Friday, September 07, 2007

Welcome to America, OR is it 1930's Germany?

*[click the title: PINK:Dear Mr.President]*
Has Anyone else felt this? That we are living in an Environment that resembles 1930's Germany ? Has anyone else felt or seen the Pendulum of Public Emotions that run from outright Apathy ( aka Ostrich Syndrome) to Tormented Rage.Historically we are witnessing the Worst Time In Our History, and We Know It. I see it all around me, the Vacant Eyes, or Tormented Eyes.Next time you stand on a Corner Bustop or at the Grocery Store look a the EYES of those you stand with, and tell me what you see.

It is worse than the 1930's in many ways, there is Labor Unrest, Economic Instability, and Workers and Families have been disenfranchised and blighted.And Civil Rights have been trampled beyond Recognition.When in any of Our Lifetimes, have we heard "Debates" About Torture,Renditioning, No Fly Lists, SPYING on citizens, SPYING On Emails, Letters, Homes, Bank Accounts, Only Demonstrations allowed when the Government says so, People being denied Passports, and Others being Deported. People being cited and arrested for Wearing Impeach Bush Tshirts, People Being Removed from Voting Rosters.Remember this there are 1000's, Hundreds of thousands on LISTS. When in our Lifetime were there ever Lists? And now people that are in DC to organize the IMPEACH BUSH Sept.15th rally were harrassed and arrested this week. ( Go to Crooks&Liars for More on this).

I stood in line at the Grocery Store at dinner time with four people buying large amounts of Very Cheap Liquor last night. There was little eye contact, no jokes, no smiles. There were two other moms with small children buying Pedialyte and Milk, using Food Stamps. Is there NO Way that this should not tug at my heart.47 Million without Health Care and Health Insurance in this Country, Our Country. 9 Million of them Children.And What are the Real Homeless Humbers? What are the real Unemployed and Working Poor Numbers? I want to know. If the Bushco Administration were concerned about Terrorism, they would realize that they have been Fearmongering, Hate Mongering, and Terra Mongering for years now while they Disenfranchise THEIR OWN PEOPLE. And while People, OUR PEOPLE have been starving, losing healthcare, and their Homes and their Jobs they are also LOSING Civil Liberties and Rights. And the Bush Regime tells People to go Shopping......

And the Main Stream Media has abandoned us in so many ways. They do not report what is happening in Main Stream America, and that Level of Propagandizing the News has in many ways harmed the America That was here only 6 years ago.
The Media has forgotten that we are the ONEs that pay their way, we buy the food and soap that is advertized.I think many of us thought that there would be a "Bin Laden Terror" tape that would of course appear before the Sept 15th Impeach Bush Rally or before the Petreaus Report Release Date. These are Desperate Times for the Whitehouse.

When I lived in the Northwest, back in 2000 I met an Old Polish Woman that had Survived the Concentration Camps and WWII., and she said that the "War On The People started in the 1930's". She spoke about how first people lost their coffee shops, and Parks, and Places to MEET and talk.There were no more Public Gatherings, and the Police were Everywhere.And then the Newspapers became controlled. She talked about how Fear was used to ccontrol the People. Then they lost their ability to travel and visit and share news with others. She spoke with her thick accent and her weak Voice about how it Started So Simple, and grew day by day....Her words have haunted me," In the End I did Not Know My Country at all".

This America is not the America that we Knew and Loved before the Bush Regime Stole Power. I want Our America Back.I am tired of feeling like a Refugee in my own Country....We are NOT the Enemy.We should NOT be on Lists, or treated like we are Terrorists. We are WE THE PEOPLE.....Remember That.


Coffee Messiah said...

Those interactions are the Best, aren't they? Memories that are dying off, and people too lazy now a days to read or have any interest in the past or why and how we've become the state that we are in.

Imagine, sitting between a 91 & 92 yr old talking about their past. I did this today, and simply makes life special to be there to listen and take it all in.

Cheers! ; )

LET'S TALK said...

This all started when Reagan came into power. Republicans call a him their God. He really hurt and almost bankrupted this country.

Then we had, Mr. read my lips, come in and make a bad situation worse.

Clinton brought change for the better and this country was on moveing in the right direction, as for as making it goes.

W. got into office cutting taxes for the rich and we know the rest.

We now see homes in foreclosure, seniors not able to pay for both food and drugs, we are in so much trouble but there is billions being spent on Bush's war.

It's as if he is a child, playing with his toy sliders. He shows no feelings for the troops and their families. He extended their stay in a war zone, and think these people can continue fighting forever without RR.

He shows just why he has failed in everything that he has ever done, but his failure in this instance has hurt America, and the people in this country.

