Monday, February 27, 2012

Shooting at Chardon Highschool in Ohio

Photo enlarged of Boy in the Warning Photos from the weekend.

IS this the same boy as the boy in the warning photos ? that is the question ? Also please do see the Photos in the post below.
This photo is TJ Lane from Facebook taken on Feb 16th
Originally reports 12 noon...updated at 4PM

from Huffington Post ( Photos posted to Social Media and Twitter over weekend)

These were photos shared on Channel 19 news at 11am
This morning there was a shooting here in Ohio at a local Highschool. This information is gathered from Twitter and local news that broadcast story most of the morning on the air. Shooting began at approximately 7:30 to 7:45 AM at Chardon Highschool. ( Chardon is a small community approximately 20 miles NE of Cleveland). The High school is part of a complex of Educational building including a Highschool, middle school and elementary school. It is located across the street from a Walmart. Five students were shot, apparently in three separate locations in the school.

The school did immediately go into Lock down after first shots. First Shootings were in Cafeteria. Students did barricade themselves throughout the school after first announcements over the PA, they also began texting and trying to call parents. ( apparently Verizon failed due to too many calls). This is a high school with approximately 1200 students. Per Students that called in to local stations. One Teacher, Mr.Hall did chase the student out of the building. Shooter was armed with Hand gun or guns. ( The concern was that he was still loose in the educational complex). Buses that were still arriving at the schools with students made the decision to turn around and take students home ( before they were unloaded. ) 5 Students were shot in 3 separate locations in the Highschool. Once the shooter left the building apparently he did turn himself into Authorities.

As of 12 Noon it is reported that one of the Students has died from their wounds. 2 students , a male and a female are in serious but stable condition at Hillcrest Hospital and two are still at Metro, no word on their condition. The Deceased student is supposedly a male. ( Students were removed for medical care flown by Lifeflight from Walmart parking lot across the street.)

Most students were removed from the Highschool and taken to the Middle School where parents were brought in to pick them up, in groups of five. The parents were shown waiting outside quietly and orderly. ( Some of the reports on the local news were from phone in interviews from with parents and even some students.)

The Photos above are supposedly from the shooter, allegedly posted on Twitter and on a Social Media site. In one photo he supposedly is wielding a knife and on another photo he clearly is brandishing two handguns. Who took and posted the photos is unclear. And again there are questions about the photos, did People know about these photos. The One photo clearly posts a Warning about a pending/ planned massacre. There are many questions about what was posted on social media

1PM Update:

Daniel Parmentor per Channel 3 news is the young man that has died from gunshot wounds. ( He was supposedly brought to Hillcrest via Ambulance. ) Family issued statement at 1:30PM.

TJ Lane or Thomas Lane ( per Channel 3) is the name of the Shooter or the young man who did turn himself into the Authorities ( Geauga Safety Center), apparently the surrender was without incident. Apparently he turned himself into a relative's home that was close to the school.
(1) BBC reports on the shooting
(updates 10am to 12noon)
(2) MSNBC updates
(3) CNN reports
(4) Newsnet 5 or WEWS updates
Local Channel 19 News
4:30 PM the Local news are reporting more. TJ Lane is the Identified shooter who surrendered to authorities. His Facebook has a haunted post that is down below, a post that really does reveal deep sadness. Yet there are some questions is the Shooter the same as the boy in the Warning Photos that were posted on Twitter. I have enlarged them both to compare.
There was no further follow up of the photos above by local news, although a local FOX station also raised questions about the photos, but there was no further information.
5PM Tuesday....
Over night two more students that were shot did die. I will post about them later.


Fran said...

A 2nd student has died.
Russell King Jr., 17, was flown to Cleveland's MetroHealth Medical Center where he was treated but pronounced brain dead on Monday, NBC News reported.

Sixteen-year-old Daniel Parmertor also died when a teen opened fire inside a high school cafeteria at the start of the classes on Monday.

