Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday December 9th Christmas Music and More .. BandAid in 1984 " Do They Know it's Christmas"

Okay so keeping up with my Music and Art per day....Here's is today 's pick....A Snow photo and some more music by MANY artists....and a Brain Tease.....Down Below is plenty about the Republic Sit In Chicago, the Arrest of the Govenor of Illinois and Bush's Continuing Delusions and some other Happenings of note....

Okay so Now you can play BandAid Bingo when you Hear this song, or you can also Cheat to get some of the Answers over at Youtube, The Song was all about a Bad thing ( famine) that led to good people trying to raise awareness and money in 1984....Good Luck and let me know your answers in the Comments ...Free Virtual Egg Nog to all who give it a try...Enjoy.
(1) Can you Name ALL Artists ?
(2) Who was the main Producer and Originator of The Song?
(3) What Country were they trying to Aid ?
(4) Who has Been to Rehab Now ?
(5) Who is doing Time Now or been arrested ?
(6) Is there still Starvation In Africa ?
(7) How many Spinoffs Came from this song ?
(8) Who is in AARP now ?
(9) Do you remember the USA Artists Spin off ? Click the Title to hear that one and answer the same Questions....
Are you stumped and damn curious to learn more ?
and do you feel like you want to now doing Something about Hunger...Play FREE RICE


enigma4ever said...

Sarah Palin would say it was to help that country of Africa....LOL....No EggNog for her.

Ingrid said...

hehe..I used to love that song, especially if they played, no..only WHEN they played the whole version including Phil Collin's long drumming part and oh of course "hello, I'm Paul mcCartney I'm Paul mcCartney" or however that went..[g]
so..can I name all of the artists?
1- Duran Duran boy (don't ask the name, i can see him oh, simon le 'bonbon' hehe), Paul McCartney [!], Boy George, Sting, U2's front man, geez, having a blank, oh..Bono (and no, I have not listened to the vid yet, say you're proud of me..thank you!],David Bowie, Mick Jagger..
there must be more but I cannot think of any..

2 main producer; Tell you WHAT, he doesn't like Mondays!! Boomtown Rat boy..what's his name??? Bob Geldoff ha. (this is the equivalent of talking out loud to remind yourself haha)

3 country- Ethiopia [btw..that was the year after I emigrated to Canada so it's pretty well in my memory]

4 who hasn't?? Simon le bon perhaps?? dunno for sure

5 who's doing time..ha..Boy George, no kidnapping escorts ehm..boy!!

6 yes oh YES
7 There is a Canadian one (hey, I ought to know) and of course and American one..there might be more but they were not as 'famous'

8 for sure the Rolling Stones, bob geldoff, david bowie hmmm...anyone else??

ok number 9..no can do. I only have so much time..[s] this was fun though..


enigma4ever said...

you did good- help yourself to some nice yummy eggnog...too funny how hard it is , eh? ( click the link and it has all the goodies on WHO is who etc...I needed alot of memory prodding...I am not sure about the stones..I know some artists had to "phone" it in ....sorry Paul....now Paul Young looks absolutely scrumpoius...soooooo young...wow..I guess we were all young back there...in our 20's....( the HAIR in this video made me laugh my head off last night...omg...so so bad...)

I just keep picturing Alex Trebek saying " Country Aided By Bandaid 1984/1985"...

and Sarah Palin Buzzing in and saying " Africa to 100 Alex"....LOL.....

( that would make a great SNL skit...wouldn't it ????)

Yeah read the Wiki Link and it is amazing the number of people that worked on it- American Wise ??? I think only Kool and the Gang ????

Thom said...

I'm not gonna play the game... I'm in AARP myself! Actually, now that I think of it... is there ANYONE in AARP, since that's the AMERICAN Association of Retired Persons?

I still think it's the best Christmas song ever.

The thing I always liked most about it, in contrast to We Are The World in particular, is that all the Brits just showed up on a Sunday morning looking like they just rolled out of bed or just rolled in from too long a night. Nobody was worried about how they looked on the video. In contrast, the LA event was fashion city!

Gryphen said...

Damn somebody already answered all of the questions! Except number 9, that was the Quincy Jones/Michael Jackson song "We are the World" which was MUCH inferior to this one.

Boy does THAT video take me back!

enigma4ever said...

yup...gulp ...felt sooooo old when I saw it..LOL I think Some of Us and Some of Them are aging better than others...oye....

I was not in any way dissing AARP.....they are a great org...I just find it so odd that 20 Something years slipped away so quickly....I also thought that there were more American Artists involved....I was wrong...it was only Kool and the Gang..? I love this song...I never saw the Actual video until when I first saw it on Youtube, late 2006...I am still stunned how young they all look...wow...It is a beautiful song, you are right they literally threw it together in mere days....it really says alot about them as artists...people like Duran Duran and Phil Collins had huge complicated schedules....It is an amazing really beautiful song- and seeing the video for the first time..wow...

enigma4ever said...

BTW thom about the game...no worries- my son and I were just joking around...( it was actually funny because he did not recognize certain artists- because they looked so young....)