Thursday, November 29, 2007


*{Originally Posted 11.28.07 11:48 PM , 16 Hours after Emergency Shutdown}*

So I was watching the NEWS at 11pm, and I was listening closely because God forbid LeBron got injured, so I was paying very close attention. And low and behold I learned that the Perry Nuclear Power Plant, shutdown at 7:32 am, THIS MORNING. Now I watched the news three times today, and I had heard NOTHING. And the anchors just read the teleprompter,like it was a weather report, there was NO Statement from a First Energy Official or from ANY Government workers, or spinmasters. NOTHING has been said....nada. I am a little stunned that there has been no information for the people that live near the plant, and very curious WHY I did not hear about this until this EVENING, and it didn't even make the CNN "Money Report" until 6:38 PM.

Now I am no expert but a Nuclear Power Plant that goes into Emergency Shutdown mode , related to COOLING WATER PROBLEMS is NOT A GOOD THING. ( Anyone remember 3 Mile Island???). So Suposedly NRC is "rushing " there TOMORROW.....oh, that 's special- do WAIT 24 hours before you send in the "EXPERTS"....( Hmm, seems to me that Someone should do Geiger Readings and Other Risk Assessments BEFORE 24hours ? It is on Lake Erie, and there also should be water checks going on, especially the Discharges ? ) And then I looked at their Safety Records and gee, they have had "Some Problems", so maybe Concern is Reasonable ? Prudent?

Now one of the People that has indeed had Concerns about Energy Issues in Ohio is Dennis Kucinich, so I will post his Phone Number here and in the Credits so people can call and ask for a Full Safety Investigation....and some Answers.

PHONE NUMBERS FOR DENNIS : DC: 202-225-5871 or 216-228-8850 or 440-845-2707 or 202-224-3121, I called at 12:21 AM on Nov 29th. I will mail letter tomorrow, the Service at the Website would not let me email him.....Good Luck and let me know in the comments, if you get any responses. ( NRC has NOTHING AT ALL on their website as of this posting, and no safety information, or timelines for Safety Assessments, or ANY information or even a press release. This is Very Serious. The NRC phone numbers are in the Comments. Please also forward to Keith O. thanks)

Worse comes to Worse you can always call the Pres Hotline: 1-877-41-DENNIS

You know I will Update in This Issue in the Comments Below- if ANY Ohio Folk have more information , please post as well.

Information: Do you remember 3 Mile Island? Need Information? I have linked a video in the title about it , that Highschool students made, it is actually a good assessment. The best Book about it is is called MELTDOWN by Wilborn Hampton, it explains the Different Nuclear Disasters and the Consequences, as well as the components of each crisis.

( Meanwhile on the CNN GOP Debates, they are debating Geesus, the Bible, the Right to Life, the Right to Kill People, and Guns.....and people wonder why I am not a patient I scrape vomit out of my keyboard).

IMPORTANT UPDATE:::11.29.07 11AM :IMPORTANT UPDATE: So I did call Dennis Kucinich 's office last night DC office, they returned my call this am. Apparently I was the ONLY one to call them about this, they called to find out HOW I knew about it, and ask my concerns ( WOW ...did I mention I was stunned ? shocked ? grateful? It was kind of sad that I was the only one to notice or call....I guess I caused a little concern, they wondered HOW I knew about it....I told them, it was on Channel 3 News at 11, just once, one sentence. I told them I was worried about the people of Ohio. I told them I was worried that NRC had not been there, I told them that as far as I knew the Company had still not released a Statement and neither had the NRC, as matter of fact there is NO Notice or Press Release on the NRC Website. I asked " Am I right to be worried , there are safety issues involved?" The response was" You have no idea". So stay posted I will put a link to Dennis's Website.

Stay Posted....I will update Comments...About This Important Issue.


enigma4ever said...

okay, the AP and CNN Money is running the story. or the "Press Release"...the ironic thing is that NONE of the three links I tried if anyone has Better Links throw them on...thanks...

enigma4ever said...

