Tuesday, April 13, 2010

China has large Earthquake in Northwestern Region near Tibet....

This link has the first details of the Quake in Quinghai China 6.9 and very shallow, less than 4.1 miles deep. It is in a region of China that has older buildings and not a known Earthquake region.Sadly it also was at school time at 8:30AM. As of 1AM more than 300 are reported dead and more are trapped in rubble. This is the First USGS report.
A followup USGS Alert was issued as there are approximately 17,000 people that are living in this vulnerable region in older structures,that are vulnerable to the aftershocks as well.
This Aussie Paper has more about the initial reports from the Qinghai province.
BBC has some of the first reports , and grainy video about damage,lives lost and village and population vulnerabilities.
Please note if you are thinking that the Qinghai Province Name sounds familiar, it is because it is the same region where the Miners were stuck beneath the ground this past week.153 Miners were trapped, more than 100 were rescued in the past weeks. At this time I am still trying to get more definitive maps to determine if the Coal Mines are depth and location.This region is known for Mining ( coal ,copper,lead etc).This link retells the Coal Mine story and explains more about the region.
LA Times puts the dead at 300 and wounded at 8000., and states that 85% of buildings have suffered damage.
NYT has fairly detailed story on region and damage.
Virtual Review has more about the Earthquake coming in with video and information and new links and articles. Great Source.

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