Monday, April 19, 2010

Torture Posts that need more Coverage...

I have done many posts on torture here over the years,(149 in total if you want to read them there just search Torture,especially March,April,May of 2009)) trying to cover what was done in our names during the Bush Era. I remain concerned that the ACLU alone is the only group of people pursuing these crimes with any concern for Justice. I do reccommend that we watch these videos again, of Bush speaking about Torture...(posted April 2009) .
This Torture story out of Iraq concerning the Malaki Adminstration. It raises some interesting concerns did the Bush Administration or Military leaders know of these prisons or the torture ?
NYT post on Porter Goss's Role in the Torture of the Bush Adminstration that Media is not all.
And they should cover this story as it has to do with the Destruction of the Tapes, the Evidence of Torture that was used on certain suspects as early as 2002.
Jason Leopold and Truthout have been covering the Torture Issue in greater detail and this latest post about an Investigation into Abu Zubaydah's torture is a must read.
Jeff Kaye of FDL has a post up that explores that there may have been a 2nd taping system,that raises more questions about the Destroyed tapes.
(( This background post from the NYT points out that the Bush Regime was trying to assess how and who to torture back in 2002.


tom said...

Despite the horrors of war, the knowledge that he had that OUR troops were being tortured by the British, George Washington refused to torture or mistreat the captured British and Hessian mercinaries that he held.....THAT made us PROUD

Celia Harrison said...

Our own people are being tortured in the prison systems. The ring leader at Abu Ghraib learned his techniques from a U.S. prison. The prisons are where the most vulnerable people in our society end up, the mentally ill. They are not believed and are made sicker by the abuse, lack of health care, and isolation.

Distributorcap said...

torture is so five minutes ago - we are MORE interested in sarah palin's red leather jacket


again i am so glad you do what you do