Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thank You Cleveland Indians.....You Still Rock. 10.21.07

Thank You Indians.....You gave us a Season of Thrills, and oohs and ahhs...and that feeling you get that maybe not just the Big Teams can do Big Things. And watching you all beat the Yankees was better than ....nothing...( I taped it). And I know when I am shoveling snow this winter, wearing my Indians cap, Opening Day will get Closer everyday...

I have loved baseball since I was small.Summer was baseball I used to go with my granddad Ted...he would take me to go see the Orioles in Baltimore, in the days of Brooks Robinson, and Boog Powell. And for my 10th Birthday he made sure that I got my Louisville Slugger that I had dreamed about for 2 years. ( Sadly by July Mrs.Nest three houses away, would look at her Shattered French Doors with much less enthusiasm).

We ate Hotdogs and dripped mustard at those hot humid games. He taught me how to yell Batter-Batter-Batter, and sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. And once he caught a Foul Ball for me- in his Tall Cup of Beer. it was the first time I ever heard him say "Holy Shit !!" And he gave me the ball. And I sat holding my Soggy Ball, I felt like a queen. ( For years I could still smell that Wonderful Old Beer Smell).

Over the years I have rooted for the Orioles, the Red Sox, the Mariners, and of course, the Indians. I am always grateful to have Someone to root for....And Under Dogs always melt my heart.

When we first moved to Cleveland, we lived downtown near the Jacobs Field and for the first two years, yup, my son's bedroom on the 8th Floor in the Loft Apartments overlooked the Stadium. We will never forget that. ( the building got foreclosed last winter, that is why we had to move in the middle of winter). I really miss that Bedroom window , and how when they Cheered we could hear it in his room. I also miss living next to the Cemetary where Cheif Wahoo was and is buried, I used to go clean his grave and put rocks on it if we won a big series.They are a Team with History and Heart and my son and I fell in love with them , the first week we lived in that apartment. ...and we have been Fans ever since. Where we live now we can watch their Fireworks out our 3rd Floor Window.

It is good to have Someone to Root for, even when they have a Bad Night.

There is Always Next Year. Always.

*{Footnote: I of course will root for the Sox against the Rockies....sorry Colorado Friends.. BTW I will send out my Super Secret Nacho receipe for Anyone that can Name WHO is in the Historic Indian Photo....]*


Cartledge said...

I used to be a killer at trivial pursuit, until I hit the sorts question. Usually got through on a bit of luck with a cricket or non US sports question.
But I do know the feeling of winning and losing.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Some write good posts, other's write masterpieces. Congratulations on your masterpiece.:)

My Tigers kept their foot on your Indian's necks all of the first half, but my Tigers forgot to play the second half. So, if by chance you and your Son should happen to need to fart at the same time?

Turn and face Detroit - and tell them it's from me.:) Your Indians have nothing to be ashamed of, and like you, that series win over the Yankasses will last me the whole winter.:)

enigma4ever said...

First Off, My apologies, when this post first went up the Whole ending of it got snipped off ( hmm Blogger is still having woes).

Future: you made me laugh., thanks...and yes, the tigers gave us a hard time for a bit...and we will try to honor your requests...thanks...

Cartledge: hmm, I am not so great at trivial Pursuit- I know lots of useless crickett I really like..I wish we had it here...

eProf2 said...

Bob Feller and Satchel Paige