Monday, April 12, 2010

Special Spotlight on Artists : How they Heal and why they too need Health Care

One of my Favorite AIDS patients was Rick, he taught me the importance of Art.Over this past year on Twitter I have met some Amazing people who have shared their stories and their wisdom. The artists below are just some of the people of twitter....This is my Birthday post, a gift to all of you.Rick also taught me that All Time is a Gift, and the People in our lives....

{1} @Rebeccay
Earlier I did a post here and over at The Enigma Cafe ( my art blog) about Rebeccay York, and her beautiful mosaics. She has an amazing story in which she explains on her website her health battles and how she found her way to her beautiful Art that is a creative form of Glass Mosaics. Some of her art looks like it should be in a Church it is so breathtaking and other pieces look like they were swept from the sea. She sells her creations from Furniture to the garden and her Website tells her Story and how her Art found her and how she still creates and shares all of her treasures now. And you can also follow her on Twitter @Rebeccay. {The Art with this post is "East Meets West"}

{3} @PennDragonArt
Here is the beautiful paintings of another woman that faces Health Challenges but continues to Paint. Her Paintings are inspiring and soothing.I encourage you to explore her art and also read her story. I am posting her HCR paintings here for you to get a taste of her talent. Please view her art and also understand that her Art also helps support her healthcare. Amy Stewart Hale 's painting are raw, and beautiful. This is her website and I have linked to the HCR section, please do see the site and explore her story and her art.
I have linked her post on HCR because it is poignant. And you can follow her at Twitter @PennDragonArt .

{3} @janet6wheels
This is her painting "Twilight at Cosmos".This amazing woman paints because it has healing powers for her. I do encourage you to read her blog and explore her paintings.She is much more talented than she actually knows. This is her website it has her website and her paintings. You can also follow her on Twitter
as @Janet6wheels .
Is a Singer that is also a Nurse that has made her way out West to pursue her dreams of singing. Her name is Sharon Bautista and she really is so talented, please do go to her page and listen to her music. I encourage you to read her site and listen to her music and share her with her friends. I support all Nurses who are Embracing their other talents. Many Nurses work other jobs in an effort to support themselves as well as many that work Per Diem or Part time also wrestling with finding HCR. This is another issue that many in the public are unaware of. As to this lovely singers voice, she reminds me of Karla Bonoff and Phoebee Snow....yes she is that Talented. Please follow her career and support her Musical Efforts. And you can follow her on Twitter at @sassysongstress, and follow her career.
Eva Cassidy 's Life and Art is a site that her family set up. As the HCR battle raged this past year I thought alot about Eva and her Spirit as an artist, and I often played her music often. For me I was haunted by her story and how her life was cut so short by Cancer. You can read more about her life and death here in this post. As a Nurse I strongly feel that if she had had Better Health Care and Consistant Followup after her first cancerous mole was found that she would have had a longer fuller life. And as a Nurse I know that most Artists and Musicians and Writers have very Limited Access to Health Care and Insurance. As a Nurse I hope at some point this issue is better explored, whether it be Medicare Expansion,Public Option. Millions of Americans give back to this Country, whether it be with Art, Song or Writings, they contribute and should have a way to be Cared For. As you go to Town Meetings this summer, please be sure to Explain that All Kinds of Americans , Good Americans need Healthcare. This video below is her final song, her final performance in 1996.

Addendum ::::My teenage son asked me to add Alex Chilton, because he too is a great artist who really did die without proper healthcare. This article in the Rolling Stone "Death by UnInsurance" really is correct we do need to include Alex as one of UnInsured who was not getting proper care or follow up. Sadly NOLA also suffers from a lack of quality Medical Care so there are other circumstances that need to be explored for the people of NOLA. You can read the article here.

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