Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Night Music 12.18.07.....

Tonight 's music is dedicated to Fallenmonk.....or the Monk as I call him. All year he blogs incredible pieces of Life, Politics,Namaste, Mouthwatering Receipes, and Wisdom. So tonight it is Blue Christmas as only Elvis can Sing....and complete with Video and SnapShots of Graceland all resplendent for Christmas. Enjoy Mr. Monk....for you and the Missus.

The Guy Blog Round Up will be tomorrow...but for tonight I needed to hear Blue Christmas....
*{I also dedicate this song to my car "Atticus" that has decided to be very ill today, between The Car, the Asthmatic Ancient Still Barely Kicking Furnace, my cracked ankle, and the State of My Job "Situation"...I really am feeling like a really bad Country Song right now.....}*


Fred Rogers said...

Mr. Rogers can really cut a rug to Blue Christmas.

Thomas said...

Ok, a BLUE Christmas is a GOOD progressive Christmas a RED Christmas would be BAAAD
so ENJOY a Blue Christmas
and go watch A Christmas Story


dada said...

oh enigma, a really bad country song always makes us reflect and, in the end, leaves us thankful for the little (or much) we have.

More than a really bad country song, you're a great spirit lifter. (And you leave us all rooting for you a better tomorrow!)

fallenmonk said...

Thanks dear lady for the Elvis Christmas wishes. Madam was properly enraptured with the images of the King and the '68 Comeback Special. It is not a holiday until you have the King singing Blue Christmas.
Our Christmas is now completely ready to go.

fallenmonk said...

Sorry for all your troubles but you can at least know that there are folks out here in the "tubes" that care for you. Don't overlook the "two hands of God". Without the balance provided when things aren't great we would have no contrast to when things are better than "not great". I know that doesn't make your ankle feel better or your furnace kick into high gear but it sounds kind of "Zen like" and might put a brief smile on your face.
Also, don't forget that anytime you want to stop by while you are in Atlanta there is an Elvis bedroom just waiting.

enigma4ever said...

Fallenmonk: oh dont mind me , I am just being grumbly....and there is nothing worse than trying to get Christmas underway with Obstacles...But I am eer grateful to be snuggled up by the Great Lake with my son and critters...6-6 was the one who pointed out that I sound like a bad Country Song....Now about the Elvis Room- that sounds marvelous, thank you...I loved seeing Graceland in this video.....all glittering and twinkling....

Dada: ahhhh thank you , I try to give you all something to root for...and you know I always come through....( just be glad that I don't sing...)

Thomas: for sure, no RED Christmas here...just Blue :-)

FRED: soooo you an cut the Rug...now that we would like to see....very much...

Fran said...

In my twisted sense of humor, I had to write lyrics for your bad country song.....

The Enigma Bad Country Song Blues.....

Well my car won't run
and it's in a ditch
The furnace is broke--
life's a bitch
Lookin' fer work
that's decent an' good
now they're sendin inspectors, to ma neighborhood
all of this, would be more than I like tellin'
but now my ankle's a swellin.
I'm having to trudge thru ice & snow
this holiday season really does blow.

There you have it..... feel free to add more lyrics, or maybe you'd like to change the tune??

Tried to just make you smile while you hover around the space heater & do incantations to make a car run. If it makes you feel any better,
my kitchen blew some electrical circuit & the electricians will get a few hundred bucks to have installed a new dedicated 3 prong outlet for the fridge. Happy Frickin' Holidays,