Monday, December 14, 2009

PublicOption Dead???About Lieberman and his convoluted role in the HCR battle,

Lieberman has become a turd in the punchbowl of HCR....So do see Keith's take on this 12.14.09 and then there is the Sunday Video of his performance on CBS shredding the Medicare Expansion and PublicOption in one swoop. But then scroll down and there he is ON VIDEO THREE months ago SUPPORTING MEDICARE BUYIN.....As of tonight,yes it appears the Bill has indeed very much been deflated...and yes certain aspects killed.

Do watch the Videos below, and read all three articles- they are consise and thoughprovoking.We need to have facts in hand to hit the next part of this Battle.And after you are educated, I am asking you to call Whitehouse TODAY this AM because President Obama is meeting with DEMS this afternoon and I think he needs to be able to tell them that Americans are OUTRAGED at how this has been handled.AT THIS POINT WITH 47,000 A YEAR DYING WITHOUT CARE IT IS INDEED A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE::: 202-456-1414.

(1)Here is Ezra Klein's Take on the Public Option Demise and please read before you watch the Countdown Interview below.
(2) Many of people on Twitter know Karoli, here is her take, on it, her insights are valuable and she is looking at the Bigger picture of this as a Civil Rights issue.
(3) Article in New Yorker about Obama's Long View, it is worth the read, and gives another angle.

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((This is the link to the PlumLine that explains Lieberman explaining about his support of Medicare BuyIn three months ago this year.

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I will say it again
Joe Lieberman DOUCHE