Sunday, December 16, 2007

Do It For Dan....get Tested....It could save your life.

Dan died at 56 , of Prostate Cancer, he was found to have in 2004, he fought hard.
He was very active in encouraging more men to learn more, and get tested YEARLY.
He urged men to get the PSA Blood test and the digital exam as well, every year, and if you have a family history,
then start in your 40's. That was his hope, his wish.

His websites are :
  • Dan Fogelberg's Website

  • and also the other site for leaving rememberances and messeges,and condolences,
  • Living Legacy Website
  • ,
    At his website they are setting up a Donation site, and foundation, you can also contact the Prostate Site above and donate in his name.


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