Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Governor of Illinois Arrested for attempting to Sell Obama's Senate Seat.....See Video.

Patrick Fitzegerald gives Press Conference on his arrest and wrongdoings....definitely the strangest most deluded gready manuver I have ever seen....so he was trying to basically sell Obama's Senate seat and "Make a Deal"....pretty horrible....

( More Updates at Huffpost click the title....they have a whole page dedicated to this mess, they are doing a great job....)

More is unraveling about this by the Hour Hiffpost is still covering it by the hour, also there was a Marathon phone call November 10th to people in DC that is key to follow, learn more here and we will see what falls out about it..... ALL Dem Senators have requested he resign....and yet he goes on unscathed...more to come.


enigma4ever said...

date on video is wrong- I think it should be Dec 9th...

Gryphen said...

Oh boy! Patrick Fitzgerald is back! I missed him so.

I think Barack Obama should give him a cabinet post too.

Fran said...

Blagojevich went from hero to zero in a day. Yesterday he was brokering a deal for the Statel to stop using Bank of America in solidarity with the sit in workers, today he is arrested & his career is toast.

It was not just selling out the Senator position, but also trying to renig on a large donation to a Children;s hospital because no kickback was coming....now that is hitting very low. You don't use sick/hospitalized kids as pawns in political games.
He also wanted Tribune writers critical of him fired, for some other money deal.

He once thought of himself as a broker who could wheel and deal - power plays, and now he inadvertantly dealt himself a bad hand.

Just so glad Obama is NOT implicated.