Monday, June 06, 2011

More June News....

I can only do Short Posts while Laptop is sick, but here are some posts worth sharing from the Weekend... ( I will not be posting on Palin's History problems or The Weiner Breitbart photo smear campaign.....but below are Stories that the MSM is not giving enough coverage....Mini Blog/News Round Up....

(( First for grins BOING BOING has a letter from Paul Revere to Palin that will help your Monday.....also do follow #PalinHistory on Twitter, it will also make you laugh at her antics....which might lesson our embarrassment and shame of her shocking lack of history knowledge.
(1) From the DCCC PETITION: 250,000 Strong Against Ending Medicare! Please do sign and Share and Tweet. The Medicare battle is not over , even if the Media has moved on.....

(2) Here is something else that is going mostly under-reported , CBS's report on Chronic unemployment worse than Great Depression is worth a read and please also do share.

(3) Another battle that is far from over, the Assault on Women's Right To Healthcare and the Planned Parenthood Battle. ( We all realize that Planned Parenthood is in the Right Wing Crosshairs like ACORN was last year.) Amazingly enough the Abortion/ Contraception/Medicaid /Womens Health Care Battle could actually cost Indiana over 4 Billion Dollars.

(4) So IAEA did go to Japan this month and inspect Fukushima and now news of how bad the situation is starting to filter out, sadly it is still mostly under-reported. This Is the CNN report of the Actual MELTDOWN at three of the Reactors. This is what Wolf should have been reporting instead of asking Congressman Weiner hard probing questions about underwear photos . This story is huge and hidden. The story mentions the conditions at three reactors, but does not explain the full ramifications of the Meltdown or the possible condition of the Spent Fuel in Reactor No4. It also does not interview any Health or Nuclear Experts about possible future implications for the People, the land, food, Sea Waters.

(5) The Republicans have found yet another way to punish those they view as wreaking havoc on the economy. Yes, they are now trying to slash Food Assistance Monies for those trying to feed their families and children. One in four, 25% of all children in this Country are lving in Poverty and recieving Food Assistance. 49 Million Americans are on Food Assistance , this is the most ever in our History.
I have to wonder when people say there is Class Warfare in America , if really there is just a War on the Poor ? WIC and Food Stamps keep families and Children from Starving, and yet the GOP tries to paint it as Something harming our Economy....yes, Compassionate Conservatism is indeed now long dead. ( Post about Food Assistance and WIC cuts from Think Progress)

(6) And now read this Mother Jones article about MotherJones The Bush Tax Cuts: Ten Years Later, it really puts the economic plight in better perspective as to where all the money is and who got richer and who is not paying their fair share at all......
"There are two kinds of light - the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures."~ James Thurber


Fran said...

Good topics of important items.

But the one thing about Weinergate that bothers me most is this:

Pelosi was quick to announce a House ethics committee investigation on the issue.

Where the hell was she when Bush 2 had a huge list of Human rights violations?

No investigation for murder & torture, but a congressman in his panties, well!

Otherwise I have been very unhappy with the japan nuke situation, that story just faded away & this is a major meltdown of multiple reactors.
Not OK.

I hope the Bush2 tax cut deal becomes a huge issue for the election.
the GOP (Santorum blathering on about Obama ruining the economy) but the GOP insisting on cuts for the rich & big oil.

They are all high horse moral/responsible now.... but went along for the ride to take us to a $13 billion debt.

Lets hope our collective memory is not that short & people do not buy this newfound fake sudden fiscal conservancy & revised version of facts.

Enigma4ever said...

First off I need to let you all know the laptop officially died so I am at the library on the worlds oldest crappiest dell ...laptop has been sent to try to be repaired. so this is all I have right now.

Fran I share all of your concerns- I only have 10 minutes left that I can use- but yes..all of it is a mess...period...

Ok I Will be back tomorrow.....