Friday, October 05, 2007

The Lure of Pumpkin Soup and Losing an English Lover....

Click the Title: Paul Young" Everytime You Go Away"
ART: 10.12.07 I finally found where this photo came from it is from Cheyanne's Campground, it is wonderful, we need to find out if she is a professional photographer, but is it the most soothing photo in the world. My apologies that I did not credit sooner- due to enigma's rotten filing system I could not identify sooner.Visit her blog- she is a wonderful writer.
Back in the 1980's, during the Era of the British Invasion of Really good music, I had an English boyfriend. ( This was long before I married Mr.Enigma or had a child etc.) He was very cute, nice brown eyes, and that is when it first became apparent I have a weakness for Accents ( of any kind). I almost married him. I almost moved to England to work in a Hospice. He had a lovely family and I spent alot of time with his sisters. I corrupted them, I taught them how to make Pumpkin Soup, and Mud Pie. I taught them how to play quarters, and poker and line dance. They taught me how make a Proper English Tea.

We listened to alot of music together. They got me hooked on a New Singer named Paul Young, and at the time he was singing with a Band called the Qtips, and they were friends with his Do-whop Girls ( they were called the Watery Tarts I think). Cutie turned out to be a raging alcoholic and not as nice as he was cute.And the accent was not so cute when things were thrown at my head and he was calling me names. But I still love this song, and I remember singing it with these wonderful English Girls the night before I left England.....knowing I might never see them again. There was a spot not far from their house, a lovely little pond that I would go and reflect , and think.It was at that pond that I realized that I was not going to be Mrs.Nigel, but it would take me many more monthes to accept it and leave England behind.

The Eighties are a Long Time Ago now. I truly hope Cutie got the help he needed. It was my first real lesson that Alcohol can destroy a beautiful soul....and that it is indeed an illness,and there is pain for the whole family. And after many years of being a nurse, especially working PEDS and ER I saw more damage up close than I want to admit. People ask Why I don't drink, I say I have my reasons....and memories,too many to count or erase. Alcohol Consumption and Sales are sky high in this country under Bush, in these past 6 years. I think it is because people are seeking anesthesia under this Regime.I can't blame them, it just saddens me that this Regime would cause such pain and anguish.

I can't take away the pain, but I can give you some comfort here, and some refuge from Stormy Times.....One day I will have my little Coffee Shop, called the Enigma Cafe and I will serve you soup and hot tea....and we can commiserate together while the storms rage outside....But for now this will have to do. Namaste.

[Click the Title: Paul Young at LiveAID in 1985, and he is smoking in this LIVE show at Wembly,singing "Every Time You Go Away" and so smooth, and extra soup if anyone can tell me WHO are the Backup Singers ? ....and no the Watery Tarts aren't there...and if you need a lift watch all the LIVE AID '85 on YouTube, it is amazing, esp, Sting and Queen and Freddy Mercury.]

Big pan on stove.
1 large can Pumpkin Pie filling
One Frozen Box of Squash
1 cup International Delight Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer
1 cup regular cream
1 tablespoon coffee
half stick butter
half cup orange juice
Hungarian Paprika-1 tsp
Black Pepper-smidge
Sea Salt-sprinkle across top
Curry-2 tsp.
Chili Powder (optional) smidge
brown sugar- 2 tsps.
Hot Coco-2tsps.
lemon zested over the top
orange zested over the top.

Heat on low, stir gently.Cook for about 20 minutes, serve with dollup of sour cream and sprig of fresh cilantro.Enjoy.


enigma4ever said...

So I took the anony block off, so ANYONE can comment :-)

enigma4ever said...

Also I am confessing that I found this picture somewhere and it was in my files..please whoever I got it from, know that I love it- and only meant to borrow it...thank you.

Renegade Eye said...

Pumpkin Soup is heavenly.

I don't drink alcohol. I'm really into coffee shop culture.

I saw on "Seeking Utopia" something about you having a troll problem. I had one last year severely.

the walking man said...

ma;am have a smoke eater(removes cigarette smoke) in your coffee shop so I can come and do my writing there.

Used the alkyhaul for a fifth a night for 18 years and mow coffee is my drug of choice sometimes some water slips in there too.

I think my musical tastes range from the 1600's through to 1980's after that it mostly became corporate prostitution so i quit buying new music.

so uhhh where are you thinking of having this coffee shop at?



enigma4ever said...

