Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The GOP Slash And Bash Budget Plan finds New Ways to Harm Women, Children and the Elderly

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."~~FDR

So it is to be noted that the GOP Clown Posse has continued their reign of stupidity cloaked in Budgetary concerns and Christian Values as they find ways to Slash programs that provide much needed aid to those that are vulnerable. It's important to recognize that their scope is not merely limited to Planned Parenthood, or the Elderly or Hungry Women and Children. As they continue their Slash and trash campaign, the Military Funding continues at a record Spending rate, the largest untouched Elephant in the room.

Me I would like to take a GOP hardliner out to lunch and then instead of feeding them make them go remove plates of food from families and children and the elderly and ask them how they feel ?Thanks to CSPAN I watched Virgina Foxx on the House Floor explaining the WIC Cuts and ramble on incoherently about how "Efficiency Matters". I sat there dumbfounded, I wanted to scream HOW Does Starving Women and Children Make Anything More Efficient ???? I am beginning to honestly think the GOP wants to do whatever they can to starve the Middle Class and the Working Class Poor, that they really think that eliminating these people, treat them as Invisible will remove them as a Problem. How do they sleep at night ? How do they call themselves Christian ? Do their constituents realize how Souless and Greedy they really are ? Should there be a Basic Humanity Test when they arrive in DC?

WIC is NOT an " Entitlement Program " as many Rethugs call it, it IS a Federally Funded Programs ( Grants) that is set up specifically to make certain that Women and Children get the prenatal and infant nutrition that is so needed for children under the age of 5. One of the best factsheets explaining the program that is managed State by State, is the California Fact Sheet. It really is time that the GOP lies of deception be fought with facts.

(1) More GOP Thuggery House Repugs Slash WIC ( yeah let's starve women and children-how admirable ?)link is a good read from AmandaTerkel in the Huffington Post. And yet I need to say, I am alarmed also that watching the CSPAN hearings on the WIC Fundings Slash there were no Dems slamming the Podium with Angst for the Women and Children that this will harm.....What few realize that for impoverished families and single moms the summer months are hard enough with no schools providing meals to children over 5, but for poorer moms and pregnant moms there are NO Other Programs that assist with nutrition.

Think Progress Link puts it all in perspective "GOP cuts Food Aid which equals just one day of Bush Tax Cuts". Food Stamps are a record rate ( over 49 million are getting Food Assistance, it is foolish for the GOP to make the working poor, the unemployed and middle class to carry the weight of the Budget cuts...)

(( Putting it all in proper perspective this Truthout Article really tells the story about how many families are lining up at foodbanks.....))

(2) North Carolina becomes the latest State to slash Planned Parenthood. The truly sad thing about The GOP poorly aimed attack is that they don't understand that so many basic Womens Health Care Services are provided by Planned Parenthood, even Prenatal Care and Cancer Screenings and Infection Care. Especially in states with so many working poor and women that are suffering in this economy. Many women in the Southern States depend on Planned Parenthood for Prenatal Care and even assistance getting on WIC. GOP is harming care for generations to come....

(3) And the latest GOP "Budget" Push is now focused on Elder Care and Disabled Care as yet another creative way to save money but harming the most vulnerable. ( This link is about the efforts to slash Elder Care program in California , sadly that is successful and should be copied around the Country, yet it is now on chopping block in California.

( Here in Ohio Gov. Kasich has championed the same cause, he is even taking it a step further by attempting to slash 470 Million from the Budget that provides Skilled Nursing Care to those that need it including the Elderly and the Disabled.) You can read more about Kasich's heartless Skilled Nursing Slashes here at this link. It is just one more reason that his Approval Rating is below 40 %.

{{ Around the Country Assisted Living Care, Elder Day Care, and Elder Care and Skilled Nursing Care Costs are being slashed by Republican Led States, American Health Care Organization is leading advocacy battles in many states , do follow and support their work so that Elderly will not suffer in your state.}}

Photo by Dorthea Lange 1936 Resettlement Photographer....
On Facebook and Twitter This Video of Marcy Kaptur confronting the GOP's Plans is amazing....and a Must See...

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You asked:
Should there be a Basic Humanity Test when they arrive in DC?

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