So when he goes out and makes his millions, after being the President. We the people will be trying to get over the failure he has left this country and the people in.

Gryphen said...

Excellent post Enigma!

You are talking about the country as it is seen on the ground, kind of like Bush always lies about wanting to get the information from the Generals "on the ground" in Iraq, well you just gave the assessment from "on the ground" in America. And we should be just as, if not more, concerned about that reality.

I mean let's face it when we leave Iraq the problems will affect the Iraqi's more then they will us. But the damage that Bush has done here is going to linger for a very, very long time, and it is a reality that affects us DIRECTLY, us and our children.

And Let's Talk, I also used the toy soldier analogy when referring to little George Bush. He sill seems very much like the little boy wearing his fathers clothes and finding them too big and adult for him to handle.

He treats the soldiers as if they are the toys of a spoiled child who believes that if he breaks or loses them they will simply be replaced.

But we all know that there are no replacements for the children who have lost their parents, or the parents who have lost their children, or the towns who have lost their heroes.

skippy said...

good post, enigma.

D.K. Raed said...

Many of the things you mention being bad today have happened at different times and to different degrees in the past. But of course it is this current gang of outlaws that has combined & compounded the depth of misery to the point of outright total disenfranchisement of all but a hand-picked elite. So it is not just a little, but far far worse today, for all but those few.

Oh, now lists! I remember the blacklists in the 50's & the loyalty oaths. The terramongerasses currently occupying the WH would probably like to update it to are-you-now-or-have-you-ever-been-in-favor-of-peace. For we all know that war today, war tomorrow & war forever is what enables this batshit mindset.

I know what you mean about the EYES. I see that dead vacant look everywhere, unless the subject is some new e-gizmo or TV inanity. Is this the anesthesia of america or more like shell-shock, I wonder. ~~ D.K.

Larry said...

Good post and America is looking more and more like the world of Hitler many years ago.

betmo said...

"Has Anyone else felt this?"


Anon-Paranoid said...

Another good post enigma my sweet rose.

Hitler's Nazi Germany of the 30's has arrived as was apparent during the RFN's debate on the Reich Wing News Channel Faux.

The police state has arose and now we wait for the finial curtain to drop.

War with Iran and Martial Law.

The Democrats are all Nazi Enablers and should all be tried for Treason.

God Bless.siqtlm

Anok said...

I've been feeling it for a while now. You are not alone in this enigma. Not to be cheesy (and quote a movie....badly), but the people should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of the people.

I am so very happy that my husband and I aren't the only ones running saying - "why can't anyone else see whats going on? Hellllooooo?"

Not ot mention the fact that our current economy is setting itself up the way the economy was just prior to the great depression. I guess we never learn.

dada said...

This is how I begin my cheery morning with my second cup of coffee? Reading this most excellent post, enigma?

So, okay, blow off another day, just like the other days in the new America.

And I'm pissed. And I know it's happening, much like your Polish friend who described how it all came down.

Yet, we know it, we see it, we blog it, and continue to watch in engulf us. Yes, the dems are enablers. Our military are enablers. I am, we are enablers! Jesus Christ, we all have cancer and yet we allow it to fester and eat us alive while we watch.

And a couple hundred thousand marching on DC for war's end or impeachment won't stop it. Hell, we couldn't stop it before it started, we sure as hell aren't dealing from a place of strength now.

But if millions of us marched on that capitol laying siege to the offices, the committees, the meeting places with favorite lobbyists, and closing down the freakin' White House until the pols have regained their fear (and maybe a little respect in the process) of the people?

As they arrest and cart off a million of us, another million would take our places at the barricades. In my dreams.

Forty years ago it was, "I have a dream." Today it's, "I have a nightmare." Yes, we all do.

In the meantime, I'll continue to watch this consume me like a cancer, only one for which I take no action against except a blog now and then, a sign hoisted for an hour or two during an occasional demonstration as 1930 Germany repeats itself in 21st Century USA.

So, I guess until they come for me, I'll bitch while trying to take pleasure in the simple things in my life I still have some control over. Like the love of a spouse or devoted dog. Or maybe a Ziploc® Brand, Zip 'n Steam™ Microwave Steam Cooking Bag demonstrating the apex of Homo sapiens evolution. (Never mind that billions globally haven't any food to put in a Ziploc® Brand Zip 'n Steam™ Microwave Steam Cooking Bag, nor drinking water for steam, nor a microwave to put it in and, if they did, they haven't any damn place to plug it. But I digress.

Thanks for this great post, enigma!

got democracy? said...