The Walking Man: ahhhh, you are welcome anytime love....I will turn on the little smoke eater and open a window and give you a table with a does that sound ? I will even put you by the jukebox...truthfully we have been calling this ol'd Blog the Enigma Cafe for awhile...kind of like the Nighthawks Cafe in the Hopper where will I have the Real Cafe- hmmm time will tell where I end up. ????.....about 80s Music....absolutely the best....

Renegade: Lovely to see you here, I bump into you all over....I too love the coffee shop lifestyle...and coffee and tea...friend I am so sorry you too had a bad Troll problem...I am still battling him ....but don't worry, I am kicking him out whenever he appears...he is not welcome...I am hopeful he will indeed move on......have a look around and make yourself at home....

D.K. Raed said...

Coming from a family of alcholics, I understand your reason for not drinking. What scared me off alchohol is that I don't even feel it (and no, I don't have a hollow leg). I think these things are inherited. So I allow a little wine for its flavor & enhancement of meals, but don't expect a buzz. Hardly surprising that an alcoholic-in-denial prez would drive others to drink, is it?

Ah yes, accents are so seductive! But, you remember the 80's as The British Invasion? I recall it as the 60's, just after the Beatles. However, I'm sure native americans would disagree with both of us.

I remember watching Live Aid on TV live & thinking how the world was really coming together. Too bad the center did not hold.

ps, Watery Tarts is a great name! And I don't know who those back-up singers for Paul Young are, but they look like an authentic 50's group. I hope someone knows.

Happy to be able to comment again ~~ D.K.

D.K. Raed said...

grrr, I see I spelled "alcohol" 3 different ways. Either I need spell-check, another drink, or some strong oolong tea -- whatever the cafe is serving, set me up a double! ~~ D.K.

enigma4ever said...

Here is your double DK....right on schedule...I think I need one two...Oolong with International Creamer- Pumpkin Pie flavour...sigh...oh maybe we need pie...

aballoflight said...

the backup singers (i don't know who is which) are George Chandler, Tony Jackson and Jimmy Chambers... the recipe sounds delicious... will you be having those little punch cards - buy 10 get one free at the Enigma Cafe? Will you be raising your venture capital using a stock option plan or will it be a soul proprietess kinda thing ;)

Thank you for removing the commenting restrictions... iam streaming some white protective light your way to help with the pest problem.


betmo said...

i love the song- and the 80's music :) i will try the pumpkin soup too.

Larry said...

"Why love if losing hurts so much? We love to know that we are not alone."

C. S. Lewis

Gryphen said...

Well Enigma you know I am a Paul Young fan and that is the first one of his songs I remember ever hearing, so it a great one in my mind.

Nice post.

enigma4ever said...

Gryphen: thank you...I will be sure to throw more on the ol jukebox then ;-)

Larry: you always have the nicest quotes...and I love CS Lewis...

Betmo: ahhhh it is soup season ( okay, truthfully it is always soup here....)

Aballoglight: no long as people all remember to not feed the troll....thanks for coming...and I love the punch card idea...

Cartledge said...

One day I will have my little Coffee Shop Accent aside, and few would understand it, I can make a killer espresso, given the equipment.
On second thoughts, I'm not sure that is the coffee your Enigma Cafe would serve. The pumpkin soup, on the other hand, surprises me. Though my recipe is a little different.
I could never get anyone over there to even try pumpkin soup.

enigma4ever said...

ahhh cartledge...I make good coffee...well, okay,.....I love expresso...and cappacino...( I lived in the NW for many I am a bit hooked on coffee and tea....)and the pumpkins soup is well, something I have perfected over the years...and I would love to try your soup or your coffee ;-)

sumo said...

Pumpkin Soup is lovely stuff. I'll try your is a tad different than mine...I love to try different ways!

Dr. Know said...

Well, Enigma,
Sounds like a mighty fine idea, and I'll have to admit to a bit more than a minor longing for some friendly company that isn't a hormone afflicted, drunken, authoritarian red stater. If and when you open your non-virtual cafe, I'll make a special trip to Cleveland just to check it out.

As for the evils of drink, I've been a victim of others abuses (parents, crazy politicians, friends), but I still feel that, with reasonable moderation, it has its place.

