Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why When Palin Speaks are Audio Recordings being Sent to RNC Speech Writer ?

So this week we learned that Sarah Palin has a Speaking Engagement at a California School in June. Interestingly enough this week Some Industrious College Students happened to find the Contract. ( We all know that great Investigative Journalism always starts in a Dumpster.) Only part of the Contract was found and it was very interesting. ( Full of her Pampering Requests from SUV's to Lectern Lighting to Bendable Straws to Lear Jets....For many months I have jokingly called her Queen SaraPee, I see now that I was on the right track....)

But one of the Juicy Tibits that I was struck by was that A Recorded Audio version of her speech must be sent to the RNC Speech Writer within 24 hours.So that raises many Questions for me:

From Page 6 of the WSB Palin California Contract:::
"Customer is required to audio record all of Speaker's remarks (Presentation, Q&A, etc.) and mail a copv of audio recordinq within one business day of event date to: Lindsay Hayes- 4l4EastNelsonAvenue- Alexandria,VA223"

(1) Is she Paying Hayes to write the Speeches ?
(2) Is RNC paying for her speeches to be written by Hayes ?
(3) Is it possible the RNC is paying for these speeches to be written, knowing that they are also catering to the Tea Party?

(4) Is the RNC Paying her to give the speeches ?
RNC Player list scroll down and you can learn about Lindsay Hayes ( RNC Speech writer who used to work for Ted Stevens also......
ABC 's Draft copy was posted on numerous blogs today and yesterday. I also thank Immoral Minority for posting it as well as SF Chronicle, Raw Story etc.


Kittie Howard said...

Did you hear SP's latest soundbite, about sticking to 'the Constitution, guns and our religion'? I think this bite will bite her eventually...her radical personna gets louder and louder.

enigma4ever said...

I am pretty hellbent to try to find out if RNC is funding her hatemongering sprees...

the walking man said...

Spend a stamp and send Lindsay Hayes a flood tide of mail. Just load the box up give her(him) plenty to read about.

D.K. Raed said...

well somebody is writing her speeches, that's for sure. she can wing hokey parts, but when she starts talking about international stuff, she's reading prepared material. Bill Maher pointed out on Hardnuts that if you ask her even ONE follow-up question, she can't answer except in generalities ... oh but you can't really ask her those gotcha questions cuz another of her pre-conditions is that all questions must be pre-screened and pre-authorized. By whom?

tom said...

You know she is a ongoing train wreck, let her keep on keeping on, we get the benefit, the last poll taken of teabagges says PALIN is not qualified to be president, GOSH we already knew that but our opposition sees her as a total eye candy incompetent

Fran said...

Palin is coming to my town next week. Local media say she has a really strict ban on media and any kind of recording device. To a degree they have never seen before.

The media will be in a different room , watching on a tv????

Wow! When she says no questions- she means it!

Can't even be in the same room.

She is here for a GOP fundraiser.

Hey wait-- I thought the tea party folks think the GOP is out of touch & bad-- yet she's stumping for McCan't & attending GOP fundraising dinners?

Is she for them or against them?
I'd say she's flip flopping, but really, she's just a FLOP!

Probably in her delusions of grandeur, she see's herself as the bridge (from nowhere) that will untie the group, if god decides she should run for president (yep she says it's in gods hands).

Here is a strange tidbit-- I got a pre recorded political poll call. It said in light of the health care reform passing who would I vote for for president in 2012.

It listed all the GOP goons- Gingrich, Romney, Huckabee & a few other names-- that did NOT include Palin, or would I vote for Obama.

So while the Queen is dining w the GOP (for a fee, they think $75,000), they don't even list her as being on the potential presidential roster!

I chose undecided.

Who knows! Obama may decide this Presidential gig is too much & want out after 4 years.

Fran said...

untie= unite!