Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr.Jill Biden went to Haiti today....

I will try to find more articles about her trips and how it happened today, and how she was recieved by the people. As a mom and a woman I am so proud her when I see her interacting with other peoples....that she is OUR First Lady.
Christian Science Monitor has more about her trip and the purpose, really good article.
Jacqui Charles of Miami Herald has the best post of the day about the Trip, really details what and who she saw. Charles also has been writing articles on Haiti since the Quake that really are worth following.
"Dozens of children greeted Obama and Biden, singing ``welcome'' in English.
Obama danced, shrugging her shoulders and shaking her hips as the children sang. At the end, she gave several of them high fives while smiling.As one group ended, another group of children sang in Creole, ``We are glad to see you. We say let's be happy.''Later, they joined the children in an art lesson, and Obama drew a purple fish at the request of one of the children. Biden drew a house. Haiti's first lady served as a translator.Elisabeth Delatour Préval said the children found the visit inspiring, as did she.`The visit came with a lot of sympathy, friendship and hope, she said. ``The children were very happy and felt very privileged.''

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