Friday, December 14, 2007

Pretty is as Pretty Does....About Dana

Alternate Title: How Dumb is Dana ......and do we want to Know?

I used to hear "Pretty is as, Pretty does" when I was growing up.Being raised by Strong Southern Women, the kind that speak their mind, and read and curse the Powers that be. I used to hear this phrase all the time, to kind of sublimely explain or dismiss the antics of Dumb Women , especially ones that speak before they think. And it is definently used to describe the Empty Vessel Syndrome. The difference being that women that have this kind of fragile china doll quality should not be the Spokesperson for the White House. It is demeaning and humiliating , as humorous as it is.

I know we all have Dana Stories, that we watch her come out in her darling little suits , bat her eyes, and stutter as she tries to defend the White House's latest Crimes. She is being used as a Prada Propaganda Princess, pawning and cheerleading Disinformation daily. The carefully frosted hair, and the childlike wonder of the Questions , all carefully choreographed.At this rate if she falls ill, Paris Hilton could take over her duties.

But the bigger question is are we all supposed to be distracted by her beauty and charms ? Are we supposed to forget HOW to focus on the REAL issues at hand, like Torture and Bloody War ? Is her "beauty " supposed to dispel the day to day agony of this Criminal Administration ? Is it merely a display so that people from far and wide will think that the lipstick is not coming off the pig ? ( I do fret thinking of other Countries watching this and chuckling more over " Oh those DUMB Americans").

And People that can not properly pronounce "Nuclear" and don't know the difference between Fission and Fusion should not be allowed to spew and fear mongering, even when they wear Prada, and their teeth are white.

And this week we all laughed about Her Geographical Prowess and Historical Memory Lapse regarding the Cuban Missle Crisis. But the Bigger Question is, Does she KNOW who John F. Kennedy was ? Does she Understand that In OUR History Kennedy used REAL Diplomacy and Strategy to divert an International Crisis and War ? With all of her pretty little dainty Manners, and her cutsey brainless answers on this we should shutter. HOW MANY working in the Bush Administration are THIS History Illiterate ? And will this Historical Illiteracy effect and has it effected the History of OUR Nation?

We can
But we should be very worried.
And we should be demanding her Resignation ( or firing), she is Incompetent.

Because, to put it all in perspective ; if there is a Bomb dropped Somewhere During the Night, she is going to be the Princess at the Podium delivering the Messege for the Whitehouse Criminals . Remember that.

*{Click the Title: Dixie Chicks "Not Ready to Make Nice"}*


annie said...

dumber than dirt.
but that's insulting to dirt everywhere. i think similar thoughts, watching her. like-is this a typical ploy, or WHAT? when all else fails, parade a pretty little thing out there and nobody will CARE what she says or doesn't say. between dana and hillary, women's rights are being puched back furthet, every day. that is beyond sad-why is the 1st female presidential candidate such a total disappointment? all of our lives, waiting for this chance to partake in big politics and this is our choice? sigh. and to think i thought the world of her, 15-or-so years ago. sorry to rave on!:0 take care.

Anok said...

BWHUAHAHAHA thats the best description I've heard yet.

I will say I saw her get her pretty 'lil panties in a knot while being asked question not on her "approved" list. Man, she can get nasty, and fast.

I guess that beauty of hers is only skin deep ;)

enigma4ever said...

ANok: you have to admit that the cheerleading doll with the vapid look ? I mean she looks like she has never ever heard of Canada....but she has a BIG R on her tunic....for REPUKE...

ANNIE; ahhh and I thought I was being soooo subtle, and yes, it was not lost on me that these two posts above are very much tied together...and also the post below about Oprah- ANOTHER type of if you read these three- yes, you do indeed hear me loud and clear...and you got the messege now what do we do ? just keep blogging it, spread the truth....and keep the faith...

that they are GOOD women out there...and we need to hear them.....loud and clear....keep blogging....

clif said...

e4e, you need to distinguish the difference between dumb, or ignorance to facts and history and republican I can't be bothered with the facts because republicans have truthiness on their side and that trumps your liberal leaning facts.

Dana is just a intellectually challenged reichwing mouthpiece, and she is a wee bit lazy, and can't understand why the rest of the country doesn't relish the daily neo-con kool-aid like she does.

After all, her kool aid addiction is soooo much easier then using her doll-faced vacuum chamber for real thinking.

Why admit the ONLY time in history our nation was ever really at risk, the person who worked night and day to resolve the problem was President John Kennedy, a democrat (gasp), who tried his very best to save the nation and planet for future generations(like her) instead of the moronic monkey who seems hell bent on recreating the 14 days in October, because to the rapture ready insane clown posse wants a different outcome this time.

After all who needs a planet if Jebus is a comin' and all they need is enough time for their "Sunday best" and a stop at the hair salon before he gets here.

TomCat said...

Dana Perino is soooo dumb, that blondes are claiming she's a dyed brunette.

TomCat said...

PS. Love the vid.

Fran said...

Dana is just one of a string of many Whitehouse Spokespersons in the Bush Admin. She just happens to be the worst one. The press corps will chew her up & spit her out, as she brings her own brand of blunder to add to the blunder she's already paid to serve up. The nerve of her to try to discipline Helen Thomas.... the goddess of journalism. Dana thinks adding her own editoralizing remarks to delivering the info is going to be a good technique. Oh please Dana- spare us. We can barely stand just hearing the raw updates, please don't slather it in your own brand of ignorance, with nonsense on top.