Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seattle still wins for the Best GLEE Flash Mob Video from April 10,2010

Now that being said the Madrid,Rome, Dublin,London and others are still all worth seeing...I might be a little biased...I know 3 people that did the Seattle Video ( I could not find them in the video...but I know they are there).
Need More ?
Tel Aviv.....
The Canadians Flashmobed for Haiti in January....
And if you haven't seen this one, the Sound of Music in Antwerp it will make you even has kids in it....
Stockholm Micheal Jackson's Birthday Mob Flash dance....huge and beautiful...
Montreal's MJ Flash Mob was with Kids..and a cop....priceless
There were flashmobs all last summer dedicated to Micheal Jackson, some planned before his birthday ...this one is from Budapest...
And then Hong Kong and Malaysia
Still my favorite the January 2009 TMobile London Flash Mob...19,000,000 have now viewed it...I can remember being in the first


enigma4ever said...

swashbuckling pirates....Cornell..

tom said...

Ha ha Have seen almost all, still Number one for me is Dublin, Number two is Seattle, and a VERY VERY close #3 is the Belgium one at the train station ....Just JOY and singing

mommapolitico said...

Every time I see one of these, I am amazed that anyone could orchestrate such a huge happening! Thanks for the tons of fun in one post.