Tuesday, October 23, 2007

World On Fire...California Burning...10.22.07 to ?

***[ 1-800-Red-Cross for donations/or to tell them your location. Offering Shelter or Updates:Email enigma4ever@earthlink.net. Originally posted 10.22.07 AM, Now kept at Top, Running thread with Updates ; New Post Below on Keeping the Faith and Shelter and Assistance Being Offered By Bloggers]***


California is On Fire...or atleast Southern California.

First Update 10.22.07
Atleast 250,000 Homes have been evacuated from San Diego County and 7 other Counties it is being fed by High Winds and Dry Heat. Many prayers to our friends of Blogatopia out there. We hope they find shelter up the Coast. ( I think this means some of our Southern California Bloggers include, Newsguy,Diva, Bluegrrrl,Sumo, and Thorne ,Dusty,Skippy Crew etc. and I am not sure of everyone's locale...). I encourage if you KNOW anyone, esp. Bloggers down in this area, do offer shelter, the Hotels have already upped the Rates up the Coast. Or even post Shelter offer on your blog.There is a Scramble going on, and also a scramble to set up mobile shelters. Pepperdine University and Military Bases and Hospitals have been evacuated as well.

( The irony of our Caligula Rulership continues, on one channel we had Gov of California giving a Press Conference about California being on Fire, and Bush gives a petulent press conference demanding Money for Security ( which means Blackwater), and he has not even acknowledged the West is on Fire. ( Oh, that 's right it is Dem State and no Oil at risk, so he will probally do a flyover later).

I have a request....that you remember the Red Cross will need donations of money and supplies, I will try to research what they will need. But for sure they will need money , to buy more fluids,IV fluids, and water and food, these will be for the Firefighters, they will need supplies to care for them.If you donate money be SPECIFIC Pick a County in the 7 Disaster Declared Counties,they will need money first,( even write it on your Check) before Federal Aid Kicks in. Thank you.

10.23.07 TUESDAY UPDATE: (Thread will be updated throughout day)
12 Noon Eastern, 9 AM Pacific Time
I will keep this post at the top while these Fires rage in California. Over 400 Square Miles have burned, Hundreds, maybe thousands of homes burned.325,000 Homes have been evacuated ( so that means that atleast 300,000 People have had to find shelter). 10,000 Stayed at the QualCom Center last night, 25,000 are expected by Tonight. The Concern is about whether the Fires will reach the Ocean, this is a critical issue, as there will be nowehere for 1000's of Evacuees already by the sea,will have nowhere to go if that happens. They also are concerned that the Fires could strengthen and actualy Merge ( the Ranch and Magic Fires).

The Winds have Not died down, winds are 30-50 MPH , at dusk they have been up to 80 MPH. ( Laguna Beach clocked 83 MPH, that is Hurricane Strength) ( People from Ca. will tell you the winds usually die down at night, this is not usual Santa Ana wind pattern). Bush finally declared Seven Counties An Federally Recognized Disaster Area.Guard, and Marines have also been brought in ( I don't have numbers). Stay Posted. Rep Duncan Hunter has asked for Military help, General Bloom has been moving units, he did not wait for orders, C130's are on the way. Stay Posted.

4PM UPDATE (1PM West Coast Time)
More than 500,000 Families have been issued the Emergency MANDATORY EVAC order , ( logistically that means up to 2 Million will be impacted for shelter). QualComm will be full tonight- 25,000. If you live in San Diego and need to Check on Status of Home : website sandiego.gov will have a link to check Damage Status. So far only two deathes. Gov. says that Aid is coming from Other States and Feds are involved, let's hope that is true. ( I will believe it when I see it). PLEASE DO READ DIVA'S COMMENT ON THREAD- SHE HAS UPDTATES FROM SD. We are still waiting to hear from Thorne and Dusty and Bluegrrrl have both posted updates as well.

8PM Tuesdaa Night Update:
Best Estimates are 950,000 to over 1 million displaced people. ( Remember these are families, just middle class families). Best estimate of 400 Square Miles. Worse drought since 1877, this is as bad as it gets, between the Winds and the Heat, adn the the Lack of Water, this is a reciepe. This crisis will require ALL to band together, how dare Bush push a single finger, and god help him if he does a Photo-Op Fly-over on thursday, personally I hope Arnie sets him straight in no uncertain terms.
We don't need any more Brownies or Heckuva ob Brownie Moments. ( Bush is spuposed to arrive there on Thursday, today he went had another Brownshirt moment, speaking to military students in his normal petulent pissed off manner). At this point only 2 dead, there are a number wounded by fires and smoke inhalation, I wil try to post these numbers....Stay Posted.

