Monday, December 08, 2008

Laid off Workers Stage a Sit In In THEIR REPUBLIC in Chicago...we should all watch and support them.

First 2 Videos:: You decide WHO is at Fault hurting the Workers, Republic or Bank of America ? HUGE Rally planned for Wednesday NOON.....

More in this homemade video, also explains HOW this happened, and what some of the Workers are concerned about watch more here.
In Chicago, the workers at the Republic Company were given the shaft, 3 days Layoff Warning , with NO Rules or Laws followed for these employees that had worked there for many years. They were not given proper layoff warning, severance, pay or healthcare. So they are basically staging a Peaceful Sit-In, please do follow their Efforts that started on December 6th, I will try to update this post with updates.....Click the Title to read more....

The Problem is that Republic Management claims that Bank Of America would not give them funds needed to pay the Employees Pay that they are owed ...So WHO is really at fault ? and WHY are American Workers getting the shaft During ALL of this Bailout Mayhem ?They have yet to even be acknowledged....If I lived in Chi-Town I would take these good folks muffins and coffee, they deserve and need our support....Even Obama came out over the Weekend and gave his support to the Workers.....More To Come...I will update this post through the week...( they are now on Day 4).

From AP:
Laid-off workers at the closed Republic Windows & Doors factory continued to occupy their former workplace Saturday in a quest to get vacation and severance pay owed them.About 250 employees, complaining they received three days' notice that their plant was closing, occupied the factory and warehouse after Republic closed its doors Friday and company officials failed to show up at negotiations brokered by U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez."We're going to stay here until we win justice," said worker Blanca Funes, 55, of Chicago.Union leaders say the company failed to give workers the 60 days' notice required by federal law, and that its bank, Bank of America, barred Republic from paying for the 60-day period or for vacations. The leaders also criticized a Wall Street bailout they say is leaving laborers behind.

"We're doing something we haven't done since the 1930s, so we're trying to make it work," declared Leah Fried, an organizer with the United Electrical Workers.

Bank of America, which received $25 billion from the government's financial bailout package, maintains it isn't responsible for Republic's financial obligations.
Update on the Status of the Republic Workers please read more Here.....they are becoming a Symbol of American Workers across the Country And there is More HERE about Bank Of America's hand in this Sorted Mess.....and how there is Now People Taking note....including the State of Illinois. 300 People are taking a's odd but Bank of America was one of the Companies that got over 29 Billion in the Bailout....I for the life of me do not know WHO that is aiding ? I picture Someone like MrPotter sitting in an Office Hording Money...and snickering at the Plight of the Workers.....We need a George Bailey....
Photo " Worker" by Dorthea Lange from the 1930's, I will continue using her Depression photos as they really do tell the whole story...I have started taking Black and Whites and also cellphone photos use to tell OUR stories....Odd how hard it has been to find photos of the Republic Workers on the Internet...
Maybe Someone Should Show THIS Video to the Bank of America...the Money of the Bailout was not supposed to HOGGED by the Bank Exec's and used for Christmas Bonuses, it was supposed to ease the Strain and to go to Hurting HomeOwners and Workers struggling to make ends meet, and atleast help a Plant pay it 's Workers for time already worked....George Bailey Explains about HOW Banks are meant to work FOR THE PEOPLE....and I guess Bank of America and Hank Paulson have been studying Mr.Potter.....Clue to all who are watching this is the Start of Something Bigger....

I am Denied Access to the Republic Windows & Doors Website, which I don't understand...unless maybe their website is shut down, if someone could let me know that would be great....In the Meantime if you live in Chi-Town and wish to take them some food and coffee or offer support...or if you feel like sending the Management Some Letters about how NOT paying People at Christmas is a is their Address :::::
1333 N Hickory Ave
Chicago, IL 60642
(312) 932-8000


Fran said...

I did a write up about this too-- It gets better-- the Governor of Illinois made an announcement that the State of Illinois will no longer do business with the B of A, they do "hundreds of millions of dollars" of business with the B of A. Suspended until they free up the funds to take care of the legal /contractual obligation with the workers.

How about THAT for some creative negotiating???


Barack Obama gave the sit in workers a positive nod, saying if they are legally owed the $$, the company needs to pay.


When was the last time you heard a president come out publicly in favor of the workers?

I love that they are staging a peaceful protest, tidying up the place, and shoveling snow, while they wait for the resolution.


You asked teh question-- is it the company or B of A at fault-- my answer is this:


The company did not just slip into insolvency overnight. They had to see the cash flow slow down over a long period of time, and have known this was coming. Initially it is their responsibility to fulfill their obligation to the workers-- ie give them the 60 days notice, plan out the severance & vacation pay they are obliged to do.

So for them to push it to the limit- give the 3 days of notice, and walk away, is their responsibility.
If in that same time, the bank cut them off of any cash flow..... the initial fault still lies with the employer. The bank does not oversee the company's individual accounting, only knew the company had reached it;s lending limits with the B of A.

That being said the assets and holding of the company should be used to pay the employers. 60 days notice allows them to save $, take care of pressing medical issues, get things in order.

So teh B of A is somewhat an accomplice in the wrongdoing-- but the money the company needs is not to save the company, it is ust to take care of the workers in the final act.

Would some cash flow help save the business? It sounds like they are already too far gone , sales down & deeply in debt. Part of the problem-- they make windows & doors- new construction is way down, and people don't necessarily have money to do repairs.

But it is hopeful that because they are doing this peaceful action, and the Bush regime is on it;s way out.... it would not be cool to send in troops to bash heads.

Now that the State has stepped in & the future res says they owe the workers the contract severance package.... they will be forced to find a way.


The times they are a changing.

Hey! If the economy is going down anyway, throw some bones to the worker bees. They deserve the most to get the bailout help.
Also in these situations, I always want to know what the CEO types are walking away with.

Did they cash in stocks & holdings & get hefty bonus & salary monies uninterrupted?

I'm guessing they will take less of a hit.

enigma4ever said...

Great Comment Fran...
and yeah you and I are thinking about the same issues....

this is just needs to be watched and supported....but yeah BOTH are to blame and responsible...

This is what happens when you have Criminals at the Helm ( cough the WH)...this kind of Corporate Greed and Gluttony that Bush created and nurtured....and the greed that led to criminal decisions fed this mess ....

We will see what happens next...but Power to the People...the Workers...