Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve & Looking Back : Wide Stances, Falling Bridges, World On Fire and Other Wonders.... 12.31.07

It is New Years Eve....the Last 24 Hours of this Year 2007...What will you remember ? What Will you treasure ? What Mattered to you ? Are you taking Stock ? I spent all weekend Cleaning and purging ang tidying ( like I do every New Years Eve Weekend).
Since I will be Home tonight, The Song is "Home" by Marc Broussard, if it doesn't get you up and dancing.....Nothing will ....If you like Music from the Bayou and NOLA...enjoy.

There are things that I do on New Years, there is the nice food ( FunDoo), a Huge Ass 500 piece puzzle, and The Sevens Game....( other than poker with my son....)

(1) Name 7 things that you will always remember...( can be good or bad)
(2) Name 7 things you would much rather forget....
(3) Name 7 things you will treasure about this year.....
(4) Name 7 things that you wish for the New Year...

Want to know Mine ? hmmm, you will have to go to the Comments.

**** Happy New Year Dance and be merry and love the one you're with.Namaste.****

*****{Okay ....a secret...My son 6-6 would never let me put a photo of him on the Blog- but the guy on the bus singing in this video looks an awful lot like has alot to do with why I love this video}****


enigma4ever said...

Okay..Me the woman that hates memes...( and is terrible about doing them) will go first.

7 Things I will Always remember:
(1) Bhuttos' Murder
(2) the Monks of Burma
(3) California Fires
(4) 9 US Attorneys Fired
(5) Watching Gonzo Lie at the Hearings about it
(6) Keith's Special Comments
(7) Watching the Door hit one after another as the Bushco Tools left....

7 Things I wish I could Forget
(1) Anna Nicole is still Dead
(2) Anything Brittany
(3) Wide Stance
(4) Vitter's Diapers
(5) Don't taz me Bro
(6) All of Bush's "speeches"
(7) Getting mugged last New Years eve

7 things I Treasure from 2007
(1) That I found a Home- a HOUSE when our Loft Building got foreclosed.
(2) Blogatopia, and that you all let me come back in June
(3) My Porch
(4) Sitting on The Porch with 6-6
(5) The arrival of Harry the Cat for 6-6
(6) My neighborhood
(7) Time is a Gift

7 Things I wish for 2008
(1) Troops HOME-ALL .
(2) Legal Fair Every Vote Counted This Election
(3) Edwards /Obama 2008
(4) Bushco/Cheney Impeachment Proceedings
(5) Real DEMs to Bring real Change (1st they must find their balls)
(6) a REAL job
(7) Health and happiness for all....

D.K. Raed said...

Your lists are pretty much in sync with mine, IF I did lists. I'd have different items in the personal things I treasure, of course, and I'd be walking on Cloud 9 with Edwards/Obama for '08!

Funny coincidence, I play a different kind of game on NYE. Come see my NYE Island!

Wonderful Marc Broussard vid. I couldn't keep my feet still. Must be mandatory!

D.K. Raed said...

ps, one of the things I treasure is the friendship and encouragement you have given me. It's easy to see you put your whole heart into whatever you do. I've enjoyed reading your thoughts & insights. Tonight's a good night for remembering 2007 ... pretty soon that damn times sq disco ball will drop & we can start filling in those blank pgs of 2008. I hope for dreams realized.

enigma4ever said...

ahhhh thanks...Blogatopia is full of wonderful people you and your blog..Let's hope that the 2008 brings good things for all....namaste.

MandT said...

Wonderful 'homey' post. Ts tapp'in his foot, Bodhis shaking his toy, and Ms dnacing in his chair tossing poetry in the air. Great way to begin the new Year! Thanks

Blueberry said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope all your wishes come true!

enigma4ever said...

Mandt and Blueberry:
Thanks for coming to WS....and I don;t have many wishes....but I like you home they come to something...

Fran said...

I'll play your 7's game while I wait my turn for the shower....

(1) Name 7 things that you will always remember...( can be good or bad)
* The day my Sister & I had to tell my Mom she has Doctor's order to move into a care facility.
(Hours of trauma).
* My dog, Laktoa
* How sweet my #2 son is
* How drumming is good for the soul
* Our trip to Alaska
* How being nice matters

(2) Name 7 things you would much rather forget....
* Alberto Gonzales
* Work telling me going to the emergency room is NOT an excused absence.
* Corporate bullshit in general
* the Bush regime
* the bad times of the hormonal & angry teen years of son #1
* my obnoxious meddling cousin who torments my Mother.
* I 'd like to forget the atrocites committed by the US, but moreso stop it and atone for it.

(3) Name 7 things you will treasure about this year.....
* the time I spent with my Mom
* the fact I'm alive to talk about it
* both my mother & father in law had strokes this year. They lived, and had minimal negative effects, both 80 somethings.
(sorry ran out of things to list)

(4) Name 7 things that you wish for the New Year...
* Excellent healh
* Being centered & having more clarity as a result.
* End the damned illegal occupation
Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan
* shut down all secret & foreign US run prisons.
* Caring for the planet

enigma4ever said...

fran...I love your list...Happy New Year..I hope a year from now we read this and go YAY.....