10.24.07 Wednesday Update 1pm:
So far most of the evacuations and movement of Families in California is contiunuing to go smoothly. Up to 25,000 are staying at Qualcomm ,but it seems to running smoothly, there is food, medical care, pastoral care and services, and plenty of cots,clothing, and holistic care and services.People also were allowed to bring their pets. Inusrance Companies are there on site providing servcices, State Farm and Famers Insurance.Volunteers have made a huge difference and also local leadership were and are organized in meeting the needs of these people. Officials have admitted that atleast 1 Million people are indeed displaced. So far since people are being cared for and offered substantial shelter and provided in an effective manner, there is relative calm. It is such a relief compared to the images of Dead sitting by the NOLA Convention Center.

The Bigger Questions persist, can California sustain this level of care for this Volume of people for an extended period of time.The fires continue, and the firefighters continue in their persistance in this battle. It is also important to note that these Fires are not like anything that has been battled before, so Air Support could not be used effectively due to the High Winds, so much of the fighting has been on the ground. 433,000 acres destroyed. The Fires did cross the I5 near Camp Pendleton, and off and on during the night and early am, it was closed on both sides, this Base has been closed and evacuatated other than Fire Fighting Effforts, but as of 12Noon the I5 is open again and the 2 fires on the base are still burning , but are being battled. The Heat and the Winds will determine how the Fires will burn today. The President did sign a Federal Major Disaster Bill today.

[[Click the title: "Trouble Me" 10,000 Maniacs - without Natalie Merchant]]

**** CRITICAL***** BLOGGER UPDATES:10.22.07: Read Divajood's report- she checked in below and it is amazing what she says...Good thoughts and prayers to you and your family....stay safe.....So Far Blugrrrrl's Blog has also anupdate, and has been leaving us updates as well and amazing photos. Kitchen Window Woman is so far okay. We heard from Thorne and she and family are away from the fires and safe, please go see her blog tomorrow and give her some love....Newsguy checked in , and is okay. Please do keep leaving Updates in the Comments as the Events Unfold.


D.K. Raed said...

been watching all morning. just awful. my old stomping grounds. the everpresent fear is a huge conflation if more of these fires merge, creating a vast wall of unstoppable flame. last one we lived through had us all packed up & ready to bolt as we saw the flames jumping up a few miles from our home all night. That fire (the cuyamaca) traveled 35-miles in one night, almost to the ocean & ended up killing dozens of people, incl a 15-yr old girl who lived about a mile from us. If the fires jump the I-5 this time, they will be going through some of the densest populated areas.

the back country around san diego is horse/ranch land. in addn to stubborn people who think they can stay & fight the fire by spraying their roofs with a garden hose, imagine all those animals out there. one of the fires is burning where blackwater wants to open a west coast training facility, in Potrero. odd no one is mentioning that.

As usual this time of yr, the "santa ana" winds are whipping up & fanning the fires. common folklore in so-cal has it that when the santa anas are blowing, people go little insane (worse than the full moon lunacy).

Enigma, I be watching this all day. I'm especially concerned about The Wild Animal Park which near my old home. Lions & giraffes & water buffalo & rhinos are not going to be easily evac'd. I hope my cheetah friend is ok. Thanks for putting this up.

enigma4ever said...

thanks DK,,,,
this is terrible....
I don;t know what they are going to do.
The aerial on the post, is sattelite image from 1pm Pacific Time.
( that is amazing in it's scope)

I have not heard if the Zoo is evacuated in San Deigo, that was my other concern....

I am heading over to Skippy- he might know more...

thanks for keeping an eye on this..Please note NO Federal Official has said a word...arnie has , and he seems to have things well in hand...but this is a monstrous situation.

an average patriot said...

