You, you must first free yourself from fear of every nature and then teach your neighbor to do the same and at the that time the root of the Banyan tree will begin to heal itself. One cell at a time, freedom must come from the molecular level or not at all.

This is the precipice we noe stand on.



PS enigma I left you a response at Josies about my smoking.

got democracy? said...

2 Things:
* Not to play Devil's advocate-- but how do we
" teach Our Greatest Resource, Our Young, that Freedom of Speech is Part of the Laws, The Constitution, that once held us Together as a Country. " When we have things like the *Bong hit 4 Jesus* case going all the way to the Supreme Court, and ruled as a crime? It was just a school kid prank really- but it went all the way to the Supreme Court- and we can't get enough votes to Impeach the Exec branch's long list of crimes??

* Kids coming of draft age. We had a soldier who had been recruited & enlisted (promise of college money) during peace time. He was working as a mechanic. When it became war time, they pulled the mechanics off the line & began handing them AK 47 automatic rifles to practice shooting at human shaped targets. He filed for CO Conscientious Objector status, and under military rules, had the right to refuse to take up arms, while the request was pending. He actually was in the line where they were handing out the guns & when it was his turn, said Sir No Sir. Can you imagine the jaws dropped and the echo of that response through the ranks? Talk about courage!
I think it took more than a year for his request to be processed, but my point is, if our children were drafted against their will, and refused to take up arms- they would be doubly no good to the military. Not a part of the brainwashed unit, not assault ready, and a major danger of giving other soldiers the idea they can choose to do the same.
Sure they could throw you in military jail, but honestly I'd rather be in jail than in Iraq.
There is nothing from preventing kids from following their own moral compass. And, when I think about it- what if currently deployed soldiers did the same?

LET'S TALK said...

Hi Enigma, I don't have much time right now to blog and comment, as I'm trying as everyone else to get things done at this time of the day.
As you can see, you've touched on a hot poit with this topic and may I add, a most needed conversation to a lot of people at this time.
When my son becomes 18, there's not much that I can say about what he decides to do at that point, I just pray that this war with Iraq is over and America is at peace with itself and the world.
I'll come back to your site a little later and finish my thoughts. I've got to run...enjoy the day and be safe.

enigma4ever said...

Just a miday thought as we come and go during the day....I am very shocked that the JENA march/protests is getting coverage- I have nothing against a Human Rights Issue being covered by the Media..what bothers me is that Media did NOT cover the DC March, of over 100,000 In DC- OUR Capital asking to end the war and bring the troops home....

More later...

Spadoman said...

I'm gonna jump in here again as I read some of what folks are saying. First of all, if more people stand together opposing the war, it would come to a quicker end. 100,000 people gatherng is nothing when the population of the USA is approximately 303 million, that's .001 percent. Not much of a showing.

We're told by the bought and paid for media that 2/3 of all Americans want the war to end. That's 66.6 percent.

So, how do you get more people off their asses and on the phones, in the mail, on e-mail and in the offices of the lawmakers. And for that matter, get those eligible to vote to go and vote?

When the tanks are rolling up YOUR driveway, then it'll be too late. The lawless disregard for our rights of the constitution doesn't seem to affect us on an every day level, so we allow it and do nothing. We keep going to work and to the hair dresser and the movies and keep blogging and using our cell phones and buying indiscriminately, with the proceeds funding the lobbys and the very powers that take these rights away.

We don't take the time to think about every action we take. We shop at wally world and allow our downtowns empty their storefronts. We poison our bodies with corporate food from corporate farms and continue to fill the corporate hoppers.

I can go on and on. I am as guilty as the next person and I even believe I am trying to help. I know my little donations are feeble. Democracy Now would be televised and on the air 24 hours a day, spreading the truth, if they had the budget that faux news has.

Look at your clothes and shoes, the packaged food in your home or apartment, the toiletries in your bathroom, the iron hulk gas burner(s) in your driveway, etc etc etc. See where the stuff comes from. What television stations do you watch? What radio stations do you listen to? Do you buy a daily latte'? See how you are perpetuating this onslaught of power that those in governmant wields upon us.

Talk about a rant. Yes, I'm saying some tough stuff and ranting, but until more people get up and stand up, it's a cakewalk for the other guys.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Work hard for peace. It will cost you your time and money. Are you willing to give up anything material and your hard earned dollars, your precious time? Are you willing to sell your home, give away the money to an organization that fights for our basic human rights and live in a sleeping bag on the white house lawn for weeks on end, risk being an enemy combatant, hungry, and do it in numbers large enough to make a difference?

If not, keep blogging.

The Congressman, David Obey, from my district here in Wisconsin wrote me a letter in response to my questions about why the majority democrats can't get more done. His answer was simple, not enough votes to vote a change, and not enough votes to override the veto when they do change legislation.

Read it at my peace blog. I won't blog whore here. If you want to read what a Congressman says, find it. While your at it, read about Senator Feingold, also of Wisconsin. Back his legislation to end the funding pf the war right now.

Go to Deuddersun's blog and read about some great movies that tell the truth about corporate buying of power and the media. Buy a few thousand of these documantaries and show them in your home to anyone and everyone that might be interested to see the truth.

Do one thing more each day to get your rights back. One thing more each day, each of us, every day. Until you realize it's lost and worht fighting for, it will get worse before it gets better.

Peace to all. Really, I mean that. I can speak here freely now, and I do so to motivate myself. For I am the problem, I am a common American citizen.

enigma4ever said...

spado;;;;you are always welcome to speak here..and you always speak The Truth....I hope everybody reads what you just is better than my post actually...


Robert Rouse said...

E4E, we can solve this.

enigma4ever said...

To everyone here as long as we are Talking and Voicing What is Wrong and What needs to change....then WE are still the Country that we loved...HOW do we save What is left and protect and nurture our families, children and friends and take care of communities and Fight Back this Criminal Regime...that is what we need to figure out....

thank you for all the wonderful insights on this thread....You all are amazing, you give me Hope....