Friday, June 17, 2011

Then it was Friday ::: The Good, The Bad, And the Downright Ugly

‎"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."~~ Nelson Mandela

FIRST THE GOOD...... Keith Olbermann returns to the Airwaves with COUNTDOWN this MONDAY, 3 days from now on CURRENT. If you are unsure of HOW to get CURRENT do go to their Link and type in your Zip Code. Let's get his ratings through the Roof. Many wonderful folks are on board and part of his New Show. ( David Shuster,John Dean, Donald Southerland,Matt Taibbi, Jeremy Scahill, Ken Burns and so many others....) Won't it be wonderful to have a dose of Real Journalism again ?
News and Blog Round Up.....
(1) The Reid Report is a great blog, if you haven't read it ,you are missing out. Here is the latest about the Teabagger Camp for Children in Florida that will be indoctrinating poor little souls this summer.... training little Brownshirts how to hate and do it in the name or guise of Christianity.

This stunning photo from the Vancouver Riots this week really had the Internet buzzing, was it staged by some Film students in Vancouver ? WHO was it ? Ok, the Truth has come out that it was a real photo of real lovers.....( Sometimes we just need a dose of FEEL GOOD.....sorry...but we do.) ( Here's the scoop on the photo from Slate....
Some hard to find good news found via Twitter: Last summer we all watched the Gulf Oil Spill and wondered (worried) about the rescued Oily Birds. Here is an update from the International Bird Rescue about some of the Oiled Birds from the Gulf, their Rehab and relocation to Georgia and their new life, including nesting and baby birds. Here is more on the Pelicans Spotted Nesting along Georgia coast at Little Egg Island Bar
Speaking of the Gulf and NOLA, Harry Shearer is still Investigating the Aftermath of Katrina now SIX years later. He also is a great follow on Twitter @theharryshearer. God Bless him for still tracking and documenting the damage....
And now for more GOOD news: ( Found Via Twitter) This Update from the BBCNews VIDEO: Parkinson's research 'breakthrough' is a Must See....
NOW Before we start the Ugly News....If you missed this you must see it:
On Facebook and Twitter This Video of Marcy Kaptur confronting the GOP's Heartless Budget Plans is amazing....and a Must See...

For Some of the Ugly :::AGAIN WHY OHIO SUCKS......(and why my son and I want OUT)
(1) This just in from Mother Jones Ohio Gov. Kasich's state budget would mean cutting 51,000 state JOBS and firing 10,000 Teachers....... Someone really needs to explain to me again what the GOP has against Teachers and Children and why they hate State Employees who do things like Fix Roads, Plow Snow and take care of the State ??
(2) And let;s Add to the Misery here, Let's let Drunks have GUNS !!! I wish I was kidding, but I am not, so here's the Latest Law that Kasich will be signing in Ohio, HuffingtonPost has more about the Law allowing guns in Bars. ( I am shocked that Churches weren't added to this insane bill...but give them time....
(1) I realize that the Repugs want to gut Medicaid and Medicare, but the truth is that both new some restructuring and repair to make sure people actually get the medical care they need. Read this Article from the Boston regarding the Problems of Children being Wait Listed to get the Medicaid Services and Care they need, and once again you will see that our Medical Care in this Country needs more work....

(2) While the MSM was busy reporting on Underwear Photos, they missed this, From Aljezeera on the latest on How bad it really is at Fukushima Nuke Plant in Japan , what really happens when three Meltdowns go under reported...... ( And as one might guess yes, Radiation Screening is still in high demand in Fukushima.....One has to wonder who is monitoring the Health though....

(3) And while I still have your attention on NUCLEAR issues.....This one story has gone Under Reported and is more than a bit worrisome. We saw last spring what happens when a giant Quake and Tsunami come to at Nuke Plant. Now In Nebraska the Missouri Flood Waters are wreaking havoc with 2 Nuclear Power Plants, Death by a 1000 PaperCuts a fine blog has more on this situation and better reporting then I have seen in the News, Any News.

(4) I really hate posting on JOBS...but sadly it must be done. This NPR story about why many Jobless have given up looking also raises questions about whether the true Jobless Numbers are really known. In a truly miserable Job Market where are people supposed to look after months of searching ?

(5) Speaking of Ugly, let's talk Willard ....yes, while Romney tried to pretend to be UnEmployed this week and while the MSM is still peddling his Handsomeness to the masses, let's take a look at the ugly truth, it seems he has lost a plethora of Supporters, that have actually flipped and abandoned their loyalties to him.....Just an interesting tidbit for the any that want to share at the Dad's Day Dinner with Republican relatives....


Fran said...

Wow! You have covered just about ever topic here, girl!
Olbermann's back Yaay! loved his comments re Fruit-of-the-loom gate/Weiner. I clicked nothing & suddenly Keith;s voice came on!

I heart Marcy Kaptur & listening to her speech led me to listen to this other speech by Congressman John Lewis. Who is next?

I love their passion & they are pointing the fingers in the right direction.
A fraction of the big oil bailouts would cover this lifeline WIC food program & Senior needs.
WTH is wrong with these people, throwing the most needy under the bus?

Ohio is going downhill fast! Guns in bars- what genius thought that one up, and notice they won't be passing guns in Medicare & Social services offices, laws anytime soon.

The Japan nuke power plant meltdown story sure went silent. At one point the local agencies were reporting daily radiation updates & suddenly they quit saying nothing to report.
Hmmmm. You don't have catastrophic failures like that & have no follow up news.

It has always been known the reported # of jobless was not accurate because it does not count those who have fallen off the ranks of unemployed (exhausted their benefit-- even w multiple extensions). They just manipulate the numbers. They have to know from tax filing how many people are actually not working.
Or at least now many are living @ poverty level.

Romney is a proven loser. Sure he looks presidential, but that all falls apart after he opens his mouth.

Quite the comprehensive post here!

Enigma4ever said...

thanks that the laptop is fixed that is my mission to report what is under-reported...what matters...a year from now when Japan faces food shortages I want to be able to say that I tried to educate someone on it...

everything that happens around us is a lesson...that we need to share and educate each other ( which you do on your blog too...always have-you do an excellent job...)

Carolyn Moon (Amina) said...

Wonderful and fact filled post.
I'm so glad that Keith is back!

enigma4ever said...

oh me too too