(Go Kucinich.)

enigma4ever said...

Dr.Know: thank you for rooting for Kucinich...You know you are always welcome here at the Enigma cafe...and that I may live in a redstate...and one day I will have a real is my dream...hope...about drinking, or offering a cuppa ( of something stronger than coffee and tea...) I am fine with other folks, I just know for me it just isn;'t on the menu...but I always offer up whatever others need....and there are summer days when folks need a cold beer.....(and I am one that loves to cook with a bit of liquor).

SUMO: you are one of the best cooks I know so, I would love to try yours too ;-)

Sewmouse said...

This soup sounds rich and tasty - I may try it here soon.

Rabbits ate my rhubarb - I am crushed.

Isn't it amazing how people will go to such extraordinary lengths to post comments that will only be deleted? I've made it my policy to delete even NICE or FRIENDLY ones from those who have made themselves unwelcome. Eventually they get the subtle "hint".

Blueberry said...

I despise tobacco and never smoked for much the same reason -- just watching it take people down and never able to understand the appeal. I also grew up with alcoholics, but it didn't keep me from heading down that path myself for awhile. I'm no teetotaler now, but just keep it in moderation. The addictions are disease.

I hear you on the charming accents. They can cover a multitude of sins (unfortunately). I love British, Scottish, Irish, and Aussie.

The soup sounds great. Wonder if I could use soy milk instead of cream? I would probably used freash-cooked squash but will never use anything but canned pumpkin again -- for anything. Cooking pumpkin = lots of work.

enigma4ever said...

Blueberry: I think that you are right using real pumpkin is jus too much work...atleast for me.Soy Milk works fine I wanted to let you know, so you can go ahead and use.

Sewmouse: I am so sorry that those bunnies have such gourmet taste....I am doing my best to remove unfriendly hateful people from little cafe here...but with patience this seige will end...I do thank you for your patience and understanding...

Anthony said...

Pumpkin soup..hmm never heard of it. Sounds pretty good. Thanks for the recipe

Robert Rouse said...

George Chandler, Jimmy Chambers, Tony Jackson were the back up singers for Paul Young and several others. Chandler and Chambers were in the '60s soul group "Londonbeat". Tony Jackson - who passed away in 2001 - can be heard as a backup singer for artists such as, George Michael, Terence Trent Darby, Soul To Soul, Roberta Flack, Gloria Esterfan, Status Quo, Johnny Mathis, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Lloyd Cole, Was Not Was and many more. He was also the lead singer of the British dance group, "The Rage". You can hear Tony singing the song, "Second Time Around" HERE. Between the three gentleman are hundreds of songs that all of us have heard several times although none ever became stars in their own right.

Anok said...

And pie - we definitely need pie. The last time I made pumpkin soup nobody would eat it but me. And damn was it good!

On another note - I have actually all but stopped drinking "adult beverages" since Bush and Cronies have been in office. Perhaps it was just the right time for a good solid sobering up. (Plus you know, I grew up a little, got married, had a kid...yadda yadda yadda) We all need our heads to be clear in this one ladies and gentlemen.

Have a great night, and enjoy your soup!

Thorne said...

I haven't had a drink in over 19 years, but GW makes me thirsty! (Just kidding) DK, I remember when I had an unusually high tolerance for alcohol... LOL. In AA, alot of us sober drunks had that-until we didn't!
The Pumkin soup sounds delish, e4e! How about a nice cup o cappi with that? And little raw sugar packets and a teaspoon to nip the sweet foam from the edges. (I miss that. I've gotten so insanely super-sized coffee ala starbucks, I almost forgot the ambiance of a real china cup of cappi.) Love Paul, have no idea who the backup singers might be.

enigma4ever said...

Thorne: good to see you...and soup and coffee and tea..if I ever have a place that is what I need; hte are soooo right- GW could drive anyone to drink...and when I have my real cofffee shop someday I waill have a HUGE drink size to offer- I will call it the Bucket...

ANOK: that is what we need PIE...sigh..I have to agree we do need to be sober...very...

Robert: thank you for doing the research and finding out that we are wrong here ( we thought it was the Temptations) but they are sooooo good and they sould have been stars, they are wonderful......

Anthony: thanks for coming...soup anytime...I just went and checked your blog- very interesting..welcome..

Have a good weekend all..