Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Day after the Shooting.....

It has been sad here in Ohio, yet I know folks all over are watching Chardon and again asking why we have kids killing kids......So so sad.....Hug your kids...tell them they are loved..make sure they know that they can talk to you about anything....let them know that you are grateful that they are in your life...that they are needed....and that even if Times Are Bad....Things will and do get better.....


Fran said...

The teen years & high school can be brutal-- such an emotional & hormonal roller coaster.
I remember there was obvious cliques and if you did not fit in w any of them, you felt disconnected.
This is why things like band and counseling services are needed. Kids need to feel accepted & have a place to express themselves.
Over time the shooter's story will emerge. A series of somethings go wrong.
Profile of school shooter thoughts:
"The researchers found that killers do not 'snap'. They plan. They acquire weapons. These children take a long, considered, public
path toward violence." Princeton's Katherine Newman has found that, far from being "loners", the perpetrators are "joiners" whose
attempts at social integration fail, and that they let their thinking and even their plans be known, sometimes frequently over long
periods of time.
Another reported similarity is that most of the perpetrators had been taking antidepressant drugs, which have a
documented history of producing violence and aggression as a side effect.

Fran said...

I did see this:

Demetrius Hewln, age 16

Demetrius's parents have chosen to donate his organs, eyes and tissue to help save other's lives.

I respect his parents for making this positive choice/action in the midst of this tragedy. It is a noble and loving thing to do.