Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Women of Substance...and When Things Are Broken....

As a Woman , as a mom, a nurse, a single woman with a child, I have some pretty strong views of WHAT I want to see discussed in this Election Cycle. I feel like at this point Our Government is Humpty Dumpty, and it is going to take all of us to repair The Broken Parts, and there are many and work for all. That means that we all need to look at the Damage with Honesty, and with Scrutiny. No More Lies, No More Propaganda. So People say , but as a Woman doesn't Hillary speak to you ? I have to say NO. She is continuing on a Path that does not acknowledge the Depth of the Damage, or the scope of Repair Work that is needed ( Impeachment). She uses words like "prosperity" and "unity" that make me ill at this point, because they are not part of ANY reality that Families and Single Women are facing at this point. I want Someone that will speak of WHAT matters, and the Damage on ALL Fronts.

I want Someone that will speak about the Broken Parts: the Iraq Mess, the Lies, Our Place in the World, the Environment, the Economy, the Healthcare Crisis, the VETS crisis, the Housing Crisis, etc etc. It is time to end Storybook Politics and time to grab Tools and Repair Manuals, and it starts by Looking the Truth in the Eye. No More LIES. We The People have had Enough.

I do believe that we can not be well behaved and polite anymore....especially if we are women. I believe that we have to speak strongly for what we believe in....and support other women that speak strongly. Now that being said, I am want to apologize for Hillary's antics on the trail this past week, I am embarrassed that she is using Republican Tactics of being snippy and petty. I should not aplogize for her, but as a woman I was hoping that she would conduct herself better on the trail as she campaigns. That being said, she should know better, that being shrill is not going to do anything but drive people away. Men don't want shrill, they Know Shrill, it is even expected. ( And in many ways just gives us reason to give compassion to Bill).

Attacking a Child's Dreams and Aspirations is so Republican, and so smallminded. I hope someone explains this to her, and explains that Women don't like this, and neither do men....But if her handlers think that it is impressive, then we know that they found the Rove Playbook helpful.

Speaking Softly and Plainly and Honestly and with Great Care is also another way to speak, a way in which people would listen. It is sad, because if she only would speak about things that mattered to women that would actually give her more credibility. She is lacking sincerity, she comes across as cold, and distant and yes, condescending. Many Great Women have spoken up and spoken well....Maybe we need to remember them better....and more often. For me it is women like Florence Nightingale, Madame Curie, Rachel Carson, Maya Angelou.....And yes, there are some that spoke less Softly like Mother Jones. But they all spoke the Truth.

All the Democratic Candidates need to remember to speak the Truth, and that includes speaking about WHAT is painfully on the table, Healthcare issues, Iraq, Economy, and the LIES and MESS of this Regime, including Gitmo, Torture, Illegal Spying, Rendition and on and on.

"I was taught that the ways of Progress are neither swift or easy". Marie Curie

So what are your thoughts on this....Any Women that have stirred your soul and inspired you.


enigma4ever said...

So my apologies to anyone that is a Hill supporter...but I have to start being honest about her and her effect on this campaign....

Fran said...

Humpty Dumpty was pushed!

I sported that (window) bumper sticker for a while.
Had a great graphic with humpty on his way down..

Although this is a silly little bumper sticker, it really kind if makes the point.... we were TOLD
H D had a great fall, but we never considered this fall was not random-- he was pushed.
It changes the whole story...and it really is a parallel to the whole Iraq scene

Iraq had WMD's
Had a great fall
All King George's Horses
and all the kings men (Halliburton, Blackwater)
Could not put Humpty back together again.

Add to that, they did not really WANT TO put Humpty, or Iraq back together-- they WANT it to be "broken" so we can profit from *fixing it*.

So there is my take on Humpty & it's parallel to current realities.

As for Hillary-- we really have to be honest in our assessments in how/why we choose what candidate we are willing to back.
For me, Hill has been *spineless*, not very effective or passionate-- mostly just trying to skirt teh middle ground fence & more focused on her political career than taking a stand & openly stating why. some of her stands have changed in whichever way the political winds blow.
I've had it with spineless politicians, already.
For me, I tend to not so much care what they say in sound bite forums (let's not even call them debates, they really are not), but their actual voting record.
Hills record speaks for itself-- everything from voting for the Iraq invasion, to the most recent
Yea vote on the Kyl-Lieberman Iran war proposal.
She was *for war then & she's for war now*.
That is enough to put her off the roster.
Plus a part of me feels like rebelling from MSM telling us Hill is the winner because she raised the most money.

Excuse me, We the people don't agree.

D.K. Raed said...

Women that inspire: Margaret Mead, Florence Nightengale, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gloria Steinem, Amy Goodman ... just for starters. NOT Hillary, sorry, whatever else she is, she does NOT inspire me. Her no-answer-answers, her inability to state clearly & distinctly what her goals are, her pandering, has made her just another hack politician. Maybe she had worthy goals years ago, sometime during the 34-yrs of public service she constantly mentions, but she seems to have lost misplaced them.

And BTW, since when does she get to count as public service, her yrs as the spouse of an elected politician? She has exactly 4-yrs more national public service than Obama and 1-yr more than Edwards. But to hear her tell it, she is sooo much more experienced. Oh if we wanted more govt experience, I guess Biden or Dodd beat her hands down & I don't see their candidacies going anywhere.

Fran said...

Woman that inspire me: Rosa Parks, such a sweet, simple lady, pure & true, and an important player in the Civil Rights movement.