I wrote about this today though I didn't intend to. Bush's coldness and audacity got to me though.
Arnold was talking about how horrific things were and they broke in to say Bush had something important to say.
Stupid me thought he was going to mention the fires but knowing I keep saying the excuses for him to declare martial order are growing I should have known better.
That idiot berated Congress and said he wanted 46 Billion more for his wars this year, said Congress should act now, and left never even mentioning the fires, Georgia, or anything. We are all in trouble because this jerk will stop for nothing and his worst damage is still to come.

an average patriot said...

Oh yeah! cnn supplied a great link to keep track of things. It is at the end of my post. I believe it was http://www.rimoftheworld.net

Tom Harper said...

More irony: one of my favorite rightwing bloggers lives near San Diego. (I keep looking at that wretched collection of mouthbreathers for the same reason people stare at a grisly car accident. I don't want to provide a link; she doesn't deserve any more traffic.)

She did a short post about all the fires. Other than that, her main topics are "global warming is a myth" and "anyone who's against the Iraqi invasion is a terrorist-loving America-hating pinko." She'll probably do another post soon about "only moonbats believe in global warming" without seeing any trace of irony.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Cartledge said...

We are watching from over here in Aust. Early spring and our fires started.
So far it looks like we'll have another bad summer. Just seeing the scale of the wildfires there now brings a shudder to us all here.
There is nothing that can be said to take away the pain of people caught in these disasters.
Even finding and punishing people who start them doesn't take away the reality of the loss.

DivaJood said...

One of the Orange County fires has definately been established as arson. Gov. Schwartzenegger has declared seven counties to be disaster areas.

Woke up this morning with ash everywhere - and the smell of smoke was so thick, made it hard to breathe. Let me qualify this: I live in San Pedro, the Los Angeles Harbor area. WE ARE COMPLETELY UNAFFECTED, WE HAVE NO FIRES WHERE I LIVE. I'm a good 40 miles from the closest fire, in Malibu - so if it is like this for my area, multiply it 1000 times for the fire areas.

The weird thing about this round of Santa Anas is that they are not going away - usually, the Santa Ana Wind lasts a day, then goes away. The current wind started Saturday, late, and advisories remain in effect through Tuesday afternoon. That devil wind keeps blowing, and blowing, and blowing.

It's bad right now; and conditions are not helping the fire fighters at all - hot, dry, and no rain in sight. Ah, Southern California - between the drought, the fires, the mudslides, and the earthquakes, it keeps us young.

betmo said...

the conspiracy theorist in my- and my mom- wonders who set the arson fires in a blue state where arnie doesn't tow the rethuglican mark. if you can donate directly, or through an independent agency- try to go that route first. i remember the red cross debacles after the tsunami and katrina. just my two cents :) i have a futon in new york. :)

Anonymous said...

As tragic as this story is, I'm burning with desire to read your investigative expose about the toxic corporate scandals you encountered, Enigma.

If I can help you editorially to complete your book just let me know.

We already have a collaborative writing relationship established.

Come on baby, light my fire !


Frederick said...

Thanks for checking in DivaJood!

sumo said...

So far so good where I live...but we are feeling the heat and the winds here. In fact a neighbors tree limb broke and fell into our yard...just missing the fence.

fallenmonk said...

All you west coasters be safe. This periodic conflagration in California is tragic. We are all watching with our fingers crossed.

Mary said...

Terrible, terrible.

the walking man said...

*sigh* instead of putting your fear in action why not put your faith to work and make rain and slow the winds from the desert?

Or does that just sound unworkable?

No I am not saying do not evacuate if you must or offer kindness as your moral duty but Faith is the ownership of something before it is seen, why not see rain or see a dead wind then own it. For God's sake people, why do you all feel so powerless.

Maybe i am fucking nuts but I have faith.


enigma4ever said...

10.23.07 Tuesday:

Enigma's Thoughts & Concerns about the Cafe here:

I am leaving All Comments above to run as Open Thread. This is a Critical Time in American History, and after Katrina we all know how Badly the Government Can Fail People, Anyone. So it is also more tense than it would or should be.

Many of the Readers and Commenters here are From California, or have lived there ( Including me) , so please remember to be sensitive and kind....and supportive....(so Mark please be understanding, this is not Normal Santa Ana winds or Fires....these people have faced the Fires before...but this is a critical Moment when the Drought and Heat, and NO rain have created a disaster- that region has only had 3 inches of rain ALL year). Diva's comments really do tell the tale....so sad.

