Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sandy Pineapple Pizza and Jimmy Buffet....

In the Beach Post above I wrote about Pineapple Grouper Pizza that I had as a teenager spending summers on Sanibel Island. I used to go sailing with friends and we used to sail to this one little beat up cafe and eat the Pizza or pick it up and take it back to the Beach....

As I got older, I used to make it in other places I lived, whether it be New England or the Northwest...I still taste Sanibel when I make it....

Pop'N'Fresh Pizza Dough
Hidden Valley Dressing( 2 tablespoons)
2 tablespoons Sour Cream
2 lemons
Cilantro ( fresh sprigs)
Sweet Basil ( full leave, fresh)
Cucumber( one half- quater inch slices)
Fresh Pineapple( thin chunks)
Fresh Orange slices ( navel, seedless, one whole orange).
Fresh Sweet garlic finely minced
* Fish - in Florida Grouper if available, or any white Fish precooked with lots of butter and capers.

Spread the Dough out in pan, across the top spread the sour cream and dressing across the dough. The add the garlic- spread lightly across the chopped vegis. Now I did figure out this summer that Boboli Pizza Rounds are also wonderful to cook this on and you don't have to experience any Dough Anxiety......

Now for the cheese; grate and slice, Mozzarella, and some farmers cheese, and you can also add some white sheep cheese.

Across the top sprinkle some Mrs Dash.......cook for 20 minutes.

Video is "Come Monday " by Jimmy Buffet...and watch the whole thing, JImmy sits and tells the story of the Video,Enjoy.


Mary said...

Sounds really good!

enigma4ever said...

it is really really good....

( I am having cravings....sigh)

D.K. Raed said...

I've been using Boboli's for years ... but I've never thought of putting fish on a pizza. hmmmm, I'll have to try it! I have no idea what Grouper tastes like. I know what they look like & I'm thinking somewhat like seabass.

Thanks for the Buffet. I don't know how he manages to stay so real, so grounded, but he does. His songs always sound like he's right there singing in your living room, just talking about life. Good hook line: I've spent 4 lonely days in the brown yellow haze.