This is my first time here, visiting your blog (blame/thank Dada for that- linking to you!).
Whenever I fly a U.S. flag these days it is always upside down-- we are a Nation in Distress. Our very foundations have been dismantled.
Oh to have access to the early Bush campaign tapes (before the stolen election). I remember him talking about restoring integrity in the White House! Right from the beginning, the stolen election, through the horiffic illegal occupation & the lies told to get us there, the layers of, well anything BUT integrity have piled high & deep.
It has permeated just about every element of our lives- environment, education, health, ability to maintain our infrastructures, economy, freedoms, the very basics of democracy, the Constitution, and certainly international relations, and reputation....essentially bankrupted.
But my morning started out different- Our local annual raucus parade happened. I watched colorful people marching down the streets with Peace flags, Signs about Impeachment, a "Peace Train" of a coalition of peace groups. They won't just take this criminal crapola/misleadership sitting down. If the government of this country were a burning building, then these people were going to yell fire at the top of their lungs.
We have to scrutinize what we are being told- because we've been told black is white, and we've watch the media be manipulated into essentially, selling a war to us. Black is not white, and we can only guess Bush's surprise visit to Iraq was probably to deliver Petraus the report he will make. No matter what he says, the death toll speaks for itself. Whatever headway that has been made in Iraq, is not sustainable. I cringe when I watch film footage of US soldiers busting down doors- yelling "get down on the ground" to people with a different native language. Maybe they are not compliant because they don't even know what the troops are yelling at them. So they shoot innocents, and women and children, getting an area under control. What Petraus should say- is it was a mistake to come to Iraq, and this has been a tragic error. Much like the entire Bush regime.
But as Molly Ivans cheered us on- she said get out there & bang pots & pans & make a fuss & don't give up.

TomCat said...

When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis.

enigma4ever said... is Saturday Nite..I better get caught up....

Tomcat: Yup...could not be a truer phrase- and Lewis wrote this long before WWII or Bushco....

Got Democracy: I have you over on the Blogroll- Ramblings...great blog..I have visited often ( sometimes lurking;-) I hear you loud and clear...esp about Iraq and the daily Toll...1800 last month alone... Sadly you are right we have watched this mess permeated every aspect of our lives....

Dada: wow..I have a Dream ...I have a Nightmare...that is so accurate...write and blog is not is about having a Voice...and being true to what is Wrong in this Country....Speak Truth to Power....always..

Anok: Welcome...thanks..I am adding you to the soon as I get to it..tomorrow hopefully....and yes, Helllllllooooo people need to wake up and get it....SOOOOOn.....and yes, we don't have time to reschool everyone...But I do think there is time to save what is left- the shreds....499 days to go...

AnonP : you know I am trying very hard to prevent Marshall law, and any more bombing of anyone....I beleive that we still can save this country..somehow...what is left of it....Bless you too hon...

Betmo: I know you too have been feeling it...and that we need to work harder to help people recognize it for what it is....Hell.....thanks for your great blogging..

DK; thanks for looking at the eyes and what it means...I hope we can still save what is left...and hopefully keep others from being disenfranchised....

enigma4ever said...

ROUND II ( saturday night- I got so far behind...feeding sick kitty every three hours has been like having a newborn..)

Larry: and yes, sadly I think Hitler would be very proud of Hitler....and downright comfy with all his signing Orders...

Skippy: Well thank you...I am honored to have you here...thank you...

Gryphen: omg that is it Dubya angry child playing with his little soldiers and bullying and bossing the rest of the sandbox- you nailed it....and you talk about the Damage- it is Damage that will be there forever...or a very very long time....

Let's talk: you and Gryphen really nailed it with the Brat true...I can just picture him now...and yes, everything you said is true..and this country is in doubt...

CM: yeah, the conversation with the woman - I was struck at the time- I knew that it would come back and haunt me- I had seemed very prophetic at the time...

Anonymous said...

perhaps all of us aren't history majors...but our government's behavior isn't that surprising
During both episodes of the Red Scare, we violated American civil liberties just as quickly and nobody fought for them back

Furthermore, the American economy has been at low points throughout its history, not just during the Great Depression...
there were economic panics much earlier in American history, one of which leads to one of the major causes for the formation of the KKK...

I don't think your complaints will change with a new president...but what we need is a new philosophy on life
this government stubbornly stands that it is the best ever and will ignore all the little people to show the splendor of the few...

so just remember...its not the president's fault we live like this...its ours
we elected him, knowing full well his policies and even after seeing glimpses of the terror he was bringing in the Patriot Act (which im sure none of you read) still voted for him

what needs to change to protect ourselves is us..