Okay the story continues, as of 11:32 PM and 12MN, after the news...NO Report or safety report or even NEWS release is posted on the NRC website, they do take "allegation" phone calls ?
(WTF? does that mean....this has changed in the last 5 years...)

So their numbers are 310-816-5100 and 800-695-7403,feel free to call and let us know what kind of results you get....

I am calling Kucinich right now...

enigma4ever said...

12:21 I decided since there is Nothing on the NRC website that I would call Dennis- so I did and left a detailed Messege on his DC number, tomorrow I will call his Other Numbers- in the am- all of them.

WeezieLou said...

never heard abt the story until i read this - and one remember the "china syndrome" with jane fonda from years ago? good dvd - almost a reality show now.

Mary Ellen said...

Wow...I didn't hear anything about this, but I've been on a sort of news blackout. I just got tired of NOT hearing any real news, that I don't bother turning my TV on. Anything that's on Air America, I can read on the blogs.

This is amazing...and not a peep on MSM?

Are you sure this is STILL the United States of America?

enigma4ever said...

Thanks ME and Weezie...I updated Blog this am...this situation is still concerning....

enigma4ever said...

12:08 Thursday:
Channel 5 Noon News "Small Scare at Perry Power Plant"....( really ? I love it when NEWS Twinkettes give me false reassurance without enough facts to fill a thimble..)

"NRC" still needs to "examine" Plant ( hmm, no shit)

TomCat said...

Here's the latest from CNN Money.

NORTH PERRY, Ohio (AP) - A water system problem caused an automatic shutdown of a nuclear power plant Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the plant said.

The Perry Nuclear Power Plant, located alongside Lake Erie about 35 miles northeast of Cleveland, shut down about 7:30 a.m. when problems with the system that provides water to the reactor malfunctioned, said spokeswoman Jennifer Young.

Water level inside the reactor was adequately maintained, but the plant remained off-line Wednesday evening. A special inspection team from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission will try to determine what caused the problem, Young said.

'Nuclear plants in general do shut down from time to time, but we have not seen this particular problem before,' Young said.

The plant, owned by Akron-based FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE:FE) , is safe and stable, she said.

Workers shut down the plant last December because of a fluctuation in the water system. However, an investigation later determined that the problem was caused by a leak in a system that runs air-operated valves.

It's about an hour old. As long as there was adequate water level inside the reactor up until they shut it down, there is no danger of a meltdown.

I wouldn't depend on Dennis. He might refer it to his preferred running mate, whose solution would be more nuclear deregulation. It appears that you knew more than he or his people did.

enigma4ever said...

Thursday afternoon, 1PM 29 Hours after Powerplant Shutdown.

Thanks Tomcat-
It is not about Depending on Dennis ( and I have NO idea about his presidential ambitions, i just know that he does not support Nuclear Power). I had to call him- he is MY rep for this area and this state.- sadly he is the ONLY one I have heard back from.
( His DC office is VERY concerned...THAT was all they would tell me...)

NOTHING is posted on NRC site, I have no idea if they even went and assessed Situation is 29 hours later, there is still basically NO Media coverage....and this was a Shutdown that was caused by problems with the Cooling Water Feeding Lines- this is HUGE Problem...and NOTHING has been said ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED...but 3 Mile Island was all about Cooling Water problems...and we all know if you don't have enough, or consistant Cooling Water or if it is Disrupted- that it is at Risk for Meltdown.....and if it remains Shutdown- or has to have Emergency Shutdown- NRC MUST be on site...but they are still not even there....WTF?

And NO Safety Assessments have been done...none......there is not even a Press Release on NRC website.

Within 40 Mile radius, there are 1000's of is serious....

I will keep updating...thank you for checking...and adding info.

Fran said...

HOLY HELL! It is a sad/scary day when nuke power plant malfunctions become a ho hum yawn.
It may be funny on a Simpsons cartoon episode, but in real life, not so fun.
Notice the lack of nuke power plants near D.C, or executive branch oil tycoon & war profiteers homes? Probably just a coincidence