My heart sank when I heard this story & it gave me that to the core sadness felt when there was a H.S. shooting in the neighboring community.
In that case Kip Kinkel, then age 15, killed both his parents. The next day he went to the school
with 2 pistols and a semi automatic rifle, as well as 1127 rounds of ammo. There he fired 50 rounds, 37 hits and killed 2 students.
He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.
The tragedy gripped the community, and also created a new law- any student found to have a gun would be required to be held in police custody.

In this Ohio case the shooter's parents divorced & he was living w grandparent(s). Law enforcement officials Lane has been described to them as a victim of bullying and an outcast.Lane attended Lake Academy for at-risk students.

There was a big push here, after the tragedy for students to be their own advocates. If another student is talking about threats or plans of violence, to go to authorities, and since then several plots have been foiled.

For a while there, it seemed like a way for a kid to have their moment of fame, as there is so much focus on the shooter. In the Kinkel case, he was sentenced to 111 years in prison w no parole. Although he did not die that day, his life is essentially over as he will live the rest of his life in prison.

So the question is, he had some friends who had to have seen his Facebook page w the troubling images and words. Why did no one say something?
3 people "liked" the post he wrote
"I am death. They shall not mind the mud on my feet if there is blood on your sheet. Now! Feel death, not just mocking you. Not just stalking you but inside of you. Wiggle and writhe. Feel smaller beneath my might. Seizure in the Pestilence that is my scythe. Die, all of you."

He write he wrote it in class one day.
Did he turn it in?
Because this was one dark & twisted preamble to murder.

So sad. His life is probably over too, as having killed 2 people w a gun at age 17, and his FB posts would indicate this was pre-planned he will likely be tried as an adult.

For a while there was a push to keep such crimes off the front page, so as to not encourage sensationalizing a shooter's actions.

Too bad those friends who "liked" what he wrote, did not go to a school counselor, and seek help.

enigma4ever said...

the whole thing is so sad...and yes that FB post is so disturbing...I do wish someone had read it and gone and get help for him...

apparently his parents situation is very bad...and there was /is a restraining order against the dad, for violence...there is much more to this story...

on a local news station they showed a field not far from where he lived where kids would gather for target practice...

I know the news likes to say that this is loner-but I think there are people who did know him...I can't believe that no one did not know his pain

Fran said...

News says he stole the gun from an Uncle. Why do adults leave guns accessible?

So sorry to hear a 3rd student has died from this shooting.
Demetrius Hewlin died Tuesday morning, MetroHealth Medical Center said in a statement.
Russell King Jr., 17, was declared brain dead early Tuesday, according to the Cuyahoga County medical examiner's office.
Student Daniel Parmertor died Monday.

There is talk of trying the shooter as an adult, as he is 1 year away from being an adult.

High school can feel very isolating. If you are different at all & don't fit in with cliques or groups of kids, you can easily feel very removed and outcast. I don;t think schools are well equipped to deal with that. I know some kids really feel like a fish out of water, not belonging. I know lots of students feel much better in the college environment as they can find more diversity, and break away from the cliques that form in schools. The jocks, the cheerleaders, the cool kids (who may be cruel kids!) etc....
if you are not into any of that stuff, you can feel all alone in the world.
INteresting he was in a school for at risk kids, but he slipped through the cracks.

I hope they can take this tragedy and use it as a springboard. His friends who "liked" his disturbing post should have sought help for him . Because even if he was not going to act on his writing, he sure was having deep dark thoughts.

The local shooter here told his friends "something big was going to happen."

Oddly one student later found 2 thick textbooks in his backpack that had a bullet lodged in them. The books saved his life.

His shooting was random too, no particular persons he was after, just a fit of rage.

It will be interesting to see if he played violent video games (Kinkel did, as did the Columbine shooters). In one case, I think it was Paducah KY, locals noticed the family of the shooter taking their younger child to an arcade, playing a shooting game with (fake guns) you hold to play the game. The brother had very recently murdered 3 students in a prayer circle he opened fire on, and the parents had no clue
that this might be a bad idea.

IN WA state an 8 year old girl was shot when a 9 year old classmate brought a gun he found at his Mom's house. The gun was loaded & when he dropped down his backpack the cocked & loaded gun fired his classmate.

Yes this society is out of control w guns.

Or as one Mom put it, if you have a gun, lock it up!