Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Party Anti Tax Parties and Rallies are tomorrow....How to Spy on Idiots...

Tomorrow many Tax Day Tea Party Rallies are planned. Many Non Confrontational ANTI -TeaParty Rallies and Coffee Party gatherings are planned as well. Here in Ohio Hannity is planning his Big Party in the Southern part of the State. Here in Cleveland, there are some problems with the Tea Party Rally that is planned for the Mall downtown on Mall C. They have not paid their Permit fee and all of the different blogs have different TIMES listed. Some say Noon, Some say 4-6PM and some say 6:30PM. ( I personally am not correcting them or linking to them, I am going to sit back and enjoy their muddled mess, I will post photos and video from Ohio's events). Many of the bigger blogs and Internet newspapers are encouraging people to go and take videos and photos and report what they see. I encourage people to do that with care, as some of them are gun toting, less than rational and ginned up on Foxifed anger and hate. ( Treat it like a spy mission, dress either low key or wear Flag gear so you blend in. I also recommend parking far away if your car is plastered with Obama stickers...which mine is). Just quietly photograph signs and video the Rhetoric, because personally we all know that we are bearing witness to a dangerous time in our history. Many of them maybe be ignorant, but their Anger has been fueled by heated up rhetoric and Hatemongering from FOX.

I also encourage you to read this great post " by William Rivers Pitt called "Tea on the Common" for Truthout. It's insightful and puts all of this in perspective.
A Little Humor about Tomorrow's Events....
So I go to the local Copy Center to make copies of my Tax Stuff. I am set up in my corner with my machine and my paperwork and my envelopes and my paperclips etc. And I am making my copies ( because people that are compulsive have to make multiple copies). And in comes this elderly man in his late 70's, and he wanted to make copies. For some reason his machine was not working right. So he asked if he could use mine. I said when I was done. I looked over he was making invites for the Cleveland Tea Party Rally. I looked at the poorly drawn snake ( who looked like a RoadKill Worm Who had been Treaded Upon...) but the rally was announced to be at 2PM. I thought about that as I drove home and sure enough there are Rallies planned at MALL C in Cleveland, but when I looked it up I had to laugh that All the Tea Party Sites here had Different Times.


tom said...

So the Tea Party doofuses can't co-ordinate a simple rally time
well as long as they get arrested for not having permits that is fine with me


D.K. Raed said...

so the copy man's snake was saying, please tread on me?

enigma4ever said...

Party/Tax Revolt updates & links)
The Plain Dealer ^ | March 24, 2009 | Joseph L. Wagner
Posted on March 24, 2009 9:51:41 AM EDT by abb

If you are feeling taxed enough already, you may want to lend your voice to a protest in downtown Cleveland on Wednesday, April 15.

Cleveland is one of about 150 cities in the United States where Organizers of National Tea Party Day want help demonstrating a dislike for taxes.

The day was picked, of course, because April 15 is the deadline to file federal income tax. The tea in the name stands for "taxed enough already" and the aim is to attract anybody who wants to vent about federal, state or local taxes.

Ralph King, a self-described working stiff from Bedford, said his group is overjoyed that the 4 to 6 p.m. Cleveland gathering will be on Mall C, somewhat between City Hall and the county Administration Building.

"How much better can it get?" King said of the location. During the rally, he said, he intends to give shout-outs to Cuyahoga County commissioners, asking them to explain the quarter-cent increase in the sales tax for the proposed convention center and medical mart.

"That's a tax that was forced upon the residents," King said, not unlike the infamous tax on tea the British Crown imposed on rebellious colonists in 1773. Colonists responded by dumping tea into Boston Harbor.

Debbie Dalton, an organizer of the Cleveland event, said what happened to the tea is symbolic of what will happen to Congress if members continue to sign every spending bill that comes along.

"If they keep pushing these tax bills through without even reading them, we will not be voting these people back in," she said.

One glitch remains in the Cleveland plan.

King said planners have not obtained a permit to use the mall because of a dispute over cost.

He said at first the city wanted to charge $100, the going fee for nonprofit corporations. When the city learned the planning organization is not tax-exempt, the rate was upped to $500.

"That is the normal cost for the rental," said Michael Cox, director of Cleveland's Parks, Recreation and Properties Department. Cox said he would check to see if the fee could be reduced.

"We're coming with or without the permit," King said. "We're not making any money on the event."

Fran said...

The paper reported that 1000 people gathered here & the boy scouts were selling hot dogs during the event?

I'm pretty sure local city codes require you to have a permit & food handler's license to sell food, so WTF?

It was at the Federal building, so they have security officers there, big time.

If the peacenicks started selling veggie burgers, I bet they would shut it down ASAP.
Probably issue fines and or arrests.

Just strange.