Tuesday, December 15, 2009

HCR Battle today Tuesday as of December 15th,Dr.Dean takes a stand to Kill the Bill...and more

During the day people called their Senator Offices, Reid's office,and the Whitehouse one more time Voicing their concerns.The Fly in the Ointment remains Lieberman, and it continues to be deplorable that one man can have such power over a bill effecting lives over millions. Countdown covered the twists and turns of the Day. Countdown Video of Day Must be seen to appreciate how troubled the Bill is at this point.

Lawrence ODonnell hosted Countdown tonight, he spoke with Dr.Dean and Dr.Dean expressed his concerns about the Events that continue to plague this bill. Dr.Dean brought up some concerns that are valid. ODonnell who worked in DC during the Clinton Years,knows the process well and asks valid questions. Senator Wyden also is interviewed about where he stands on the HCR Bill at this juncture, he remains committed to the Bill and the Process. Dr.Dean at this point admits he no longer supports it, and Why.

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Truthout has more about Joe Lieberman and his absurd power in all of this.
Josh of TPM has more about Reid and his manuvers with Snowe....it ain't pretty.
DailyKos analyzes more of this crippled Bill,and Dean's statements,
ALERT:::MUST read post by Ezzra Klein this early Wed Dec 16th am. He explains what is left in the bill and what is still worth fighting for.
Atlantic Wire has an amazing post about What Liberals have won,lost or gained in the HCR battle, it is a Must read, and has great article round up.


the walking man said...

Sadly I have to agree with Dean. There is no insurance reform and there certainly is nothing there that will reduce the cost of health care. What good is a bill that still allows American citizens to be regarded as nothing more than a profit stream for a few people who do not have the concern of needing insurance, they are well covered.

tom said...

I worship Dean, but he is wrong, ANY bill even the present deeply flawed one is a big move forward, NO bill means the Tea Baggers win, that is unsatisfactory, if we start over we still get the same outcome or WORSE as we have the same cast of congresscritters
go with what we have and fix it IF WE MAINTIAIN our MAJORITIES, for if we loose our MAJORITIES then we loose MUCH MORE...

MandT said...

Great job posting on this mess of a health bill!