Sunday, April 18, 2010

Monday Round Up....Things to make you think, smile and share

Favorite Post of the Weekend...."9 Myths about "Socialism" from Truthout really made me smile....
More Volcano photos from Iceland that are amazing...
Margaret and Helen examine the TeaParty phenomena in "We survived Bush and you will survive Obama." Need Humor and fresh perspective...this is the post to read.
Run the Boston Marathon virtually....
Here's your feelgood post of the day about NYC Bartenders saving a puppy and yeah, we have found our Charity for this month ( well, besides Haiti). Read the story, it will tug your heart...I look daily for stories of Compassion..this one wins.
Hmmm Cheesecake to Cobb food blog of week Smitten Kitchen ....
Maybe you don't need Cobb Salad or Cheese Cake...maybe you need a sandwich ?
Great post about Bullying, has great links,links for people to use tools to talk with kids of all ages and teens too.
NYT Health section really interesting article on Health Insurance from the weekend has some really good lessons and questions....
If you love the photo with this post, it's from the Charles Cushman collection, and you can see more here from the NYC Collection.

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tom said...

OMG OMG OMfreakingG
McSorleys Old Ale House
"we were here before you were born"
they really were...
Having spent some time there in my college years, here are the rules
1) you MUST buy two mugs of beer at a time
2) and "Be Good or Be Gone"
spent many a happy collegiate and post collegiate time there
with Memorabilia all over the walls, and a CHAIR that Abe Lincoln sat in after he gave a speech at the Cooper Union (the ORIGINAL LIBERAL ARTS SCHOOL)
Oh my Oh my