Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Night Music......10.26.07

Indian Summer is coming to a Fiery Conclusion.It has been a long week on so many fronts....I am going to curl up with some books, and listen to music....Valerie Plame's Book is really worth the Wait .....She and Joe Wilson are True Americans.
*( BTW for a special treat she has been blogging all week over at Huffington Post).*

( and no I don't do links, head to the Blogroll please).
Other blogs worth some looking at Tomcat over at Politics Plus, Robert over at Left of Centrist has a Smaashing NEW Round Up Site ( which I will add to the Blogroll- promise)...Kvatch is Hopping around Blogatopia- our Latest Bohemian Blogger, WHO knows where he will show up next,Divajood has astounding Fire Photos,Bartle at Lydia Cornell has a great post up this week, and Josie'e Place keeps us pondering all kinds of new things, SUMO has pie that is to die for, and Cosmic Messenger has a great post up about Have A Good Friday....Enjoy the Music....share a little love.


an average patriot said...

excellent choice enigma, have a relaxing weekend!

Tina said...

Come visit my place.
I have some great autumn pix taken on Thursday and an even better story about BabyGirl.

Josie said...

I LOVE that song. Thank you...! I hope you're having a fabulous Friday night.


azgoddess said...

hell yes - great music....ahh, i always know where to come for the great videos...hope your reading went well this weekend...hugs and peace!