If you live outwest, offer a bed.....a sofa... I live in the Midwest- hell I am offering too. ( I wrote to some even offline, and told them I would do what I could to locate folks on the West Coast as temp shelter).

Stay Safe, take care of each other. We will continue to watch and see what is needed.....

proudprogressive said...

I am watching , i have a second and possibly a third room needed , if someone needs it. Seriously - not a Hilton but if needed contact me through my blog. In the meantime, well my thoughts are with all affected - If you choose to take me up on my offer , we will make the best of it.

the walking man said...

Look folks the city of Atlanta was drying up, no water with only one source because of such an unusually hot summer and lo and behold there is now rain there where there wasn't yesterday.

All I am saying is it is your world be it's master from the spiritual beginning of your being not as a last resort.

Enigma not only did I do my time living in CA for a bit i also have hitchhiked or walked it from one end to the other, don't think I am not sympathetic.

But faith in defeat brings nothing but the reality of defeat. That is not a religious principle it is a principle of the way the universe works.

Unusually high Santa Ana winds then have faith that the wind is a natural Phenomena and as the master of the world the winds are yours to control if you want. Now want. Need water conjure up a mild typhoon in the pacific by looking for a tropical depression and forcing it ashore.

All i am saying and if you would rather believe the pulpit beaters that is your choice, but of the people of the area there must be at least one person of FAITH. Faith is either real or not, I have my mind made up now all the rest of you make yours up.


Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I was out of town and then the computer was down. Last night on the television, it was as you know, surreal. Surreal to see all of those people with no where to go. I kept wondering, what will happen if those fires encroach to the ocean. You have mountains on one side, you have the ocean on the other, where will the people go? Then seeing the QualCom stadium fill up and the reminders of the horrible and still horrible memories of New Orleans which is currently flooding, and NOT seeing our government made me sick. I sure hope the state has a lot of self-sustaining aide because Federal aide is not on the rush. I do not understand why we are not called together as a nation by our leader to do what we can to help.
Contact me if you are looking to leave California and willing to travel to a safe house. I can house one or two if the two are willing to share a room.

annie said...

you know damn well that the people of malibu and l.a. will get faster action than katrina's victims. hell, some of them STILL need help. the fact that it is a wealthy power-spot means that money will be spent to save it and rebuild it.the comparisons will prove to be stunning, i bet.

so, faith is gonna save l.a.? visualization? now i have heard everything.

this 4th generation californian has had her fill, and anxiously awaits the day she can escape.

enigma4ever said...

Pursey: thanks for offering shelter...and your thoughts...Military did start moving in, they did not wait for Bush to act. Other states are starting to move aid, I hope that we all have learned from Katrina...we need to take care of our neighbors...that is what this is about....

californiavolunteers.com, also does provide other ideas how to help...

Walking Man: I think most people are trying to keep the faith, and I think praying for them , their safety and also for Rains and Aids all help...All good energy and light we can send ....spiritually yes we as Nation are being challenged to respond and take care of our brothers and sisters in Ca. I have even written to Native Friends and ask them to do a Rain Dance...I mostly want people to know that they can write here and also leave thoughts and prayers and also update us...I have alot of Ca. readers, and to be honest I have not heard from all of them...Diva and Sumo are the only ones so far...
thanks for sharing your thoughts ....

enigma4ever said...

Annie: our messeges passed each other...I have no idea what can help...but I do know I even wrote to Indian Friends and asked them to contact Someone to have a Rain Dance ( never had to do that before).....I think that California presents challenges...there are many people that live there that don't have money...325,000 Families is alot of families...( approx 2 million displaced actual people) ...so this is not just a Rich People Crisis...sadly...either way, I do think that they Govt will have to respond faster...but to be honest I am still waiting for the "Flyover Moment" and we have seen NO Federal Official up at Podium patting themelves on the back....they are incompetent...
thanks annie...I Hope you do get to go somehwere else someday....( come east ;-)

proudprogressive said...

A rain dance is the first thing i thought of last night when arnold was on - doing his pressor. Enigma and ohers..yes watch the response.this demographic is predomenently white..but many do own convuluted morgages as well - this is a nightmere and our government..and our true security in our homes, is about to another hurting on the people.
Lets all do our rain dances people. Whatever they look like. Lets be the rain we want to see. How is that for faith Walking man ?

enigma4ever said...

