Thursday, June 02, 2011

Beautiful Song about Our Immigrant Ancestors...

Dan Fogelberg writes this song about his own family and his ancestors who came to America. The Photo montage of Ellis Island and Immigrant life is touching. I love this song, it really shows and tells the story of all of us....We all have a piece of History in us...a thread that we share...that we came from Somewhere else....I watched this and thought of my relatives from Scotland...and settled in Kentucky and West Virginia , the coal mines and Baltimore, Maryland laying brick......just a century ago they were weaving my future...If only we all took the time to appreciate our Own Histories and each other....and embrace that part of America... this Country ...Our Country would be so much better....
My son really wants to go to Ellis Island...when I ask him what is the first thing you want to do when we get to New York one day...He wants to go and see where it all Started....began..

History Matters, how you tell it, share it and Remember it...honors it...Period. It belongs to all of us...we need to Treasure it.

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