Saturday, April 10, 2010

Charities that are Working with the West Virginia Miner Families : Information below

Tonight we now know that 29 miners have died in the Massey Mine Explosion...Here is the information that might help us give to the Miner Families.

Many people on the Internet and Blogs and Twitter have been trying to find ways to give to the Miner Families. West Virginia Gazette has reported Two Charities that are accepting Donations to help the Families Directly. This link is posted and the information is also below. Please forward to Crooks and Liars and Huffington Post. Thank You.

For Donations to the Miner Families:
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The West Virginia Council of Churches has established the Montcoal Mining Disaster Fund and is accepting donations to be distributed among the families of miners who were killed in Monday's explosion at Performance Coal Co.'s Upper Big Branch mine.Those who wish to make a monetary contribution should contact the Council of Churches at 304-344-3141 or for details.

The West Virginia Council of Churches has full website that explores what will and can be given to help the families. I encourage that you send people to the site that is coordinating with the Salvation Army.

In addition, Appalachian Bible College is accepting gifts and other items for the families of the deceased miners. For details about non-monetary donations visit

This is the link to the Bible College that is collecting letters of sympathy for the families and raising funds for their needs.

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