Thanks PP yes, we should all do a Rain Dance...thanks...

( yeah with the Housing market crisis there..due to foreclosure...and there are 350 ,000 families displaced....so many are minorities and not just the rich this time....sadly this will cut a awde swath through this community.....let's hope that we can all pull together as a country..)

Bluegrrrl and Dusty have updates on their blogs.....

Spadoman said...

Thanks for the updates, Enigma. Good to know our people are holding their own.
Good positive thoughts sent out to all of them.

Josie said...

Claudia, I watched this on the morning news, and I was heartsick. All those people losing their homes and their cherished possessions. Did you hear what that evil Glenn Beck said?

"...I think there is a handful of people who hate America. Unfortunately for them, a lot of them are losing their homes in a forest fire today..."

Someone please just drop him into the middle of one of these wildfires.

Did I just say that?

DivaJood said...

Okay, here's a personal update. My collegues, Mike and Nicole, had to evacuate their homes yesterday - but today they are back in. The fire line stopped less than half a mile from Mike's house (he's near the Stevenson Ranch fires) but it turned away from him. He and Nicole have some structural damage from the heat, but mostly the issue is ash, upon ash, upon ash.

The normal pattern for Santa Anas is that they blow hard for one day, then die down at night. This has been different, in that the winds don't die down at night and the warnings have extended until at least Thursday. We are hot - well into the 90s, which is NOT normal either.

Another of my friends has a sister near the Santa Clarita fires - she's not heard from her at all.

Several kennels and pet stores have offered free boarding for people who need to evacuate and have to make arrangements for their pets. U-Haul has offered 30 days of free storage for people who have taken things out of their homes due to the fires.

Today, driving to work, I saw the smoke from about three of the fires north of me. The sunset last night was surreal. The air quality is quite bad and there are advisories out. I never shut my windows at home, ever - but they are shut right now to keep the smoke and ash out. Remember, I am quite far from any of the fires, yet the wind carries everything south, so we are covered in ash, and breathing smoke. AND THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE ACTUAL FIRE AREAS. Los Angeles is in a basin, and so it traps everything.

Bush has declared a state of emergency and sent Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator David Paulison to San Diego today. That sort of REALLY makes us feel encouraged. (Heckuva job, Pauli, comes to mind.)

Still: drought, and the bark beetle infestation, have left us tinder-dry. We live in a fire ecology. It is a fact of life here.

azgoddess said...

if anyone can get to tucson arizona - shoot me an email..i got a house with cats who are friendly...lots of room on floors and such - i'm still working on the house so that's all i can offer right now but it has a roof plus hot water and i can feed you-all...i'm only an 8 hour drive...let me know people..

hugs my friend!!

the walking man said...

Father of all creation, you who made the cosmos from one end to the other, there is a corner that needs you to put your eye on it. It is not a place where man is killing man but forces of nature are coming together again to hurt masses of your children, your most beloved of all that you have made.

Bring them hope, give them torrents of water from the sky (just not as much as last time) The winds you created to comfort and destroy are working against those trying to quell this fire, father take the winds and turn them back by placing your hand in front of them.

the displaced father are going to need the three essentials of food water and shelter, the number of them is small compared to the number of stars that you created so make as a favor to your children make sure this government doesn't fuck it up like last time.

Most of all Father teach mankind that faith is for all not just a sect of people and that what we ask for in faith you have promised we will receive.

In an unusual posture God I stand humbly before this door
and say make it stop not only because of the need of all of these people but for my faith in your ability to make it so.

Your Faithful Walking Partner asks this as I have asked you for so many things before

Please forgive me for praying in public but most of all forgive me for not seeing this need sooner.

Mary said...

Thanks for all the info. This seems to be a nice central place to get the updates. So worrisome. Sending all kinds of good vibes to our friends.

enigma4ever said...

To one and all thank you for your Voices, your prayers, your wisdom....It is people like you that remind me that we are still a Community of such good souls....

much love and light and prayers...thank you Diva for the Updates...


an average patriot said...

I have been listening to this all day again and despite all this the people are in great spirits.
You must admit that you automatically think Katrina but this is so different. I am sorry to say it has to be in part because these are in large part famous or ultra rich whites and Arnold is the Gov plus the timing is right now for Bush to try and capitalize off it politically.

