Monday, July 14, 2008

Messeges from the Grave from George Carlin to New Yorker....

"George Carlin Nails It" Name of video......listen carefully....

{{ truthfully there are about 4 other videos that come close to nailing it including George on" White People", "American Bullhshit",
and "Language", and "Stupid People"}}


thepoetryman said...

All listed are my faves as well.

thepoetryman said...

Thought you wouldn't mind me adding this, my friend...

FAR-FLUNG 7 DIRTY WORDS (Ode to George Carlin)

There is no other, with the same oomph,
At least not now that’s come along.
Those shoes were lengthy and wide,
So far-flung, extreme, and beyond
Our tepid grasp of the funny side.
When wit ascends from such living
And with it our down-turned lips
We take notice and are better for it;
Embraced in truth’s rampant laughter,
Held skyward by its power to amend.
I’m going to miss his words, all of them,
Like the world forgot how to converse.
As if our mouths have been sewn shut,
Unable to speak, pursed in eternal pucker.
Sealed tight and bleeding blamelessly,
Unmoving, wide-eyed and barefacedly.
Out there, somewhere, ready to stand-up,
Comedians and comediennes with fabulous wits
Prepared to make their voices known
Over the roar of loss of one of their own,
Ready to stand in the bright glow of titillation,
Atop the reverberating ground of merriment,
With eyes wide open, unflinching, fearless,
Prepared to deliver the brilliant lines we crave.

We call to you! Stand-up! Lug our heavy light
across the stage! Strike our mouths without mercy!
Again and again! Burst our lips in laughter!

enigma4ever said...

I loved your tribute when you posted it your site , you can post it as much and often as you like and since you are our poetic scribe I always love it when you leave poetry here.....

it is like finding a fine meal unexpectantly left on my table ...merci friend....