Monday, December 08, 2008

December 8th Christmas Music and Art....

So Every Night Through New Years I post a little Christmas Winter Art, Some Music, and a messege....or a goody....Tonight it is Judy Garland singing " Have Yourself a Very Merry Little Christmas" ( from the movie "Meet me in St.Louis"....really beautiful sweet song....)

Now linked to the Title is a Sweet Song sung by 2 Dogs and a Cat, just click the Title.
Your Treat Tonight: Try Making Hot Coco and drinking it through a Peppermint stick ( the hollow Kind) and put Whip Cream on the top....even when money is tight, you can still have coco or even warm up some EggNog and sprinkle with cinnamon......Save all Change for the Salvation Army Bell Ringers....they are really hurting this year...and you can also stop by a Fast Food resturante and buy them a hot meal, or bring them donuts and coffee for under 5 dollars, that is a way of giving too....or give them some fluffy mittens from a Discount Store, the thought alone will warm their hearts....

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