D.K. Raed said...

You're doing an excellent thing here Enigma. Getting people together on the same page is very healing.

30-minutes ago Qualcomm asked that people stop bringing supplies to the stadium. I think that's a good sign, but it could also mean the roads are too hazardous.

The fire burning through Rancho Santa Fe (avg patriot is right, it is a very wealthy white kingdom) have reached Via De La Valle, so Encinitas (which is not so wealthy) is evac'ing. That means the fire is only blocks from jumping the I-5. That means trouble up & down the coast. Not the least for all the evac'd large animals being penned at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (where they are asking for more hay BTW).

Home Depot and Wal-Mart parking lots are available for camping out for people with pets who can't find other arrangements & don't mind sleeping in their cars. I believe, but can't confirm, addl porta-potties are being sent to those lots. I've been following online kpbs.org which is the local PBS broadcasting from San Diego State University.

Duncan Hunter says big marine choppers capable of water dropping are stuck on the tarmac in Miramar waiting for the required official fire spotters to accompany them.

we'll get through this together, people.

Tina said...

This is just so damn awful. BabyGirl has been freaking out over this. Whenever she sees the news coverage, a tirade of panicky questions come, like this:
Can this happen here?
Are we safe from this?
Will our house burn down?
Where would we live if our house did burn down?
Where are those people going to live since their house burnt down?
Did their pets get out of the fire safely?
Where are their pets going to live now?
etc... etc.
I wish I had answers for her. I wish I had a magic wand to make this go away for California. But I see from the sickeningly awful horrors during Katrina that my magic wand is pretty useless.

thepoetryman said...

I truly detest the hotels etc that raise their prices as catastrophy forces people to vacate their normal existence. Gas price-gouging, hotel, etc. Despicable.

My thoughts are with those in the path of these fires.

Peace, my friends.

enigma4ever said...

Poetryman: I agree...they are awful...That is why I also have been trying to start lists of people willing to offer housing out west..it maybe needed...And so far Arnie has a handle on this,. and Ca. is wokring hard to take care of people, but and it is a BIG BUTTT...
the next 48 hours determine what happens next....

and WHAT they will have to go home to...some of the perdictions are horrendous for actually displacement- Brian Williams said it best- that this could be the biggest Displacement ever- bigger than Katrina even...

thanks PMan....we will keep hoping and praying...

TINA: ahhhh, it is so hard when they are little...tell her and any children that HELP is coming....and over the next couple of days...you might have to censor a little what she sees...if it gets uglier..and it might....it already is scary...for all...maybe also explain to her about Fireman, and take her and show her a Firehouse and the trucks...and teach her how to call 911 for fire, and also she is a good age to practice Fire Safety Drills....and teach her what to do...and make a Safety Box...( I first made Earthquake Kits out west with my son and it was when he was about 4, and we would restock it everytime we had a quake...and eat the Chocolate).....But mostly her hug her and tell her that the families are together and that they have thier pets with them....that even though the TV shows everything on Fire- that they got somewhere Safe...they will be Okay...because the Firemen are there.....many hugs love...to all of you and your little ones..we will get through this...we all will take care of each other....

DK: We all do what we can do...and by Thursday I am going to the Red Cross to pack stuff to send... so I might need you and Diva to add updates that day...( I am not going there, just helping pack goods to send, Akron and Cleveland Red Cross are sending Crews but I am not going ...)But we all have to take care of each other.....cuz the govt wont..we all know that....Duncan Hunter was on the phone calling Military folks, and they started moblizing before Bush gave his "blessings"..Idon't care for Hunter- but I would not want him pissed at me- so I can't wait to hear what he says to Bush...it won't be pretty....DK...I think this is going to be worse than the Cedar Fires..I was out there, Out west then...it was bad...but I do think this will be worse...but I think that all the Right people are stepping up and trying to do the Right Thing- the worse part will be the Next 48 hours and I hope and pray that they continue to get the help they need...by this time tomorrow night we may need to start calling our Reps and Gov's and ask that National Guard gfrom other States be sent to help= esp Utah, Colarado, Nevada, and Texas ( they have big enough units to send and c130's)

Thank you all for thinking , praying and caring...