Monday, December 08, 2008

Obama having Meeting with Gore about Energy and Climate and Enviroment, ( wouldn't he make a kickass EPA Director ?)

Click title to read more....But I do have Fantasies of Gore as EPA director...sigh....But I do know that he is giving Obama his Input and ideas, and that will help bring the change we need....


Fran said...

Let me join your fantasy!

Gore is ready to roll with great info & not in denial .

We wasted 8 years with an administration denying global warming existed-- as the glaciers melted.

He is already in touch with all the top scientific people who are experts in the field.

enigma4ever said... 2....I know...I am so glad that Obama is building upon the Brain Trust and using ALL the resources and wisdom that is available....

the return of Empowering the Thinker ;-)