Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday Night Music....12.06.07

*{Click the Title: R.E.M. "Losing My Religion")*
Am I the only one tired of the Religous Hype that is being piled on us daily ??? And I groan because this is the SAME "Value" crapola that we already suffered through for the past 8 years.......

So Willard ( Romney) gave his Big Religion Speech, I am still scraping vomit off my keyboard. Apparently Americans that are not "Believers" are not American, and the Founding Fathers would be ashamed of us ? Really......(So in the past week I have learned thanks to the MSM that Willard strongly Believes that" Liberty was delivered ONLY by God"....and that Pat Robertson thinks that People that do yoga and meditate are Heathens supporting Satan. So I guess I am going to Hell, gee I hope the BBQ is good.....)

And yet the Media humped this speech like a New Victoria Secret Catalog.Comparing it to JFK's speech ( which is beyond delusional hype). Shame on them for forgetting Things That the VETS, Bush Lying about Iran, People dying without Healthcare, Millions Losing their Homes....and on and on.

And the MSM if they really want a Debate Question for the Repug Candidates , here it is" Would Jesus Bomb another Country? Would he Support Torture, Rendition and Detainee Camps ? Would he support Hatemongering? Fearmongering? Warmongering? ".......gee, I guess I really am a be it.



Larry said...

This is all about trying to scrape back the "religious right" voters who basically has abandoned the Repugs, after blindly following Falwell and Robertson to the abiss of a never ending war.

Fran said...

We had a couple of nasty anti gay measures/ campaigns to vote on in Oregon over the last few years.
Someone finally came up with the slogan:


Hello! Happily, the measures were soundly defeated.

It is sick & twisted that the repugs embrace religion, while promoting the warmonger, abuse of humanity lifestyle, or would that be deathstyle?


Thomas said...

LIberty, yes we were founded on that as a principle, we had liberty caps (a red cap) and Liberty poles.
Our concept of liberty was liberty of conscience, the people who founded this country founded this place to obtain liberty FROM established religion, even the freaking pilgrims, English who as dissenters who had already fled England for Holland looking for freedom from the church of England of course THEIR liberty included hanging catholic priests and Quakers...
Odd how liberty is defined differently by the religio nuts, the balance of us are for liberty of the person and of our consciences....
As we all know, Jefferson and MOST of our founding fathers AND mothers were deists...and their experience in England and Europe showed them the PERIL to liberty when liberty of conscience is imperelled by state sponsored religion.....

Cartledge said...

I still think it strange to see money imprinted with 'in God we trust'. Damned if I've seem many money changers who give a rat's arse about God, but there you go.
One of the side issues from our recent elections is the rejection of religion in politics. Both leaders played the religion game, but the hard right wing christian push was soundly rejected.
Maybe in God we trust, or in a refreshingly cynical electorate.

D.K. Raed said...

You are certainly NOT the only one tired of religious hype, Enigma. This fundie revival that grips our nation & destroys rationality is hard to bear. There are days I wonder when the witch trials & inquisition will begin. And as Molly Ivins once wrote, they are all about religiosity, not religion.

Romney (Willard, like the rat-boy? well, no wonder it's Mitt) seems to forget the founding fathers were guided by the principles of The Enlightenment, not trying to reimpose The Dark Ages. Madison wrote that the separation of church & state was to protect religious freedom from interference by the state. He was very afraid of the govt trying to impose a national religion.

I actually feel sorry for Romney that he felt compelled by his party's jesus-thumping snake-handling evangies to convince them that mormons are firmly christian. Too much time & words wasted on this non-issue when we've got REAL issues to deal with.

landsker said...

"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." - Denis Diderot (1713-1784)
That sums it up for me, religion and inherited rule, both are shackles to human life.
Religion is fading in Europe, and it is a good thing.
Some "pockets of resistance" remain, but by and large, most of our schools and institutions are now free of "God people."

Blueberry said...

I am sick of politicians pulling the God card for sure. I even blogged on a related topic today. I am a heathen, an avowed atheist, and lots of people not only wish me death but wouldn't mind killing me... for God.

Gryphen said...

The thing that burns my ass perhaps more then any other issue concerning religion, is the idea that Jesus would support a conservative agenda.

I have made my discomfort with religions well known, but the only part of the bible that I find that mirrors my own views on several topics, are the words attributed to Jesus. He seems like a fair, and giving person. I may not share his belief system but I have little doubt I would have found him a genuine person who cared about his fellow man.

In other words, Jesus is clearly a liberal who would put the needs of his fellow humans above any desire to profit from or lord over the people around him.

Of course I also have a great deal of respect for Buddha, Confucius, and Lao Tzu. And by the way none of them would have advocated attacking another country except in the most dire of circumstances.

Mary Ellen said...

I didn't hear his speech but I've been hearing a lot about it today on talk radio. These right wing fringe groups need to split off into their own theocratic party. At least we can separate them from the "normal" American voters and maybe since they will be such a small percentage, the media will quit supporting them with their propaganda.

Coffee Messiah said...

Hmmm, separation of church and state, I wonder what that's all about? ; (

an average patriot said...

He was dead wrong and no one jumped on it. He said we need more religion and you can not have freedom without Religion. This is not a Democracy. This is not freedom but I instantly had to think how come we need more religion when Islam is told to keep it out of their rule we have it thrown in our face every day by bushco and its perverted.
why are we pushing our desires on the middle east. Why aren't they free to practice their beleifs as they have since 610 and instead must do it Bush's way. I just can't stand all this crap!

Anonymous said...

The Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush Jesus would stomp on and destroy all infidels in a quest to convert the world to Christianity. Their's is the Jesus of the Old Testament (if Jesus had been present in the Old Testament), a "wish fulfillment" Jesus who is part Rambo and part Savior. It's amazing, it's stunning, it's against scripture, but somehow, it's out there.

Jolly Roger said...

The funny thing about all this is that it won't help Mitt a damned bit.

Mitt's Goppers aren't his daddy's Goppers. These are Jesusistanis, and they aren't going to forgive Mitt for being a witch.

fallenmonk said...

You are in good company. If the real Jesus showed up today he would be run out of town as a Dirty F----g Hippie.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"And the MSM if they really want a Debate Question for the Repug Candidates , here it is" Would Jesus Bomb another Country? Would he Support Torture, Rendition and Detainee Camps ? Would he support Hatemongering? Fearmongering? Warmongering? ".......gee, I guess I really am a be it."
If these people had any idea what Jesus DID, much less what he would do, it would be a step in the right direction.

John Good said...

Our democracy was founded on "freedom from religion" as well as "freedom OF religion". I seem to recall that the pilgrims fled here to escape from religious persecution.

deuddersun said...

We have only to look at the Republi-con Candidates who are falling all over each other to prove each is more Kristian than the other.

While we struggle with serious problems in healthcare, education, global warming, war, more war, veteran's issues, job losses, illegal immigration, they seem to center their debates around who among them is God's Other Son. Shit, 4 of them don't believe in Evolution! How can any rational person even take them seriously?

Many of the early settlers of the "
New World" came here to flee religious persecution. It is ironic that today we are all victims of it.