Monday, February 27, 2012

More Photos coming Shooting in Chardon

4PM Updates :::

Posting on Facebook Page by TJ Lane





Facebook photos emerged once Shooter's name was released on air. The Shooter, TJ Lane was identified on air by two that witnesses. {{HERE SAY Reports by/from students }} >> TJ was living with his grandparents, as there was instablity at home, he was also apparently bullied on the bus ( and perhaps online) and that he just went through a difficult break up during Valentines day. TJ was identified as the Shooter, one of the students interviewed live on air ch 19 and ch 3,was grazed by a bullet, and had mark on ear, he and other students did identify TJ as the shooter.

Concerns have emerged that the "Warning " photos posted on Twitter (see post above) do not match exactly the Facebook photos of TJ Lane, so this is raising new questions.


D.K. Raed said...

oh that long poem on facebook is so awful, so sad and full of rage. the castle is the school. no one saw this coming?

Enigma4ever said...

it is very very really is