Monday, February 06, 2012

It's Half Time in America.....Clint Eastwood.....

Usually Super Bowl Ads are well cute or sweet....this one is Different....The Right Wingers are spinning off their rockers on this....let them..since they seem to not even notice how hard it has to be able to climb out of the Bush Depression that they and the GOP helped create....

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Fran said...

my older son who is a total car guy had this to say about it-- it's an interesting commercial, considering Chrysler is now owned 80.1% by Fiat/Italy.
In April 2009, Chrysler filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States. The reorganized company would be partially owned by Italian automaker Fiat as well as the United Auto Workers union upon its emergence from bankruptcy.

He was really miffed about the chevy apocalyspe ad, because
#1 GM double dipped TARP bailout $
#2 Ford has been a best selling truck fr 35 years
#3 Ford provides over 60% of ambulance vehicles, nationwide. If they were that unreliable, they would not be used for ambulances.

Too bad, the ad could have been funny w the smoldering Bob's Big Boy burger mascot... but it was unsportsman like conduct to imply "Dave Died" because he drove a Ford.
Then they eat twinkies????

they were not just dissing the competitor, but made a serious accusation.