Congresswoman Maxine Walters. She stood up at a pro-peace rally & prefaced each sentence with "My name is Maxine Walters, and I am not afraid"- this is when the Patriot act was rearing it's ugly head & they were taking names of protesters. She was powerful & has repeatedly taken a stand & stuck with it.

Sister Louann- an unknown hero, a high school political science teacher, who forced us to do critical thinking & also advised- "You may find yourself having to vote *against* a candidate that you think would do more harm, rather then vote FOR a candidate you fully support, but for god's sake, VOTE." Sister Louann probably had no idea just how true those words would ring!

Although these folks are in *superstar status* now, both J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter author), and Oprah Winfrey are literally rags to riches, real life stories.
Oprah was dirt poor as a child, and sexually abused by a relative as well. Rowling was a welfare Mom, struggling to make ends meet, and turned down repeatedly by many publishers. Both seemed to have some kind of inner strength, and belief in themselves, to press on & pursue their higher goals, despite much adversity. Oprah went on to create a girls school in Africa, and Rowling is now wealthier than the Queen of England. Both are philanthrapists- using their wealth to help others.
Rowling is also credited with inspiring more kids to read, which is a beautiful credit as well.
When the Harry Potter craze took off, she always insisted the movies lag quite a bit from the book release, so those wanting to know what happens next, would choose to read all about it.

Oprah has gone somewhat Valley Girl with "my favorite things", sporting uncomfortable high heels, etc, but she too made the effort to stop the trash talk show bickering w no solutions kind of format, and take it to higher levels. She promotes reading as well-- put a book on her recommended booklist & it becomes a best seller. She created an Angel Network & has done things like build a bunch of homes in New Orleans for Katrina refugees. Also did the "RED" campaign to raise money for AIDS. I see her as using her fame & wealth in very humanitarian ways- if you've got it, use it for greater good. I see her as walking the walk. Sometimes she comes off as preachy, etc, but at the end of the day, shes done more to help so many people, I have to give her credit & kudos.

Anok said...

As corny as it sounds - Enigma its women like you along with other truth seeking, truth telling bloggers, writers, singers, artists, mothers and daughters that are inspiring to me.

Hillary has fallen into the same mindset that, in my opinion, ruined feminism long ago. Instead of taking stock in her qualities as a woman and what kind of contributions she can make because of not in spite of her gender - she has decided to play politics with the Old Boys Club as if she were an Old Boy. She has decided to erase her gender by hiding amongst machismo politricks.

Which is, of course, why she is lacking in inspiration for women.

I have quickly lost faith in the vast majority of politicians however. There are some breaths of fresh air now and again, but that disappears in a cloud of rhetorical lip service once the mud slinging and PR types swoop in.

It is my opinion that no matter what they say, no matter what platform they choose to bray from, the republicans are capable of nothing more than Elephant sized stink bombs, and the democrats are Jackasses. Literally.

Our government it seems, has other plans that don't include forward thinking unless that forward thinking comes with stock options. So even if you have a decent candidate, with decent ideas it will all become null and void after the inauguration.

enigma4ever said...

ANok: ahhhh...thank you...but I think all of the Women bloggers are so needed and so much a part of the Changes that are so needed....

Fran: you mentioned some wonderful BTW I loved what you said about Humpty being made me laugh)..I love Maxine Waters- she is amazing...and Oprah....sigh, I kinda know Oprah- before she was famous...I should blog on is a good story...(I knew her, met her right before she was famous...right before Chicago)...and bless you you honored a teacher...

DK: thank you for reminding us all of Hillary's true experience level- so true...and she would not even represent NY , if not for Bill....

Thank you all for the wonderful insights...and thoughts....gave me hope.

proudprogressive said...

The early sex educators such as Ida Comstock who actually went to jail for teaching about the realities of the female body, Margeret Sanger , and also the political thinkers such as Hanna Ahrant (sp) and Emma Goldman. Starhawk, and many others who are great intellects of today. So many scholars,doctors, educators, and political activists. Women are so short shrifted in our patriarchal culture. I mean i don't like the policies of Mrs Clinton, but the misogyny unleashed on her is disgusting in this day and age. Her gender ought to be the last reason not to like her. Look at the early science going back to the greeks. They always viewed women as imperfect rediculous. The myths they perpetuated. Freud helped that along as well.(ugh my spelling) I like Merlin Stone as well, who wrote the book "when god was a woman" The usa is so parochial - look at all the countries who have elected women into leadership positions. The usa is devolving i swear it truly is - and lets not forget Sojourner Truth - our women have a rich legacy of activism, courage and intellect.

The fundies have not helped one bit with their good christian submission to men BS. Women can of course be as evil as any man - case in point Margeret Thatcher. But to be subjegated just for ones gender - is a disgrace. It disgusted me that the chimp did not speak out against the barbaric practices around the world against women and young girls in other countries. But hell he sold out our morality, what we had of it, a long time ago.

deuddersun said...

Sure, plenty of women have inspired me. My mother for one. You, for another. Kitchen Window Woman, proud veteran and member of the API, and all the women who blog against the Bush nightmare.

But if I had to pick one who I believe symbolizes the strength of the American Woman, it would be Rosie The Riveter. She was real and I believe she is still alive. I did a post on her for Veteran's Day last year, or the year before that, can't remember. I'll have to dig it up. Her slogan of "We can do it" should be an inspiration for every Woman everywhere.


deuddersun said...

Found it, go here:

and here:

Hope the links work, sigh...

enigma4ever said...

thanks Deud, I will be sure to go check it out...I love her good to see you.....