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Awopradio Show for Sunday February 12th, 6:30PM EST


Welcome to the Awopradio Show Blog, The Show is now 6:30PM EST and runs to 9PM EST on Sunday Evenings. It is now on USTREAM and also if you can't join us, you can now listen to the Show on iTunes ( see the Sidebar for the Link). Please also do check out the Sidebar as there are links to the A World of Progress Video Channel ( great place to see some of the fine Music and Interviews, including John Clark, The HoneyCutters, and Lyric). Also there is the Links to the 99 Report and the blogs of Kim G ( The AWOP Publisher @awop or @awopradio ) and @Mommapolitico ( Perry) , as well as my Blog "Watergate Summer". Kim G. is our fearless leader, she is the person who see on the USTREAM screen and is the one who has been working so hard to improve the audio of our show. At 6:30PM she does the Intro to the Show, and then I follow with the #99Report, and then at 7PM we have @Mommapolitico ( Perry) our resident political wonk brings us the goodness of #KitchenTablePolitics. Our First Guest is at 7:30PM EST.

And yes, in light of Valentine's Day the Theme of this Show is LOVE....All Kinds and why it matters.
The 99 Report is now a Show on Fridays at 2PM on BlogTalkRadio, and is an expanded version that has interviews. This week on Friday Feb10th the Show is focused on Breast Cancer and also Womens' Health Stories ( Including WHY Planned Parenthood is Needed, a reminder to KOMEN of Real Women's Stories and Health Issues.) I will also include the LINK here so that people can hear that week's show.

Jordan Capatano is on to share Valentines Cocktail with us. ( She is also the writer of This Girl Walks Into a Bar, which has more cocktails and drinks and goodies. Tonight she joins us to help get ready for Valentines Day, and hopefully has a special cocktail for us... ( You can hear her at approximately 6:45PM).

Inlaws Outlaws Film , DO go to the Website and learn more about this beautiful film...about Love...all Kinds...

Drew Emory is our First Guest at 7:30PM EST (4:30PM Pacific Time) has an extraordinary biography, with a really creative Writing, Producing.Directing Resume. He loves Story telling and crafting works based on Oral Histories. He is on the show to talk about his Film "Inlaws Outlaws", it is an amazing film and timely with so much going on with Marriage Equality across the Country.

Snippet about Inlaws Outlaws::
When Inlaws & Outlaws premiered to sold-out houses at the Seattle International Film Festival, Drew was chosen as a runner-up for Best Director. The film has since gone on to win the Grand Jury Award at the deadCENTER Film Festival, Best Local Film at the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and was chosen Best of Fest at the Palm Springs Film Festival. The final version of the film received it's theatrical premiere at the Seattle Cinerama in 2007 and went on to an extended run at the Uptown Theatre. In 2008, Drew was honored by the Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA), receiving a Special Recognition for Social Change Through the Arts.

From the DVD About Inlaws Outlaws::
from the film’s website to explain what it was about:

"At the top of the film, you meet real people one on one. You don’t know who’s gay or straight or who’s with whom. As their stories unfold and stereotypes fall by the wayside, you won’t care because you’ll be rooting for everybody. With candor, good humor, great music and real heart, “Inlaws & Outlaws” gets past all the rhetoric to embrace what we have in common: We love."

How to Order your own DVD of the Film.
Next Jeni Decker comes on at 8PM EST to talk about her book, "My Life Engulfed in Flames " that explores her life as a mom of two Autistic Sons. Here is the link to buy the book on Amazon. Jeni has been on before to talk about her book and the book " Waiting for Karl Rove" that she wrote with Kat Nove. She is an amazing mom and writer, and bravely sharing her life,humor and insights with us. Truly a book written with much love...


If there is time at approximately 8:30PM EST I will discuss my Book "Silent Fallout" which is really about how when one loves their family, community and home you fight for it....and sometimes you don't win, but the battle must be fought. The Book is an environmental tale that is in some ways like Erin Brockavich, it has lessons about Corporate Crimes, and also how citizens can fight back. Yet it is important to remember that Corporations should be accountable for their Mess, Mistakes, and Damage. The Book was written because I loved my son, my home, and the North West.
And don't forget Lester and Charlie's POLL and do check out their amazing website, so much goodness there....

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